Net Worth Of Ken Goldin In 2023! How Rich Is Ken Goldin?

Net Worth$100 million
Monthly IncomeNot Specified
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1965
Height1.82 m
ProfessionSports Memorabilia Dealer & Auctioneer

What is Ken Goldin’s Net Worth and Salary In 2023?

Ken Goldin’s net worth is currently pegged at $100 million in 2023. As an established American sports memorabilia dealer and auctioneer, the bulk of his wealth can be attributed to his pioneering efforts in Goldin Auctions.

Though exact details of his monthly income remain undisclosed, it’s clear that his ventures in the auction realm have been immensely rewarding.What is Ken Goldin's Net Worth and Salary In 2023?

How Does Ken Goldin Make Money?

Goldin Auctions is Ken Goldin’s primary source of income. It’s a celebrated platform dedicated to the auctioning of sports memorabilia, ranging from vintage sports cards to rare, autographed items from iconic athletes.

The consistent high-quality auctions and an impeccable reputation in delivering genuine products have ensured a steady revenue stream, contributing significantly to Ken Goldin’s net worth.

Ken Goldin Business Ventures & Investments

Apart from Goldin Auctions, which is undeniably the jewel of his business endeavors, Ken Goldin may have made strategic investments in the broader sports and entertainment sectors.

Given his profound knowledge of the sports memorabilia market and expansive connections, he’s likely come across and capitalized on various business opportunities over time.

Ken Goldin Business Ventures & Investments

Ken Goldin Assets

Ken Goldin Real Estate

Given his financial standing, it’s conceivable that Ken Goldin has invested in high-value real estate, possibly owning a few opulent residences and other properties in prime locations.

Ken Goldin Cars

For someone of his stature, it’s plausible to assume a collection of luxury and perhaps even some classic cars in his possession, although this remains speculative without concrete information.

Ken Goldin Assets

Ken Goldin’s Early Life

Details about Ken Goldin’s formative years remain largely under wraps. However, his enduring passion for sports and memorabilia is evident, a passion that eventually led to the establishment of Goldin Auctions and his subsequent rise to prominence in the industry.

Ken Goldin Career

Goldin Auctions is the hallmark of Ken Goldin’s illustrious career. Over its existence, the company has handled the auctioning of countless valuable items, building a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.

Goldin’s keen business insight and deep understanding of the sports memorabilia domain have solidified the company’s position as a market leader.

Ken Goldin Career

Who is Ken Goldin?


From a fervent enthusiast to an industry behemoth, Ken Goldin’s journey in the world of sports memorabilia is nothing short of inspirational. Goldin Auctions serves as a testament to his dedication, vision, and unparalleled expertise in the realm.

Age and Date of Birth

Ken Goldin was born on August 18, 1965, in Voorhees, New Jersey, United States. As of 2023, he is 58 years old.

Who is Ken Goldin


Ken Goldin’s height is 5 feet 11 inches (182 cm). In meters, his height would be approximately 1.82 meters.

Ken Goldin’s Personal Life

Family [Siblings/Spouse]

Ken Goldin’s father’s name is Paul J Goldin, and his mother’s name is Carole Goldin. Ken Goldin has one sibling, a sister named Sharon Goldin.

Ken Goldin’s Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Ken Goldin is married to Jennifer Goldin, who is a licensed clinical psychologist. They have two children together, a son named Paul and a daughter named Carleigh. Ken Goldin also has two children from a previous marriage, but their names are not known.

Ken Goldin's Personal Life


What is Ken Goldin’s net worth in 2023?

Ken Goldin’s net worth in 2023 is an impressive $100 million.

How does Ken Goldin generate his income?

Ken Goldin’s primary source of wealth is Goldin Auctions, which auctions valuable sports memorabilia.

Who exactly is Ken Goldin?

Ken Goldin is a renowned American sports memorabilia dealer and auctioneer, primarily recognized as the force behind Goldin Auctions.

Does Ken Goldin have any notable assets?

Given his immense net worth, it’s likely that Ken Goldin has invested in luxury real estate and vehicles, although specific details remain speculative.

What can you tell me about Goldin Auctions?

Goldin Auctions is a premier platform that auctions a wide range of sports memorabilia, from vintage cards to autographed items from famous athletes.

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