‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in October 2019: Release Date, Plot & Cast

If you like the resurrection of the old series, chances are that you are going to be nothing short of ecstatic. Wondering why? Because of the Midnight Diner: Tokyo series is coming back with its second season. Yes, following three years of radio silence, it is coming back and the audience can’t keep the excitement in. 

For the people who thought there wasn’t any possibility of a return with the new season, you have been proved wrong without any kind of distractions whatsoever. The next season for the show is all set to come back this fall and we can’t stop with the excitement within us. 

We know how many like us have been avidly waiting for its return which is why we have got your back. In here, we are going to unravel every last detail that you want when it comes round to the prospect of the plot, the trailer, the cast and what you can expect from the next installation of this Japanese series. Check here, Skylines season 1: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about Netflix’s German crime drama.

‘Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in October 2019: Release Date, Plot & Cast

Midnight Diner Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Release date

If you are here for the dirt and details on when the series is about to air, we can confirm that it has already been aired from September 01st, so if you are excited, don’t wait anymore and go stream it on Netflix. 

The release date was officially confirmed by Netflix itself on their official page. 

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What is the plot?

For those who aren’t aware of what it is, let us walk you through the basics first. The Midnight Diner: Tokyo series is a Netflix original anthology series based off of the mango under the name of Yarō Abe. The entire series is set out of the nightlife district of Tokyo in Shinjuku. 

The overall series is based on a Japanese restaurant “Meshiya” which is often from midnight till seven in the morning. The primary character of the Master who is the chef in the diner is known to be able to prepare any kind of dish that the patrons ask for.

Additionally, the character of Master is also known to provide insights in terms of advice and guidance without many efforts. 

When it comes round to the second season and the plot surrounding it, it is important to understand for a fact that the episodes are based on a different patron visiting the diner and the kind of dishes that Master presents them with.

The main aim of this season is to keep the audience hooked even with the simplest plot but with grave connections that nobody would have even thought of. Check here, Back To Life: Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Everything You Need to Know about Showtime’s Comedy-Drama Starring Daisy Haggard.

The cast of the season

While the first season did have a dedicated cast, the same is going to be changed a bit than what you would even realize.

The cast for the Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories season 2 brings forth a very talented cast that you just can’t stop yourself from watching. 

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Some of the important cast in this season includes:


Kaoru Kobayashi as the Master

· Joe Odagiri as Kogure

· Mansaku Fuwa as Chu-san

· Asako Kobayashi as Rumi

· Shohei Uno as Komichi

· Toshiki Ayata as Koshuzu

· Kaoru Hirata as Saya

· Risa Sudou as Miki

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Every single one of the casts is known for some kind of a typical role in their career so you are assured that you won’t have to worry about the prospects of being disappointed.

The audience is all excited to again witness the talented Kaoru Kobayashi portray the role of the Master in this season of the series as well. 

In this season, there are going to be a total of ten episodes much like what it was in the first season of the series. Each of the episodes is going to be 30 minutes long which isn’t necessarily the longest but it is still okay and good enough. The episodes won’t be available for 4K streaming which is a downer.

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Is there a trailer?

Given that the season has already aired from September 01st, we would say that they have released more than just the trailer. 

If you are interested in watching it, we would suggest that you watch the first season first and then proceed on to the next one for a better understanding of the characters involved. Check here, Yellowstone Season 3: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Everything Else About the Paramount Family Drama.

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Is it based off of a real restaurant?

This is one of the most common questions that inquisitive audiences have. 

Even though there might not be a specific restaurant under the same name as the diner in this series, it is true that midnight diners in Tokyo are very common. So, chances are that if you are there, you are going to stumble across some, especially in the area of Shinjuku. 

So, yeah, the theme of this series is influenced by the real-life presence of the same which is something that you can’t forego.

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