International Day of Yoga 2020: Celebrations & Significance of 21st June [World Yoga Day]

International Yoga Day is also termed as World Yoga Day. Yoga has immense benefits for the human body. It should be even included in the daily routine of life. It is not only confined among the old aged person, but kids can equally participate in yoga. It can help the young ones to build a good and healthy life. Yoga is basically presumed as a mental or spiritual or physical practice that can help people to lead a good and peaceful life. Yoga is not only good for health, but it also brings a good impact on any type of mental disorders. If you are suffering from any type of stress, then yoga can give you good relief from such stress or tensions. Here you can download the International Yoga Day 2020 Images for Whatsapp and Facebook.

International Day of Yoga 2020: Celebrations & Significance of 21st June [World Yoga Day]

International Day of Yoga 2019

History of International Yoga Day

Ancient India tradition is yoga. It was prevalent in India even 5, 000 years ago. There are traces that clearly show that even Sadhus and kings also practiced yoga. There were no medicines or treatment in those days. So yoga or meditation was the only way by which one could stay healthy and fresh for a long time.

But after some time, this mode of treatment lost its glamour and benefits. People tried to and take other means of treatment and medicines. They started giving good results, but it was equally felt there were no such improvements in the long run. So ultimately yoga gained its importance in human life.

Ultimately on 27th September 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested the United Nations to celebrate 21st June as International Yoga Day. They accepted the proposal and started celebrating the day with great pomp and show in the entire world.

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Significance of 21st June:

This day is quite significant in many ways. This day has a good mythological connection as Lord Shiva started preaching the knowledge of yoga in this day. During that time, it was a full moon day. On the other side, 21st June is also considered as a Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. It is very hot in this part.

So at the same time, it is also considered to practice yoga so that the body stays fit and healthy for a long time. There are no side effects of practicing yoga.

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Observance of International Yoga Day:

The International Yoga day is observed as a very important day in almost all the countries of the world. There are many programs that are organized by many yoga centers or institutes. People are requested to join such programs with full enthusiasm.

The programs start from the early morning and continue for a long time. Apart from this, some good and valuable speeches are also delivered by distinguished judges who preside over such functions. It is good to attend such functions as one can good information about yoga.

Yoga is considered as the most convenient mode of creating a connection between mind and body. It can be practiced at any age. So let’s celebrate the International Yoga Day with full enthusiasm. You will experience the results within a few days. here you will get the International Yoga Day 2020: Banners & Posters for 21st June World Yoga Day.

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