How to Track the Location of a Facebook User: 8 Ways to Search

As of 2022, there are almost 3 billion active Facebook users. It’s safe to assume that not every single profile is real. Yet, if you are trying to check up on your child or attempting to reconnect with a long-lost friend, that still leaves too many users to sift through.

Fortunately, there are ways to limit your search results. This guide will show you how to look for anyone on Facebook with the information you have at your disposal.

8 Ways to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook

Before you start, write down everything you know about the person you are trying to track down. Even if the information seems insignificant to you, it may come in handy during your search.

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How to Find Someone on Facebook Without Being Friends

Let’s begin with the worst-case scenario – you don’t know whether the person has a Facebook account. It seems inconceivable, but it is not impossible. 

  • Reverse search engine tools: People finder platforms, like Information, are the best place to start your investigation. They allow you to dig through tons of publicly-available information, including social media accounts, within seconds. All you need is the person’s address, phone number, email, or first and last name.
  • Geolocation and hashtags: Once you confirm you have the right person’s Facebook profile, check if there are any geo-tagged publications or posts containing location hashtags. However, keep in mind that sometimes people randomly geo-tag their posts without actually being present at the location.
  • Friend photo tags: Alternatively, if you have access to the person’s friend list, check their photo albums. Some people not only like to tag their friends, but geo-tag each of their photos, too.
  • Third-party applications: This method is a shot in the dark. If the person you’re searching for has restricted access to their profile, try sending them a direct message with a tracker link to grab their IP address. You don’t have to be tech-savvy to do it, there are many websites offering IP-logging services.

How to Locate Your Facebook Friends

Naturally, the more information you have on someone, the easier it would be to track them down. If you are already friends with the person you are searching for, there are three other methods you can try:

City Guides

A slightly roundabout way to find your friends is through the “City guides” feature. Instead of directly tracking your friends, you are reviewing locations where your friends frequently visit. Remember that this method works only on mobile devices. 

Go to your profile, scroll down, and click on “See more.” Afterward, select “City guides” and browse through the listed locations. If you want to research any of the places further, you can run the address through a people finder platform, like Information.

Nearby Friends

 If you and your friends have the “Nearby Friends” setting turned on, you can track everyone’s location on a map the feature provides. This setting is located in the “Location services” menu and is also available only on mobile devices. 

Live Messenger Location

Another way to track your friend’s location is to have them share it with you through the Messenger app. 

Depending on the phone they are using, ask them to select your conversation and click on the four dots (for Android devices) or the plus sign (for iOS phones) on the bottom left of the screen. Then, select “Location” and “Start sharing live location.” Don’t forget that for this to work the location settings on the phone must be turned on, too.

How to Track an Account You Have Access to

If you are a concerned parent who wants to keep an eye on where your children are spending their time, this option is for you. Bear in mind that this method is invasive and it is preferable to let your child know that you’re using it.

Location Settings

Log in to your child’s Facebook account and click on the profile picture near the top right corner of the screen. Go to “Settings & Privacy”, click once more on “Settings”, then select the “Security and login” menu. You will see a list with all the places the account was accessed from.

Searching for People on Facebook

Facebook frequently improves and updates its platform. And while the company tries its best to protect its users’ privacy, sometimes the latest features allow for new sleuthing methods to emerge. You can take advantage of these methods to find out where a Facebook user is located.

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