KissAnime (2020): Top 7 Best Alternatives


Do you love to watch cartoon or animation movies in the best online platform? Your answer will always be yes if someone asks this question to you, and you will say it happily. In other words, everyone loves to watch animation movies, whether it is a child or an adult.

In today’s world if we see then the demand for these movies is increasing in a large order. Few people are there who cannot watch animation movies in theatres as they cannot afford a huge price—especially the 3d version animation movies where amounts are enormous. Everyone thinks that they will watch later.

But, there is the best solution to your problem if you cannot watch your favourite movie in the theatre. Nowadays if you want to see these movies, then KissAnime is the most excellent website for everyone. After visiting this website, people have become fans of the best animation movies and cartoon programs.

If you always see commercial movies, then you will once become fed up and think of giving up. So, once you shift to animation movies, you will feel the change that you did not believe in a commercial film.

KissAnime (2020): Best Alternatives To Watch Anime Online English Subbed & Dubbed


What is KissAnime?

KissAnime is the leading website where you can watch animated movies and cartoon programs of the best genres. You can have a lot of questions in your mind about this website, but ultimately you will see something which you have never seen before. This platform also has the advantage of dubbed animation movies in Hindi when people do not want to see it in English.

This website attracts not only the kids but also the adults who are a fan of these movies. Though it is an online streaming website, you will get the best result out of it. In the current era, this website has become so popular that viewers are recommending it to their beloved persons. If you think that it is a waste of time streaming online, then you can once stream it and feel something different.

Features of KissAnime

Everything has certain features so that you can enjoy it to the fullest and take the best things. If you find something as it is, then you will not get the enjoyment and feel bored. Without a feature, there is no relevance to a single thing or an online platform. There are some features of KissAnime which makes it an easy watch for every viewer. Before visiting this website, you have to be aware of these features so that you do not have any further complaints.

1. Registration free online website

There are many websites where you will get a pop-up block denoting to register before streaming anything. What happens with this thing is that people get fed up with it and give up the habit of watching movies. But on this website, you will not get any sort of registration or login activities and enjoy streaming for free. In other words, this feature can be an advantage of this website which is for every viewer.

2. The vast collection of animation movies

If you browse this website, then you will get an extensive selection of animation movies. After going through the whole group, you will become a fan of a selective film. On other websites, you might not get your preferred choice, but on this website, you will get it. If you are an animation lover, then you have to visit here once and enjoy it in your manner.

3. Easy access to high-quality movies

It is a user-friendly website where you can quickly steam the best and high-quality animation movies. In other sites, you might have experienced a hazy picture quality, but here you will not get it. Without any doubt, you can browse this website and enjoy a high definition quality animation. Do not think of anything unusual and feel it a certain way so that you do not have any questions.

4. Download unlimited movies

The viewers can download the best animation movies of their choice from this website. Few people are there who do not want to stream movies online so you will get the advantage of downloading. If you think that streaming online is charging your data, then you can download it and watch unlimited.

5. The homepage is well ordered

The homepage of this website is so that you will get compulsory links of forthcoming animation movies, etc. It is the best thing which you cannot get in the other popular websites. As a result, you will get the things that were at a level beyond your expectations.

How to Get animations from KissAnime?

Though you are aware that few websites are under legal monetization, but here you will not face any downloading problems, this thing is to avoid any illegal activities so that there is no piracy and other problem. What you have to do is to know the process of downloading these movies from this website. If you know this, then it will be too easy and the best benefit for you.

  • Find your favourite cartoon show

The very first thing you need to do is to find your favourite movie or cartoon show from the search bar. After searching for it, you will get your desired video which you want to download.

  • Click on the main title

When you have found your favourite cartoon show then tap the title option that will take you to a page. On that page, you will get a full list of episodes that a particular cartoon has.

  • Select the episode of your choice

You might have seen the show before, but you will have some selected chapters of your choice. In this step, you can select the event which you love and always want to see.

  • Human Verification

After this step, you will have a personal verification page which will ask you to prove that you are a human. Just select the tick mark beside the option which will help you move to the next step. People get fed up with this step, but there is no other alternative.

  • The download option

After the verification, you will get the page where the show is streaming in high quality. If you do not want to continue flowing, then you will get a download option beside it. Select the download option and enjoy a free and reliable downloading.

Categories of animation movies in KissAnime

In KissAnime you will get the best types of animation movies of your choice. Some people only love to see videos of their kind; this website is valuable for them. But before visiting here, you have to be aware of the four first category animation movies.

  • Action- You will find the best action animation shows and movies on this platform which will blow up your mind. If you are not a fan of action animation then after visiting here you will become a fan. Viewers have given the best feedbacks of these category movies on this platform.
  • Demon- Few people only want to see movies and shows that feature demons and vampires. For those people, it is a perfect category, and you will get the world’s best shows. But, if you feel scared of these shows then also you can once see it and fight fear within you.
  • Supernatural- These are the latest category which you would even find in today’s commercial movies. You will enjoy the best supernatural animation thrillers which you might not have heard before. Mark this as an essential category if you do not want to miss it.
  • Samurai- It is a popular category only in animation which you will not get in movies. Even if you are not a fan of samurai categories, then also you can have the best exposure.
  • Romance- You have seen a lot of love in movies, but you can once experience it in cartoon shows. On this website, you will get the best romantic animation movies and shows where you will forget movies. 
  • Science fiction- Do not ask whether you will get science fiction animation shows on this platform or not. The answer is always yes, and you will enjoy it in a certain way that you did not enjoy in movies. 
  • Sports- There are many cartoons which are related to sports life, and they are classic. Watch the sports animation shows, and at the end of the day, you will recommend to your beloved ones. 
  • Magic- In any website, if you browse movie category related to magic, you will hardly get it. On the magic section of this website, you will get the best magical cartoons that will remain as a memory. Just visit the magical section once, and you will notice the most significant difference. 

Best Alternatives that can replace KissAnime

Although KissAnime is the best website, three alternative websites can penetrate deeply. If this thing happens then, KissAnime might lose its viewers and suffer a huge loss.

1. Anime-Planet

Anime Planet

Many viewers are referring to this as the best website and want to see their favourite animation movies here. Though it is an old website, people are taking it as their best benefit. The homepage of this website is coming up with some latest things that are not available in KissAnime. It has a vast movie library that contains thousands of famous animation shows and movies.

2. Crunchyroll


In this website, you will get the foreign language animation movies which you will not get in KissAnime. The viewers will stop visiting KissAnime after they go through his website and see the most beautiful videos. Most people are a fan of the Japanese animation shows in this platform which are famous all over the world.

3. AnimeLab

It is the next alternative after Crunchyroll that can easily replace KissAnime in its way. Here also you will not require any registration, and you can enjoy unlimited movies. With the help of its virtual private network, you can enjoy the shows to its fullest.

4. BabyAnime

People nowadays are fed up with watching movies and web series every time. A change would be better. Animation contents are fun always. No matter you are a child or adult, animation movies and series are perfect for anyone’s entertainment. This is one such site that brings to you the best anime contents of all times. All contents are available in HD resolution so you don’t have to worry about bad picture quality. Also, the best part of this site is that all services are available for free streaming and downloading. This site is sure to provide you with the best anime collection, that would match your preferences. Once you visit this site, you will undoubtedly love its services. 

5. Masteri

This site allows users to access more than 4000 anime content that consists of anime series, movies, drama, adventure, sports, romance, thriller, action, etc. This is one of the safest and secure anime streaming sites available on the internet. You can watch and download your favourite anime content in any format of your choice. Anime contents of several Languages are available, also allowing users to stream and download their favourite contents in their preferred language. The site brings to you a vast library of trending Anime Manga, which is another attractive feature. Nor do you have to subscribe to this site neither do you have to register for accessing its contents. 

6. 9anime

It is the leading web site that provides you with the best trending anime contents of all times. Several rare, old anime series, movies, thrillers that cannot be found anywhere else are also found here. The site allows its users to stream and downloads their favourite animé contents in HD resolution for free. People find navigating through this site easily, because of its well designed and user-friendly interface. Also, finding tour favourite content, from the huge library of the collection is easy because all contents on this site are classified based on their genres, language, or other specifications. This is a popular pirated anime, providing site that you can access for free. 


1. Is KissAnime safe?

There is no further notice from the government that can hamper your favourite shows. If there is anything such as illegality or anything like that, then it can be stopped. Do not worry as there will be no further problem for you to stream the best.

2. Are there any disadvantages of downloading?

There is no specific disadvantage but make sure that you do not go beyond the download limit. Your download has to be within a particular limit so that it is reliable.

3. Does KissAnime contain a virus?

Not because after using it, the users have mentioned that it is free from all sorts of viruses. After visiting here, the viewers have told everyone that you do not have to worry about the virus problem. You do not even require any sort of registration process which will make your work easy.

4. Are there any possibilities of getting shut down?

No one can say what can happen the next day, but it has to come up with the best technologies. If the government finds anything illegal, then no one can save this website. Everyone has to take precautionary actions before doing something new.

5. Is it available in a mobile application?

Yes, it is available in a mobile application but with a different uniform resource locator. If you think that it is difficult for you to download on your personal computer, then the mobile app is best as it is a lightest it would not take the space of your mobile.

Not mostly, but those who do not watch animation movies and want to experience something new for them is a must. If you love the videos on this website, then you can recommend it to your beloved persons.


Before downloading anything, always check the file so that there is no virus in your system. If you do not check the data, then you will land up in trouble and end up downloading an infected file.

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