International Yoga Day 2020: Theme & Activities for 21st June 2020

The 5th International Yoga Day will be celebrated on 21st June, Friday. This day is celebrated every year with great pomp and show. It is also assumed in this year there will be a grand celebration. Yoga is such a practice that can help you to lead a very healthy life. It is not only associated with keeping the body fit but also tries to keep the mind fresh and stress-free. You can also take the help of experienced yoga teachers to practice it. Yoga should not only be confined within a certain age of persons but should spread among all age of people.

International Yoga Day 2020: Theme & Activities for This Year 21st June World Yoga Day

International Yoga Day Theme & Activities

Effect of yoga on the human body:

Primordial practice yoga not only brings a healthy life but also helps to bring calmness, courage, peace, and enthusiasm to people. The effect of yoga is just amazing.

  • Yoga helps to create energy on the human body so that they can work more enthusiastically and energetically.
  • Yoga also includes meditation that also helps to bring peace of mind. It can eliminate all your stress and tension rapidly.
  • It is quite obvious to have stress in this present world. But by regular yoga practice, you can dominate such issues to a great extent.
  • If a kid practices yoga right from his childhood, then he can become a good human being because yoga shapes human character to some extent.

Why 21st June is celebrated as International Yoga Day?

It is a very vital question that may arise in everyone’s mind. Scientifically it is said that 21st June is said to be the June Solstice. It is summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere. During this period, the sun remains high and the earth’s axis is inclined towards the sun. The day is longer and much hotter. So it is better to practice yoga for keeping the body fresh and stable.

On the other side, it was on this full moon day when Shiva preached the knowledge of yoga to the entire mankind. So it is chosen as the best day to practice yoga and also celebrate it as International Yoga Day. So there are different views regarding the celebration of the International Yoga Day. It depends upon person to person how they would celebrate this day. Whatever be the reason behind this, it is always suggested to include Yoga in the daily routine of every people. It should be done for the sake of good health.

The theme of International Yoga Day in 2020:

Climate action will be the theme of this year International Yoga Day. The changing climate is really affecting the people of this earth. If proper steps are not taken in time, then it can bring big disasters. It has been felt that by practicing yoga and asanas one bring a good change in the climatic conditions of the whole world. Apart from yoga, there are many things that one can learn or derive from this subject.

There is also a bring relation between human and yoga. Even nature is deeply connected with yoga. This is the only reason why it is always suggested to practice yoga in a green environment. It has some good impacts on the human body as well. It is the human that is affecting nature to a great extent.  This is the only reason why United Nation has decided to take good action by spreading the good impact of yoga on nature. It connects the body with nature and also plays a pivotal role in all aspects.

It is also estimated that with this theme there can be some good changes on mother earth. Apart from all this, people should be equally cautious to save nature. They should also participate in all the initiatives that are conducted by United Nation.  Each and every person should actively take part in every activity to protect nature.

What can be the main activities of Yoga Day 2020?

In order to spread the awareness of yoga, each and every organization should conduct various activities in the International Yoga Day. It has been noticed that various organizations have planned a different type of activities for this day.

  • There are many yoga programs that have been conducted by many big business houses.
  • All the employees of the organization have been requested to take part in the International Yoga Day.
  • Even there are some speeches that will be delivered by distinguished personalities. It is hoped that will create more cautiousness among the general mass.
  • Most of the big parks have been booked by elite organizations to perform various types of yoga performances.

So International Yoga day should be celebrated all over the country so that people become more cautious about their health and lead a healthy life. It is also important to spread the concept of healthy life through yoga practice.

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