In the Shadow of the Moon: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, News & Everything You Need To Know

In the Shadow of the Moon Netflix

This September Netflix has good news for all the crime thriller lover and that is it is going to air In The Shadow Of The Moon. This crime thriller is going to be aired on Netflix and this entire screenplay has been written by the famous Geoff Tock and Gregory Weidman. The film has been directed by one of the most well known Jim Mickle.

In the Shadow of the Moon: Netflix Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, News & Everything You Need To Know

In the Shadow of the Moon Netflix

The plot of In The Shadow of the Moon

Netflix has provided an initial synopsis of this Netflix original In The Shadow of the Moon.

During 1988, a police officer of Philadelphia named Thomas Lockhart was working hard towards becoming a reputed detective and was tracking a heinous serial killer who was mysteriously resurfacing in every passing 9 years.

The crimes committed by the killer started defying all the scientific explanation which made Lockhard obsessed over finding the truth that threatened his own family, career, and sanity.

One can see from the synopsis that it is going to be a pretty thrilling and it is definitely a twisted and interesting storyline that will satisfy the thirst of all the crime thriller lovers on Netflix.

The casting of In The Shadow of the Moon

Ryan Allen, Julia Knope, Gabrielle Graham, Sarah Dugdale, Cleopatra Coleman, Bokeem Woodbine, Boyd Holbrook, and Michael C Hall will be core members of this Netflix original.

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Бойд Холбрук и Майкл С. Холл на новом кадре триллера Netflix «В тени Луны». В остальных ролях: Боким Вудбайн, Клеопатра Коулмэн и Сара Дагдэйл. За постановку отвечает режиссер «Холода в июле» Джим Микл, а сценарий оформили авторы телеверсии «Областей тьмы», Грегори Вейдманн и Джефф Ток. Детектив из Чикаго становится одержимым одной целью – раскрыть тайну серийных убийств, происходящих на протяжении десятилетий и не поддающихся объяснению. Единственная зацепка – все эти расправы как-то связаны с лунным календарем. Премьера состоится 27 сентября. #Netflix #InTheShadowOfTheMoon #MichaelCHall #BoydHolbrook

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Production of In The Shadow of the Moon

 Starting from the 2nd of July the principal photography has begun and it has ended on the 27th of August 2018. The shooting of the film has been completed on the 27th of April 2019. The entire filming has taken place in Ontario of Canada which is a great place. All the locations have been picked properly that will compliment the theme of the movie.

The runtime of the movie

 The run time of the movie has now been confirmed and it will be of 115 minutes.

Resolution in which the movie can be streamed

 No confirmation has been received about the resolution in which one can stream In The Shadow of the Moon. If you’re looking for 4K resolution then by looking into the history of Netflix that is continuously adding the 4K titles every week based on the library you can also expect this one to be available in 4K resolution.

The trailer of In The Shadow of the Moon

The trailer of this movie has not been released yet and everyone is waiting for it. The trailer is going to drop any time now because the release date is near.

Release date of In The Shadow of the Moon

On the 27th of September, you can expect Netflix to release the In The Shadow of the Moon. All the cinema-goers who are attending the Fantastic Fest this year will be able to watch the movie before it gets released on Netflix.

Regions where one can watch In The Shadow Of The Moon

 Fortunately, all the regions will be able to stream In The Shadow of the Moon on Netflix.

Time of release

As it will be released on all the region so different region will have different timings. Depending on the Pacific Standard Time, Netflix will release In The Shadow of the Moon. So all the region that falls on the other side of the world will have to wait till evening in order to stream the movie.

This is one of the most thrilling movies that will be released by Netflix this year. Amazing plot and talented cast will help in delivering amazing work.

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