James Bond Tech For 2021

Do you love James Bond? Have you watched all the old James Bond films?  Why is James Bond so popular?  Well, James Bond is a fictional and timeless British intelligence secret agent who was created by Ian Fleming in 1953. 

Bond, who also answers to the code name 007, embodies unquestionable mythic heroism and he is not afraid of danger but seeks to find freedom and power. Throughout the years, his character has been portrayed on film by leading actors including Sean Connery, Timothy Dalton, and Daniel Craig. 

The latest James Bond movie dubbed ‘No time to die’ will be in cinemas in April 2021 and James Bond die-hard fans are eagerly waiting for this film. The hallmark of James Bond, however, is his love for technology and high-tech gadgets. Many hero films nowadays have incorporated the use of futuristic guns, explosive pens, and submersible cars but the truth is, James Bond started this trend many years ago when technology wasn’t accepted as it is today. 

James Bond dedicated spy watches are designed to bring out the James Bond in all of us. In 2021, the tech community can look forward to cool gadgets and new technology right from the beginning of the year. Be sure to check out the Spy Centre webpage for the latest spy gear and hidden cameras available in the market. 

Here are two James Bond spy watches to look out for in 2021. 

  1. The Spy Watch Audio Recorder with Voice Triggered Recording

If you are looking for a sleek and functional spy watch in 2021, then this Spy watch audio recorder with voice triggered recording is a must-have for you. Since it has a time and date display, you can wear it in plain sight as a wristwatch. 

You can set up the sound activation mode on the go and what’s more, you can even connect headphones to your watch and use them to listen to the recordings directly. There is a download feature that enables you to download all your files to your laptop or computer to listen to them later. 

What You Will Love About the Smart Band Audio Watch.

  1. 24-Hour Battery Life

This spy watch recorder has a 24-hour battery life and stores up to 96 hours of audio in its 8GB inbuilt flash memory. The watch has a fast recharge time of two hours and this is very convenient as you can recharge in the evening and the watch is good to go for the next day. 

  1. You Can Wear It in Plain Sight

Since this spy watch looks like a wristwatch, you can wear it in plain sight without anyone noticing that you are recording them. The modern feel and look allow you to wear it to work, to an event, or even at home if you want to record an abusive partner. 

  1. You Don’t Need to Buy Special Software

If you already have a VLC media player on your PC, you will not need to buy any new software to play the downloaded audios. 

Where Can You Use the Spy Watch Audio Recorder? 

The Spy Watch audio recorder can be used to record secret conversations, lectures in school, business meetings, evidence gathering if you are a law enforcer, and verbal abuse at work or at home. You can also use your spy watch to listen to mp3 music on days when you are not recording. 

  1. Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder

Another functional spy watch to look out for in 2021 is the multifunctional digital voice recorder with Bluetooth. This watch has all the features needed to make you feel like the next James Bond. 

Designed to look like a fitness band, this amazing spy watch can blend in anywhere and can pick up audio from roughly 40ft. Since you wear it on the wrist it will allow you to clearly record quality audio. 

One thing you will love about this audio recorder is the fact that you can do everything from this device and you don’t have to plug it into your PC to get full functionality. This specific feature is what makes it one of the best audio recorders. 

What You Will Love About the Multifunctional Digital Voice Recorder

Probably the best feature on this latest spy watch is the audio pickup range of 40ft. You will also love the 18-hour battery life and just two hours of charge time. This wearable voice recorder has an 8GB memory and stores and stores up to 583 hours of recordings which are time and date stamped.

You can also play the recordings directly without having to download them to a PC. You can use this digital voice recorder during meetings, lectures, conversations, and to record verbal abuse at home or at work.

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