JustDial (JustDial.com) seems to be De-Indexed by Google – India’s leading local classifieds website

Update: It’s back. So is this a Bug? Or Penalty? Only Google knows.

Why does Justdial vanished from Google index?

Have heard about JustDial? Yeah, it’s 20th June and India’s leading directory portal has vanished from the google.

Yeah, there will be rarely a person in India with a smartphone who don’t know about justdial as they used to come handy for any kind of help regarding finding suitable solutions.

Well, this news was first discovered by suumit shah. He is one among India’s leading SEO analysts. At the time of the evening, 5-6 results were still available on Google when we use site:url.com dork. But now, there’s no single result available for justdial.

JustDial (JustDial.com) seems to be De-Indexed by Google

JustDial is one of the biggest Directory sites in India. It serves more than 75 million hits monthly according to the similar web.

Justdial Similar Web Traffic

During last month, Google announced that their indexing systems have some issues but later on they’ve confirmed that issue has been resolved. Still, it happened with just dial, so, most probably there must be some mistakes detected from an SEO point of view by google.

However, the real cause behind issue has not yet been disclosed by any of the party, yeah, neither by Google nor by just dial.

So, the main reason will be really interesting and SEO crowd is still waiting for it.

We’re already in touch with just dials team and they’ve not yet found the cause. So, we’ll update you regarding the same as soon as we’ll get some strong update by either of the parties.

However, the SEO crowd and analysts are saying that there is no visible issue found in justdial from its technical SEO point of view. So, predictions and assumptions are saying that there must still be some issues in Google indexing. Though that issue had not deleted an entire site from the index and it had taken time to remove indexed pages, so this time too it could be something interesting.

Have you remembered this kind of issues had already happened on YouTube in the past. Yeah, something could be like that in this case as well. But saying anything with security isn’t possible at the moment.

Moreover, Justdial application is still available on Google play store. So, let’s hope that our big brand has not done anything wrong.

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