Introduction to EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional & Free

Don’t panic if the data is accidentally deleted or formatted. There is still a chance to rescue the data through rescue software. One of the most popular and highly anticipated data recovery software(資料救援) to be introduced in this article has two versions, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free and EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, which are divided into free and professional which is a paid version.

In terms of usage, it is mainly for personal computers, laptops and other related storage devices to retrieve files, photos, music and others. Just a few clicks during the operation can scan and rescue lost files immediately. The free version provides a 500MB file rescue capacity by default, and if you chose to transfer and upload to the community, it can reach up to 2GB. If you paid for the Pro version which is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional, then there is no capacity limit and with optimal unlimited data rescue usage.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard rescue data in multiple types of formats

In terms of different data loss scenarios, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover deleted files, recover formatted and RAW data, and partition recovery. The most common occurrence may be accidental Deletion, Shift + Delete to delete files. Or in case of unexpected power failure, system damage or Raw partition, under these circumstances, software can be used to rescue.

In terms of supported devices, personal computers/laptops, hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders, SSDs, players, and even SD and micro SD cards all could be rescued. In other words, when files are accidentally deleted or formatted, although we can’t see any files on the surface, the main reason is that the bottom layer of the system has not been cleared. When the data is stored next time, this sector will be overwritten and the data will disappear. Therefore, the best recovery time is when the file has just been deleted. If the system has been used for a period of time after deleting data, the file can be easily overwritten and cannot be rescued any longer.

The rescue method is simple, as long as the software is installed, click to scan and it automatically checking the sector, the scanned file names will be listed, once they showed up then could be restored. If you deleted or lost files by mistake, remember that when installing the rescue software, do not install it on the hard disk on which you want to rescue to avoid overwriting the files that you want to rescue (official installation tutorial). The two versions of free one and paid one both could work on designated occasions. In terms of functionality, Professional must be higher, but you must pay to use it. As for the free version, it can rescue 500MB of data after scanning. If it is shared to Facebook or Twitter, it can be increased by 1.5GB, which means it has a 2GB rescue capacity limit. In terms of software capabilities, when you encounter problems, you can scan through the free version to see the status of the file list. If you can rescue, you can try the free version first. After the free version is successful, you can pay to upgrade to the professional version, so you can save more information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at EaseUS customer service.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free can rescue up to 2GB of lost files 

Last but not least, we will share the operation process of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free, which is actually very easy. We will share the Professional version later in another article. In terms of operation, when you need to install rescue software after a file is accidentally cut or lost, please be careful not to install the software in the same sector that you want it to be rescued. The software is installed in slot C by default. If you want to rescue data in slot C, please install it in slot D or other sectors.

After the software is installed, you can scan the hard disk area or the designated location of the computer, or even the recycling bin. This part will be a direct deep scan, so the time will be longer as the capacity of the hard disk increases. This part will take a while and must be patient.

When the scan is completed, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free will list the file name, size, date, file type and other information. But when you see this information, it does not mean that it can be rescued. It is possible that the entire file, if part of it has been overwritten to the file, may fail. Therefore, it is best to rescue immediately as soon as a problem occurs, the longer the time, the less. In our case, we inserted an external flash drive, which contained only 3 presentation files, and the rest were empty for scanning. Next, we found a briefing and a photo, which happened to be a successful rescue, but you can also see that after we rescue these files, we will deduct the 500MB capacity limit, and then increase the file capacity that can be rescued by sharing Facebook.

Step 1. Select a Location to Start Finding Data

Step 2. Scan Your Computer or Device

Step 3. Preview and Recover Lost Files

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