Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas for Your Mom, Wife, Sister & Mother-in Law

Mother’s day is the one day when we celebrate the unique and amazing bond that a mother shares with her child. This day is all about celebrating the true spirit of being a mother. We all know that giving birth to a child and raising them right is one of the toughest jobs in the world, but this is what a mother is an expert in. These are the things that constitute the true spirit of motherhood. Taking care of a child is a very challenging task, but a mother keeps doing this task throughout the time, even after the kids grow up and become adults and fully capable of taking care of themselves. This day is dedicated to the celebration of all the sacrifices that a mother makes for the proper raising of her kids.

Well, Mother’s day is coming and you should be planning to celebrate this special day with your mother. If you are confused regarding what to do, don’t worry. We’re here to help you out. Here are some amazing celebration ideas which you can use to make this mother’s day special for your mother. 

Mother’s Day Celebration Ideas

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

1. Watch old video recordings and photographs 

There’s no better way to celebrate this special day and bond than taking a trip down the memory lane. One of the most unique as well as heartwarming ways to celebrate mother’s day is by gathering the old photographs of the family as well as an old video recording of the marriage of your parents or your childhood and then go on watching them with your mother. This will surely take the two of you to the beautiful past. There will be lots of stories that’ll pop out from these recordings and photographs and everyone will be enjoying and laughing a lot while sharing them. Looking in the past with the glasses of the present is always a beautiful thing to do. 

2. Take her on a humour ride

This a very unique way in which you can celebrate this unique day. All that you need to do is create a comic family strip. For this, you have to take a long sheet of paper and then draw three to four large squares right next to each other. It’ll be just like the comic strips, that you might have seen in a newspaper. Now, all that you need to do is think of a funny incident, dialogue conversation, events, which have happened in the past year. You need to illustrate it on the paper u using crayons, markers, and sketches. Don’t forget to include some dialogues, dates, or titles which will be like the title of the comics. Save this comic strip and make another one the next year and for the following years to come. After some years, you can compile them in the form of a comic book and gift your mother. 

3. Turn up the music

There’s no better way to celebrate grooving to some good music. This is one of the best ways to lighten up the celebration. You can make it even more interesting by turning on the volume for some quick fun. Now, you can organise your lip-sync contest. To begin with, you need to ask each of the family members to select their favourite tracks from the collection of songs that is present with you at the spot. Now, play the song that has been chosen by a particular person and let them synch their lips to the lyrics of their favourite song. The role of the other family members will be to rate, each of these performances on a scale of one to ten. You can note down the scores to decide the winner.

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4. Take her to a mini vacation

We know planning an instant vacation to Paris or France is so not possible because this is real life and not some movie. Still, you can give your mother a taste of a trip to Paris or France. You can take her out for a mini-vacation. For example, if you are planning to take her on a mini-vacation to France, all that you need to do is pack some croissants for the breakfast, prepare a proper picnic lunch comprising cheese, French bread, and fruits. If you can’t prepare food on your own, then order some continental food of that particular country from your favourite restaurant or Cafe. Now prepare a table in the house covered with a red and white checkered table cloth. Arrange the starters on the table. Play some good French music in the background. You can add the cherry on the cake by learning some basic French words to use during the conversation while your mother enjoys the food.

5. Venture on a “Bug Safari”

It’s springtime when mother’s day is one the calendar. You need to gather all your family members and go on a classic bug safari. All that you need to start, is a field guide of insects along with a magnifying glass and an area for exploring. You can explore your backyard or can go to a nearby park. You can set the mood right for the safari by telling your mother as well as other family members about some interesting information about the bugs. For example, if you spot a grasshopper, you can tell the people a fact, like a grasshopper can make a jump which is equal to twenty times its height and this is equal to a person jumping halfway across a football field. After the safari, you can go around collecting flowers to present your mother with a makeshift bouquet.

You can make this mother’s day special for your mother by picking any one of the above-mentioned ideas. Mother’s day is one occasion that is celebrated all around the world in various ways. People with different backgrounds, celebrate this special day in their special way. People plan to celebrate the day by preparing a surprise for their mother or by gifting her something unique and this is your chance to do the same.  

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