20 Best Manga Buddy Alternatives for 2023 – Discover New Possibilities

Introduction to manga buddy and its Alternatives:

Mangabuddy is a popular online streaming platform for viewing copyrighted content. As of recently, the site has disappeared. However, some alternative services with similar features have come up that can replace manga buddy and provide an even better experience than before. In this article, we will present 20 of the best manga buddy alternatives for 2023, providing an overview of each so you can make an informed decision about which one to use. We’ll also include tips on choosing a safe alternative and essential information regarding the legal implications of streaming content online.

Tips to Choose Safe manga buddy Alternatives:

Before selecting any streaming platform, it is essential to consider several factors such as mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions/subtitles for languages besides English, audio descriptions for the blind and visually impaired, personalized recommendations, availability of free or paid services and licensing agreements to stream content. Additionally, consider the security aspects of any service you choose regarding the account creation process and data privacy policies.

Best manga buddy Alternatives:


Manga Fox

Destination Link: fanfox.net

MangaFox is a popular website with a vast library of over 15,000 manga titles. It is free to use and easy to navigate, but the website does not offer audio descriptions or captions for non-English languages. The site requires registration to access the content.



Destination Link: kissmanga.com

Kissmanga has an extensive selection of over 10,000 manga titles in various genres that can be accessed free of charge. Kissmanga does not provide audio descriptions or captions for non-English languages and requires a registration process.



Destination Link: mangadex.org

MangaDex is an open-source manga platform that provides over 45,000 titles from genres, including romance, comedy, horror and adventure. It offers high-quality content in various languages but lacks audio descriptions and accessibility features like captions.



Destination Link: mangapanda.com

MangaPanda is a free manga streaming platform with over 105,000 titles from various genres, including action and romance. It does not provide audio descriptions or captions for non-English languages and requires registration.



Destination Link: mangaeden.com

Mangaeden offers over 30,000 manga titles for free. However, it does not provide audio descriptions or captions for non-English languages and requires a registration process.

Crunchyroll Manga


Destination Link: crunchyroll.com/comics/manga

Crunchyroll Manga is an online streaming platform with more than 1k titles and 150+ simulpubs simultaneously published in 7 languages, including Spanish, French and German. It offers a variety of user-friendly features like audio descriptions, subtitles for non-English languages, personal recommendations and more.



Destination Link: mangatown.com

MangaTown is an online manga streaming platform that provides over 33k titles in various genres with support for multiple languages, including Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, without any charge or registration requirement.



Destination Link: mangareader.net

Mangareader is an ad-free manga streaming website offering over 10k titles in different languages like French, German and Chinese, with support for audio descriptions as well.



Destination Link: mangago.me

Mangago provides a unique manga reading experience by allowing readers a personalized manga page based on their preferences and interests. It also offers support for audio descriptions and captions in multiple languages.



Destination Link: comic-walker.com

ComicWalker is a manga streaming website that provides access to digital manga series created by leading authors and simulpubs like Weekly Shonen Jump, Manga ONE, etc. This platform requires registration, but it’s free of cost and features audio description and subtitle options in various languages, including French and German.



Destination Link: mangaowl.net

MangaOwl is a comprehensive database of manga titles across different genres and languages, including Spanish, French and more. The platform offers excellent features like audio descriptions for blind/visually impaired readers and subtitles in multiple languages but requires registration before accessing content.



Destination Link: manganelo.com

Manganelo is a manga streaming platform renowned for its comprehensive library of over 25,000 titles in various genres and languages. The website provides audio descriptions as well as subtitles but does not offer any personalization features.



Destination Link: mangakakalot.com

Mangakakalot allows users to enjoy over 50k+ manga titles in different genres with support for seven languages, including Chinese, German and Italian. The website provides audio descriptions and subtitles to facilitate access by those who are not proficient in the language.

ReadManga Today


Destination Link: readmanga.today

ReadManga Today is an online manga streaming platform with a user-friendly interface and over 60k titles from genres like horror, romance and fantasy, with support for multiple languages such as Spanish and German. The website provides audio descriptions but requires registration for content access.



Destination Link: mangapark.net

Manga Park is one of the oldest and most comprehensive manga streaming platforms offering an extensive catalog of over 220k titles divided into several categories, including romance, action and adventure.



Destination Link: mangairo.com

Mangairo is a free manga streaming platform that provides a wide selection of over 70k titles in various genres with audio descriptions and subtitles support. The website requires registration to access the content.



Destination Link: w11.mangafreak.net

MangaFreak offers more than 20,000 titles from all the major categories like romance, horror and adventure and accessibility features such as audio description for the visually impaired. The platform requires registration to access the content.



Destination Link: tenmanga.com

Ten Manga is an online manga streaming website featuring over 25,000 titles from popular genres such as action and romance, with support for several languages but without any audio description or caption capability.



Destination Link: myreadingmanga.info

MyReadingManga provides over 30,000 manga titles of different genres, audio descriptions, and subtitles in various languages like Spanish and Japanese but requires registration to access the content.



Destination Link: mangazuki.club

Mangazuki is a free online streaming platform featuring more than 18,000 satisfying stories from several genres, including romance, comedy and fantasy, as well as audio descriptions and captions in several languages.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

VPN stands for virtual private network, designed to protect your online activity from tracking by enabling encryption. It helps mask your IP address and makes it difficult for anyone to trace the move back to you or your location. A good quality VPN will help ensure safety when streaming content on these platforms and provide access to geo-restricted content.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

NordVPN is a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution widely regarded as one of the best VPNs, with over 5,000 servers in 59 countries. Aside from its excellent classical features, such as anonymity and privacy protection, NordVPN provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that it doesn’t keep your logs or even see what files you download. The only downside to NordVPN is that it’s a bit expensive compared to other VPNs.


Although manga buddy is no longer accessible, these 20 best alternatives provide users with an ample selection of content and a wide range of options regarding accessibility features. To ensure your online streaming experience remains secure, choose wisely and remember the importance of using reliable VPN services for safe streaming.

manga buddy FAQs

  • Is manga buddy Site Legal?: Manga Buddy is no longer available and has been shut down due to copyright infringement issues.
  • How Safe is the manga buddy Site? : Since the site is no longer available, no safety issues are associated with manga buddy.
  • Which are the top manga buddy Alternatives? : Some of the best alternatives to manga buddy include MangaFox, Kissmanga, MangaDex and more, as listed in this article.
  • What happened to manga Buddy? : Manga Buddy was one of the most popular online streaming sites for anime and other copyrighted content until it was shut down due to copyright infringement issues.
  • What happens if I get caught while watching the manga Buddy and its Alternatives? : Your internet service provider (ISP) may send you a warning or penalty for accessing the content illegally. Additionally, you can face criminal charges depending on your region and local laws.
  • Is manga buddy Down?: Yes, MangaBuddy is unavailable and has been shut down due to copyright issues.
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