Explaining two methods of using iMessage on Window PC

There are different communication apps like WhatsApp or Facebook messenger. But many people prefer to use the messaging services which are known as iMessage. Most of the people who have a windows device wish to use this app.

A Special Note

There is no such way to download and use the messaging system of Apple in Windows. There are few things with which you can go through another line. But Mac is needed for this trick. This is not a proper method, but there is no other substitute way for this.

Process of using iMessage on Windows PC

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC

Step #1: The user should have the Mac device with an iMessage and a PC with Windows.

Step #2: Now the user has to download the chrome on both the machines.

Step #3: After downloading it properly, the user has to click the launch button.

Step #4: The next step is to download a chrome remote desktop Host Installer for the Mac.

chrome remote desktop Host Installer for the Mac

Step #5: After the download finishes, the user has to install it on it’s Mac.

A Special Note

The chrome remote desktop has a feature of accessing  Chrome browser of another PC. User can always use their apps and files with proper safety.

Step #6: Use a code which is mentioned on the screen on both the machines. The machine will get started. The code:3119 6964 3334

Step #7. Now the user can enjoy using the iMessage application on their PC.

iPadian is an emulator which can be used on Windows PC. It creates an artificial iOS ecosystem. It will help any user to use Apple’s famous messaging services.

iPadian 2 is a kind of emulator which turns the windows into a virtual software where anyone can use any apple apps. It has the capability of using the Adobe Air application.

It has some performance issues. Hence, users should use this software with proper safety precautions.

The process of installing iPadian 2 into Windows PC:

How to Install Apple’s Messages App on Windows PC Using iPadian 2

Step #1. The first step is to download an iPadian emulator.

Step #2. After downloading it, the user should install the file

Step #3. The next step is to run the emulator

Step #4. Terms and conditions should be accepted after reading them properly

Step #5. The user launches the software on his computer

Step #6. Searching the iMessage software should be the next step on the search bar.

Step #7. Finally, the user can download the app and then he can enjoy using the app.

These are two ways to use the iMessage app on a Windows PC

Apple has improved the messaging apps in recent times. They have also launched some good features of Digital Touch, P2P money transfer and transfer and screen effects. It has given an extra added advantage to the messaging app.

The list of devices which is supported by iOS 13: includes iPhone 6s and latest iPhone

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