26 Lime Torrents Alternatives For 2023: The Ultimate Guide To Safe Online Streaming

No matter what you are using your computer for, there is always the possibility that illegal streaming activities or downloading copyrighted material may occur. Several torrent websites are available, but one of the most well-known sites is Lime Torrents.

After changing domains multiple times due to legal issues, it is still popular among many users for its free access and ease of use.

Unfortunately, using this site can be risky. So, to ensure safe streaming online, it’s essential to know the best alternative torrent sites available today that provide similar services as LimeTorrents but with enhanced security mechanisms; here are some options:

Lime Torrents

Tips To Choose Safe Lime Torrent Alternatives

When choosing a reliable option amongst these alternatives, several factors should be considered, including mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions, subtitles and audio descriptions, personalization options such as bookmarking or creating custom lists of movies/videos you’ve watched in the past etc.

Additionally, whether the website is free or not should also be taken into account. Also, if a licensing agreement is involved, read through it carefully before proceeding further.

Best Lime Torrent Alternatives

  1. Torrentz2Torrentz2

    Destination Link: torrentz2.eu

    A popular torrent meta-search engine, Torrentz2 offers a few advantages that you won’t find elsewhere, including an extensive selection of content, lightning-fast download speeds and the ability to bookmark downloads.


    Destination Link: eztv.io

    A popular torrent meta-search engine, EZTV offers a few advantages that you won’t find elsewhere, including an extensive selection of content, lightning-fast download speeds, and the ability to bookmark downloads.

  3. KickassTorrents

    Destination Link: kickass.onl

    Being one of the largest torrent portals, KickassTorrents offers a great variety of content, with high download speeds and quality checks in place for every file you access on their platform.

  4. Zooqle

    Destination Link: zooqle.com

    This website has an extensive library that gets constantly updated so that users have plenty of digital media files. Additionally, users can also request specific files they cannot find so that they can be added to the library.

  5. ExtraTorrent

    Destination Link: extratorrents.ch

    With its advanced search options and subcategories across categories such as TV shows, this is a great site to access large amounts of content easily. It regularly goes down but restarts quickly when back online, making it one of the most reliable websites after KickassTorrents went offline.

  6. Nyaa

    Destination Link: nyaa.si

    This site has been around for almost 10 years and offers a vast selection of content across various categories like anime, movies etc. It also allows you to customize the downloading settings according to your preferences.

  7. TorrentGalaxy

    Destination Link: torrentgalaxy.to

    Another great torrenting website that features TV series/ shows, Games and anime with regular updates and some excellent search options.

  8. TorLock

    Destination Link: https://www.torlock.com

    This is one of the best websites to access extensive and latest files from the internet.

  9. ETTV

    Destination Link: ettv.to

    It offers a vast library that includes all types of content ranging from old-school TV shows, Movies, Documentaries etc.

  10. TorrentDownloadsTorrentDownloads

    Destination Link: torrentdownloads.me

    A massive library of digital content is what TorrentDownloads offers, which can easily be found with the help of its powerful search feature.

  11. MagnetDL

    MagnetDLDestination Link: magnetdl.com

    A minimalistic website UI makes this an excellent option for obtaining torrent files from established but newer websites like Anime Tosho, TTG, and Shana Project.

  12. YourBittorrent

    Destination Link: yourbittorrent.com

    It is one of the most reliable alternatives for LimeTorrents, boasting more security and privacy features than your usual torrent website.

  13. TorrentFunk

    Destination Link: torrentfunk.com

    This website is known to have one of the highest selections of digital content across various categories, such as movies, TV shows, etc.

  14. Seedpeer

    Destination Link: seedpeer.me

    When downloading large files that are significantly not found on other torrent websites, Seedpeer is your go-to option.

  15. BTDig

    BTDigDestination Link: btdig.com

    This website has surged in popularity over the years and offers users a variety of digital content, including software applications and games, without any registration.

  16. SkyTorrents

    Destination Link: skytorrents.lol

    It gives access to large amounts of exclusive content that cannot be downloaded from other leading torrent websites like Pirate Bay or KickassTorrents.

  17. Monova

    MonovaDestination Link: monova.org

    Monova is a reliable and popular torrent website that allows users to stream and download their favorite digital media files easily.


    Destination Link: btdb.eu

    BTDB is a unique torrent search engine that offers users access to exclusive content and fast download speeds.

  19. Torrent.tm

    Torrent.tmDestination Link: torrent.tm

    Have you been looking for a versatile torrent website with high-quality content and fast download speeds? Then, Torrent.tm is just what you need!

  20. AIO Search
    Destination Link: aiosearch.com

    AIO search is an excellent alternative to LimeTorrents that provides users with one of the largest collections of digital content from all across the world web without any hassle at all.

  21. 01Torrent

    Destination Link: 01torrent.net

    01Torrent is one of the most reliable and secure torrent websites available today, providing users with faster downloads and more options for customizing their searches.

  22. Toorgle

    Destination Link: toorgle.com

    Toorgle is a modern torrent search engine that offers users access to millions of digital media files from across the Internet and advanced features.

  23. Bittorrent.am

    Bittorrent.amDestination Link: bittorrent.am

    This is another reliable alternative to LimeTorrents, which allows you to download digital media files from a vast library of options with exceptional speeds and minimal effort.

  24. TorrentKing

    Destination Link: torrentking.eu

    TorrentKing is a popular torrent search engine that offers users access to millions of digital media files from popular websites.

  25. WatchSoMuch

    Destination Link: watchsomuch.info

    This relatively new torrent indexer offers users access to one of the most extensive libraries on the web with regular updates.

  26. LimeTor

    LimeTorDestination Link: limetor.com

    LimeTor is a reliable alternative to LimeTorrents that offers users access to an extensive digital content library with added security and privacy features.

Protect Yourself With VPN – A Must-Have For Safe Streaming

To ensure 100% safety, it is highly recommended that you install a reliable Virtual Private Network (VPN) application such as NordVPN. This encrypts your data traffic when accessing torrent websites and shields you from any malicious or unintentional breach or security threats.

Additionally, this tool helps unblock some geographically region-restricted sites and provides access to geo-blocked content from anywhere in the world.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

NordVPN offers several key advantages, such as fast connection speeds, ease of use and many servers 5. However, some disadvantages include higher costs than other providers 17, plus it may slow down your system 18 when torrenting or streaming.


Torrenting websites like LimeTorrents can be risky due to potential online security and legal implications. Therefore, it is best to use one of its safe alternatives like the ones described above when looking for digital content streaming to ensure safety and speed.


The legality of using any torrent website depends on its jurisdiction/ region-specific laws, so it’s best to seek legal advice in this regard.

How safe is the LimeTorrent website?

The safety of using any torrent website largely depends on the type of content you access from it. Moreover, install a reliable VPN application such as NordVPN before streaming anything online for added security and privacy.

Which are the top Lime Torrent alternatives?

Some highly rated torrent websites include Zooqle, BTDig, ExtraTorrents etc.

What happened to Lime Torrents?

LimeTorrents has been shut down multiple times, and its current domains are unreliable as they keep changing.

What happens if I get caught while watching Lime Torrents and its alternatives?

Depending on the jurisdiction, users may face legal implications or penalties when downloading content from illegal streaming websites.

Is Lime Torrents down?

Some users report that it is still working for them, but there have also been reports of it being down or inaccessible.

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