Little-Known Entertainment Apps That You MUST Try

India has now turned into an economy where almost 85% of the people in the country own a mobile phone and have access to the internet. Mobile phones have turned to be the first and most used way of entertainment for most people in the country. 

The pandemic only added to the use of mobiles apparently for both leisure and work. This trend also increased because of the introduction of a lot of entertainment apps in the market. Some easy-to-access apps not only give you handy access to entertainment but also do not cost really heavy on your pocket. 

To be honest, how many apps do we all download in a month on our smartphones? I think we do not even keep track of the number of apps we download. As per a study by Deloitte, India will have 1 billion smartphone users with rural areas driving the sale of internet-enabled phones by 2026. 

Smartphones let you download a lot of apps ranging from the ones to track your health and fitness to the ones that are equipped with entertainment or can give you the experience of connecting to people across the countries. 

Apps play an important role in our daily lives from managing our schedules, and payments to booking an Ola and Uber and ordering food through Zomato or Swiggy apps are changing the entire landscape of how we interact with the world.

There are a lot of entertainment apps in India today that we use in our everyday life and we would like to discuss some of the most used and liked ones in detail. 

OTT Platforms

OTT platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, Netflix, Sony Liv, and many more have kind of changed the way India used views entertainment. 

Digital streaming of all the popular soap operas that our mothers or the aunt in our neighborhood like to watch has made it so easy for their lives. Now they do not have to really find a specific time to sit in front of the TV but more likely can watch the shows at the comfort of their time. Watching movies has become way easier than it was in the 90s. You don’t have to wait for ages before you can watch a movie from the comfort of your couch. The added advantage of having these platforms is that they come with a minimal subscription fee which can be actually used for watching more than just soap operas and movies. 

These channels have a lot of content in terms of seasons of new shows that are available and also time or other they live stream match series like the IPL and the PKL. 

Cricket Live Streaming Apps

There are a lot of digital platforms like Hotstar and Star Sports that are directly involved in live streaming of cricket matches every day during IPL and other series like the Asia Cup and World Cup. Hotstar is even the official digital streaming sponsor for the IPL. 

To add to the fun there are a lot of cricket betting apps in India like the Betway or the 1xBet App that let you live stream matches whenever you want. The digital quality of the matches is quite good however, there might be a subscription fee for most live streaming channels or at least a signup or deposit fee that you might have to deposit to enjoy your favorite matches on the go. 

With the ease of watching the matches through these apps, the popularity of cricket has increased a million folds in India and around the world. 

Social media Apps

A lot of social media apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok etc have taken the world by a swing. There are apps for different ages. Like every student or middle aged person is familiar with apps like Twitter and Facebook. Whereas, apps like Instagram and TikTok are more for the millennials and GenZ. 

But whatever, be the medium these apps bring you closer to what are recent trends going on in the social media world. Whether it is about trending songs, videos, foods, or movies social media kind of covers it all. So much so that, influencer marketing and vlogging have become a new career choice for people. 

It is easy to use your smartphone and record what you are up to and share it with the world in a single click. This has kindly transformed our society in a major way. 

Betting and casino apps

Last but not the least, talking of entertainment it is difficult to forget about the multi-million dollar industry of online gaming and casino gambling. 

There are tons of betting apps in the market that not only increase your opportunity to live stream sports but also place live bets and play casino games. One such amazing app on the Indian market is 22Bet App which is easy to download and operate. You can watch the betting odds for your favorite cricket, kabaddi, and football matches. They also have a great casino section but you can use even better casino apps like Betway Casino and ShangriLa Live Casino if you like to play slot games. 

Astrology Apps

It is a well-known fact that Indians and their belief in Astrology is hard to change. There are a lot of well-known Astrology apps in India that now let you follow your horoscopes online rather than the need to visit a Pandit as people used to. Not to shy away from the fact that these Apps are becoming popular and competing well with all the entertainment apps in the industry. Apps like AstroTalk, GaneshaSpeaks, and AstroVed have transformed the landscape of how Indians used to look at astrology. 

People are more into getting their horoscopes which were earlier more restricted to the Vedic readings but now people are shifting to everything from Tarot readings, to psychic readings to Numerology. 


To conclude, if we see Apps not only making our lives simpler but are also bringing in a lot of options to do more with a single app than be more limited. The growing popularity of these apps is undeniable which, in many cases, has even led some people to find their way into a career in the entertainment industry. 

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