Lilium finally announces their five-seater air taxi prototype after their success on the maiden flight for its jet

Lilium which is basically a startup which is based on Munich and is known for developing air taxi services. They have finally unveiled their five seated prototype. They have also announced that the companies maiden flight was successfully completed in the month of May. This is not the first time that Lilium Jet which is a company making all-electric jets have taken off and landed with the help of all the extensive ground testing. Lilium has finally ended up releasing a video with the two seated version of the flight two years ago.

The prototype which has been made is a full scale and all the 36 jet engines were responsible for the takeoff and landing of the plane. The company has claimed that the cruise flight is extremely remarkable and works well. In a call, the Chief executing officer of the company Daniel Wiegand the test flights was a little behind the schedule but this will definitely be going to change the urban mobility problem. The jet performed perfectly according to the company which helped Lilium team get the much-needed validation.

Since the design is not like the aircraft but still it can hold five passengers is impressive. The technology which the company is using is very impressive and the fully vertical mobility is what makes it so much interesting. This transport is going to make things easy for everyone and the transportation cost will also become very less.

The company has claimed that the speed of the air taxi is 300 km/hr. The company is also claiming that the air taxi that they have designed is capable of completing longer trips which makes it very promising in the future. It is also calculated that the flight will require about 10 percent of the 2000 horsepower which is maximum for the cruise flight.

Lilium said:

 “This efficiency, which is comparable to the energy usage of an electric car over the same distance, means the aircraft would not just be capable of connecting suburbs to city centers and airports to main train stations, but would also deliver affordable high-speed connections across entire regions”

The first flight was on the 4th of May 2019 at 8:03 local time Munich, Germany. According to the Chief executing officer, the Lilium Jets were all remotely controlled. It has also been confirmed that the flights were given all kinds of clearance before they were tested. The flights were also certified with the aircraft safety standards. The next move for the country will be trying to develop a flight with horizontal take off.

It has also been revealed that the company desires to be fully functional by the year 2025. The trial services for the company will start much before that. The company is now backed by Tencent; LGT which is an international private banking and management group; Atomico and many more including co-founder of Skype and Twitter.

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