Is Borderlands 3 Cross-Platform? PC, Xbox, and PS5 Crossplay Info

Curious about the cross-platform features of Borderlands 3 in 2023?

Considering teaming up in Borderlands 3 across multiple platforms?

Here’s what Borderlands 3 offers in its latest version.

Is Borderlands 3 Cross-Platform? PC, Xbox, and PS5 Crossplay Info

Borderlands 3: Is It Cross-Platform?

Yes, Borderlands 3 supports cross-platform multiplayer between Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

With the gaming community demanding more interconnected play, Gearbox Software has ensured players can join forces regardless of their console.

What is the Release Date of Borderlands 3 Crossplay?

Borderlands 3 introduced crossplay functionality on June 24, 2021. Since then, players have been able to team up and enjoy the chaotic world of Pandora together, irrespective of the platform they play on.

What is the Release Date of Borderlands 3 Crossplay

Xbox One and PS4/PS5 Crossplay in Borderlands 3

Xbox One and PS4/PS5 players can easily co-op with each other, thanks to crossplay

The integration is seamless, allowing friends from both platforms to team up and face challenges together in the Borderlands universe.

PS4 and PS5 Crossplay in Borderlands 3

For those transitioning from the PS4 to the newer PS5, the good news is that crossplay between these two platforms is native.

This ensures that your gameplay experience remains uninterrupted, even if some members of your squad upgrade to the new console.

PS4 and PS5 Crossplay in Borderlands 3

PC with PS4/PS5 Crossplay in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 supports cross-platform play between PC and both PS4 and PS5.

Players from the PlayStation community and PC can join forces, allowing for a wider and more diverse co-op experience.

PC and Xbox One Crossplay in Borderlands 3

Similar to the PlayStation community, Xbox One players can also team up with PC players.

This integration opens up new possibilities for team combinations and gameplay strategies.

PC and Xbox One Crossplay in Borderlands 3

Does Borderlands 3 Offer Cross-Progression?

Yes, Borderlands 3 offers cross-progression for those who have linked their SHiFT accounts across platforms.

This means players can pick up where they left off on any platform, ensuring a continuous gaming experience.

What Cross-Generational Features Does Borderlands 3 Have?

Borderlands 3 provides cross-generational support, ensuring that players transitioning from older consoles to newer ones can continue their adventure without hitches.

Not only do they enjoy enhanced graphics, but they can also play with friends on the older consoles.

What Cross-Generational Features Does Borderlands 3 Have

Key Takeaways

Borderlands 3 has embraced cross-platform and cross-generational play, ensuring players from different platforms can enjoy the game together.

The addition of cross-progression means your game progress is not tied to one platform.

Whether teaming up with friends on different consoles or switching consoles yourself, Borderlands 3 offers a smooth experience.


How do I enable cross-platform multiplayer?

To enable cross-platform multiplayer, you must first link your Borderlands 3 account to your SHiFT account. Follow these steps:

  • On PC, open the Borderlands 3 main menu and select Social.
  • Select SHiFT and then Link Account.
  • Enter your SHiFT account email address and password and then click Link Account.
  • Once your account is linked, you can join cross-platform multiplayer games by inviting friends from other platforms or by joining their games.

Do I need a specific version of the game to access crossplay?

No, crossplay is available on all versions of Borderlands 3, as long as players have updated their game to the latest version.

Are there any limitations to crossplay?

While crossplay allows players from different platforms to play together, certain platform-specific features or cosmetics might not be available when playing cross-platform.

Can I transfer my saved game data between platforms?

Yes, by linking your SHiFT account and enabling cross-progression, you can access your game saves across multiple platforms.

Is there a difference in performance when playing cross-platform?

Performance primarily depends on the individual device or console. While there may be slight differences in loading times or graphics quality, the overall gameplay experience should remain consistent.

Is the crossplay feature permanent or just for a limited time?

Crossplay is a permanent feature of Borderlands 3, allowing players to enjoy multi-platform co-op indefinitely.

Are DLCs and expansions also accessible cross-platform?

Yes, as long as all players in the group have access to the same DLC or expansion, they can play it together, irrespective of their platform.

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