Most Common Mistakes That Lead to Warehouse Accidents.

Industries and accidents should never go hand in hand; unfortunately, history has seen the worst industries hazards that could have been avoided with proper maintenance. Even if we overlook minor accidents, we must do our best to ensure that our warehouses are safe places to work for everyone. Human life is precious, and no monetary compensation can balance the loss of a family member; it’s time to recognise the common mistakes that go unnoticed and can result in accidents.

How can accidents hamper the reputation of a brand?

Sometimes businesses get so busy earning profits and completing work orders that they forget to keep their working spaces safe and well maintained. Recently, a lot of questions were raised on the safety levels of Amazon Warehouses. 

Hundreds of Amazon employees and consultants have raised eyebrows on the safety standards of Amazon’s warehouses. The company is rapidly expanding its warehouse network; however, very little is being done to restore the safety of the existing ones. It is shocking to know that the injury rates at Amazon have been spiking by the year. These instances have hampered the trust and reputation of the brand and, the company had to spend millions of dollars in PR activities to mend the damage. That’s what accidents can do to businesses.

You will be surprised to know some crucial facts about the common trends that led to most warehouse accidents in the last ten years:

  • Most warehouse accidents occur in the docks, forklifts, storage area, human lifting of stock, conveyors and on the work floor due to tripping.
  • The accidents that occur in the forklifts happens when it overturns.
  • Slipping and tripping accounts for 20% of accidental deaths.
  • Overloaded racks have accounted for 10% of accidents.
  • Lack of training on equipment is another common reason for accidents.
  • Yearly accidents can cost a company more than $150,000 yearly.
  • The Fine levied by the Occupational health and safety department for a single accident can cost up to $ 80K.
  • Warehouse fire has led to the most dangerous accidents in history

What are the Common causes of Warehouse Accidents?

Now let’s talk about the common causes of Warehouse Accidents:

  • Unattended Chemicals

If Hazardous chemicals are left unattended in the warehouse for a long time, it can result in an explosion. This incident happened in a warehouse in Beirut, where the chemical ammonium nitrate caused an explosion and led to a loss of human lives. 

  • Lack of proper communication

When workers regularly work on a machine, they get comfortable with it and can run it efficiently. They are the first ones to notice any issues with the machine; therefore, if a strong communication network is built between the operator and the technical team, then these problems can be reported in real-time and can be solved before they turn into a big problem. 

  • Improper Exits

While planning the infrastructure of a warehouse, it is important to design spacious exit points that can be used by employees during hazardous events like fire. It is also essential to keep the exit areas clean and clutter-free. If the exit pathways are obstructed and the exit signs are not placed accurately then it can result in the loss of lives. 

  • Lack of Training

Handling a job requires training, especially when it comes to warehouse management where every task is diverse and crucial; the need for training is a must. Unfortunately, the training aspect is often skipped by employers and people are put to work without any basic knowledge about the technicalities and details of the task. The data presented by OSHA clearly states that most deaths in industries occur due to mishandling of equipment. If every single employee gets proper training, then they will be more productive and safer.

What are the solutions?

Here are few measures that can streamline processes and create a safe working unit: –

  • Shift your processes from reactive to productive maintenance strategy, where workers conduct maintenance on the equipment they work on regularly.
  • Hire the best 3PL Warehouse Management system, that can automate the safety processes and make your warehouse safe and compliance-ready.
  • Educate every employee as soon as you hire them.
  • Perform periodic audits in the warehouse to identify the risks and fix them on time.

The Final Word:

Smart maintenance is the answer to all your safety and compliance issues. By adopting the right technology, you can not only do more with less but also set a benchmark for your competitors. At the end of the day, a company that cares for its people is loved by its customers.

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