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Microsoft and Apple have made a new iCloud for Windows app



Microsoft and Apple have made a new iCloud for Windows app

Microsoft and Apple have collaborated with each other so that they can come up with an iCloud drive experience. This will hopefully be the solutions for all the problems. A new iCloud will be available from today for the users. Windows 10 users can download that from the Microsoft stores.

The iCloud app uses the same technology as Microsoft’s One drive On-Demand facility. This project is a very rare collaboration of the two biggest rivals of the tech world. All the users can access their calendars, mail, videos, Photos, and files from their accounts of iCloud. They can operate the accounts from smartphone and PC.

Any Windows user who is using that OS for a long time will definitely agree that Apple and Windows have done a great job. The old version which was available on Windows was not that great. In the time of last fall, PC which already had iCloud installed in it was prohibited to update the latest version of Windows which was known as Windows 10. After a month, Apple already released an iCloud which was compatible with Windows 10 update. But the PC users of Windows go through slow sync speed problems.

It was a shock for the tech world when the greatest rival of the tech world collaborated with each other. But the loyalty of a user towards its brand is decreasing as the technology is getting very handy. A complete re-designed was released by Microsoft in collaboration with Apple. The tech industry always wanted to give the users an easy life for all tech users. Apple users are not only their prime target.

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