Do You Love Coffee? Make Your Passion a Business!

You must have seen small coffee vans offering aromatic fresh coffee near subway stations, squares, banks, major traffic crossings, and other crowded places. In the US, mobile coffee shops on wheels have proven to be a highly profitable business. Young couples going out on a date, business people hurrying to work, teenagers, and retirees are the potential customers. In short, everybody loves coffee.

Advantages of Mobile Cafés

A mobile coffee shop, car coffee shop, or coffee shop on wheels – aren’t these great ideas for a start-up entrepreneur? There is no rent, the demand is always high, and you can expect a good return on investment. Small start-up capital allows you to save the necessary amount over time or borrow it. Check out the loan options in the app.

Coffee Shops on Wheels has good prospects and has already won a large army of fans. The number of customers is growing every day. Compared to traditional stationary coffee shops, this business has significant advantages. Here they are:

Fast Payback

A payback can be difficult to predict and calculate due to several factors. It depends on the entrepreneur’s competence, initial investments, competition from traditional coffee shops, and the start of the sales season. In any case, the average payback period for a mobile coffee shop is between six and eighteen months.

Complete Autonomy

A mobile coffee shop is completely autonomous in terms of electricity, gas, and water supply. This advantage allows you to set up a sales point in a very short time in almost any suitable location.

Opportunities for Experiments

A café on wheels allows you to experiment, and sometimes very successfully. For example, you can sell pastries, coffee, and other drinks and snacks right in the middle of a traffic jam.

No Rent

You don’t have to pay rent if you buy a coffee truck and do not rent it, take a credit, or lease it. Alternatively, you may pay rent, but it will be partial (i.e., on weekends when you may be paying to set up shop in a popular park). Either way, the costs are lower than renting a space. And you are not tied to a fixed location.

Easy Staff Training

Often, a business owner will start by standing at the coffee machine and serving customers. This way, they save a lot on salaries and, at the same time, learn all the business intricacies on their own. 


Scaling this business is easy. You don’t even have to spend money on another coffee truck. You can just convert a trailer. However, along with setting up an additional point of sale, you will need to hire more employees. Coffee shop operators do not need special qualifications except for a driver’s license. Technically, it is quite easy to train car coffee shop operators, and it won’t take much time.

Owning a mobile coffee shop is a great idea for both entrepreneurs and consumers. As cities continue to develop and grow, the demand for fast food outlets increases. And this process is currently in full swing. Take your chance!

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