18 Ifun tv Alternatives for 2023: The Ultimate List of Best Alternatives

Ifun TV is one of the most popular streaming platforms with a large selection of movies, TV shows, live sports, and more.

However many users are switching to safer alternatives due to privacy concerns. This article will provide information about 18 safe alternatives to Ifun TV for 2023 and tips for choosing the right one.


Tips to Choose Safe Ifun TV Alternatives

These days, it’s important to protect your online privacy and security when streaming content. So here are some tips that you should consider when choosing an alternative:

1. Mobile Compatibility – Make sure the site is compatible with mobile devices so you can enjoy streaming on the go.
2. Loading Speed – Streaming movies or TV shows with slow loading speeds is not enjoyable.
3. Captions, Subtitles, and Audio Descriptions – An ideal site should have options to toggle these features depending on the user’s requirements.
4. Personalization – Sites that bring personalized recommendations to improve a lot of user experience so choose sites that offer this feature.
5. Free or Paid? – Free streaming services come with ads which may be inconvenient but paid ones provide more content flexibility without unwanted interruptions.
6. Does it have a licensing agreement to stream? – Many sites are not licensed to provide content, so make sure the alternative site you’re choosing is properly licensed and has agreements with copyright owners before streaming content.
7. Account Creation – Most online services require creating an account which can be a privacy risk, so choose wisely based on user reviews and ratings.

Best Ifun TV Alternatives

1. iQiyi


This site offers a wide range of movies and shows from various countries such as China, the US, Japan, etc.

There’s an option to toggle between captions, subtitles, and audio descriptions for user convenience and you can also access personalized recommendations based on your interests.

The only catch is that it isn’t free but the subscription fee is relatively low (compared to other services).

2. YouKu TV

YouKu TV

This streaming service is a good alternative for Android and iOS users looking for an extensive library of movies, shows, and more from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

You have to sign up to access the features but signing up doesn’t require providing any personal information.

Furthermore, there are no ads so you can enjoy the content uninterruptedly but it isn’t free either—there’s a subscription fee attached to it

3. Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki

This is a good choice if you’re looking for popular Asian dramas, movies, and news clips from various countries like Japan, South Korea, China, and more. The site has great loading speed plus the content can be streamed without any ads or subscription fees as long as you have a Rakuten ID

4. DramaCool


This site is ideal for getting access to some of the best international dramas and movies with easy navigation options.

You don’t have to create an account nor pay subscription fees, plus there’s a great selection of content such as reality shows, comedies, etc. Unfortunately, it features minimal customization options and no licensing agreement

5. KissAsian


If you want an extensive collection of Asian movies and TV series from countries like Japan, China, and South Korea without any ads or subscription fees, then this is the right place for you. It also offers subtitles in various languages and has content categorized according to genres

6. MyAsianTV


This streaming service is a great choice if you’re looking for international Asian dramas from countries like Thailand, Hong Kong India, etc.

The interface can be easy navigation but some features require signing up so you can access them. It’s also free and boasts a good loading speed

7. DramaFever


If you want entertaining shows from around the world without any interruptions then DramaFever is a great option for you, there are captions available in various languages along with personalized recommendations tailored to your interests

8. NewAsian TV


Get access to movies, dramas, and TV series from various genres ranging from romance to mystery without ads or subscription fees. It has a user-friendly interface with search filters such as genre, country, etc., plus it’s completely free



This streaming site offers Chinese entertainment content which can be enjoyed in multiple languages and subtitles options like Thai, English, and Indonesian are also available. It requires account creation and there’s a nominal subscription fee but other than that, this service is reliable

10. AsianCrush


With this site, you can watch movies, TV shows, and documentaries from various countries without ads or subscription fees as long as you create an account with them

11. Tubi


Enjoy unlimited streaming for a huge selection of films, TV shows, and documentaries without any ads or subscription fees. There’s also an option to register with them if you want personalized recommendations according to your interests

12. AsianWiki


Find information about old as well new movies from Asian countries plus watch trailers, posters, etc., all without paying a single penny

13. ViewAsian


Enjoy watching and discovering some of the best Asian movies, dramas, shows, and other content with good loading speed plus there’s no need to subscribe or paying any amount

14. 9anime


This site focuses on providing anime from various countries like China and Japan with captions available in multiple languages.

You can watch it all without having to pay a single penny but bear in mind that there are signs of limited licensing agreements

15. AnimeHeaven


Watch some of the best and latest anime series, movies, and shows without having to pay anything or sign up for their membership. It also features search options so you can easily find what you’re looking for

16. AnimeDao


This is an ideal site for anime and Asian drama fans as it hosts a wide selection of content from various sources and there’s no need to sign up. Just click on the item you want and start enjoying

17. AnimeLab


With AnimeLab, you can watch some of the best-animated shows with captions available in multiple languages plus it offers good loading speed so that you don’t have to wait for ages for a movie or show to buffer

18. AnimeFreak


Looking for popular anime shows and movies with subtitles in various languages? Then this site is the right place since it doesn’t require signing up, plus there are no subscription fees or ads making streaming hassle-free

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

Although the above-mentioned sites are safe and secure to use, you should always connect with a VPN while streaming on these services.

This is because while watching a movie or show, your IP address reveals data about your geographic location that could be used to target ads or other malicious purposes.

So using a VPN will mask it by hiding it from anyone who might be trying to track what you’re doing online

NordVPN Pros and Cons

1. Pros – This VPN provides a good level of security, fast speed, and good privacy protection that keeps your data safe from prying eyes
2. Cons – It’s more expensive than other services so it may not be the right choice for budget-conscious users


Online streaming has become increasingly popular over the years and so has the threat of malware and other malicious attacks.

This is why it’s important to choose safe alternatives to Ifun TV for streaming content, like the 19 mentioned in this article.

They offer a great selection of movies, shows, dramas, etc., without compromising your privacy or security. Additionally, if you want complete protection then make sure to connect with a VPN while streaming online.

Ifun tv FAQs

The legality of using Ifun TV exclusively depends on the location of origin. While it’s legal in some countries, it might be illegal or not supported due to copyright constraints in other countries

How Safe is ifun tv Site?

Ifun TV streams content from various sources and some may contain malicious code like malware which could affect your device. So before streaming, make sure that site is safe by running a quick virus scan

Which are the top ifun tv Alternatives?

These 19 alternatives are some of the best Ifun TV alternatives that provide high-quality content without sacrificing your privacy.

What happened to ifun tv?

In 2019, due to copyright violations, most streaming websites including Ifun TV were shut down by the authorities, and their domain was blocked in certain countries as well.

What happens if I get caught while watching ifun tv and its alternatives?

Depending on the country you’re located in, you may be subjected to legal proceedings for watching copyrighted material without paying.

Is ifun tv Down?

Ifun TV and its alternatives are no longer available due to copyright violations but there are other streaming services that can provide similar content with proper licensing agreements.

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