How To Track Someone’s Location By Mobile Phone Number

Sometimes you need reliable ways to monitor the location of people. This can protect yourself in a relationship and make sure your partner is not being unfaithful or to keep a watchful eye over your children. In any case, the ability to track cell phones becomes all too valuable.

There are several ways to track cell phones. You are tracking by cell phone number, tracking via GPS, etc., as well as social media monitoring. Modern technology has ensured that such ways to track cell phones, monitor cell phone location, or track cell phone numbers are all readily available via spy apps.

There are a number of spy services which are worth mentioning, such as Spyic, Spyier, Minspy, etc. It is, however, safe to say that Spyic is at the top of the pile at this time. 

What is Spyic?

Spyic is one of the world-leading software in the spyware category. Spyic has millions of satisfied customers all over the globe. Spyic has also been approved by many well-known platforms such as Digital Trend, PC Mag, Toms Guide, etc.

Spyic offers a vast range of spying features and capabilities that users can use for their benefit. Tracking by cell phone number is one of its key features. You can also track cell phones call logs and monitor social media activity. Spyic offers a keylogger function as well as a stealth mode to maintain anonymity.

You can now monitor the location of a cell phone by its mobile phone number. Spyic does not use any jailbreak or root techniques but instead relies on advanced technology. This makes Spyic a 100% legal and danger-free service. Due to the lack of jailbreak and root, Spyic does not cause any harm to the target device and does not interfere with its warranty.

Given below are some of the most prominent features of Spyic.

  • Finding location by cell phone number

You can track cell phones by just their phone number.

  • Keylogger capability

Find out the commonly used words and keys of the targeted mobile.

  • Finding location via GPS

Monitor the location of a cell phone with just the GPS.

  • Viewing text messages

Be privy to text messages.

  • Viewing messages on popular social media platforms

Keep track of chats and activity on social media platforms.

  • Tracking call logs

View call logs and history.

  • There is also a stealth mode.

Do all of the above in stealth mode to maintain anonymity.

Spyic can track the location of both Android and Apple mobile phones. The installation process of Spyic is a little different for Apple devices than it is for Android devices.

After seeing the features Spyic gives its users and the recommendation of trusted networks, it is easy to see why Spyic has such a high worldwide following. There is also the fact that Spyic has maintained a very high standard of reliable and timely results.

How to track a cell phone location by mobile phone number with the use of Spyic

After following a couple of steps, you can use Spyic to track a cell phone’s location by mobile phone number.

Step 1

 The first step consists of making a Spyic account with the use of a valid email address. Then you can go through the different packages offered along with their cost. Choose the one that caters to your needs and pay the required amount.

Step 2

After the first step, the installation process differs for Android and Apple devices.

  •  For Android Devices

To install Spyic on Android mobile phones, download a file of about 2 MB size on the targeted phone. This process is done manually, and it is not possible to do it remotely. The file does not drain the battery and is hidden from view once it becomes active.

  •  For Apple iOS devices

If you want to monitor an Apple cell phone’s location, you have to go through even less trouble. Spyic can operate on Apple devices entirely remotely. You just have to link the target device’s Cloud Storage to your Spyic account.

Spyic has now been set up and will start to track cell phones after a couple of minutes. Soon you will be able to track a phone with just its mobile number at the ease of any device you choose to log in to your Spyic account.


Step 3

The last step is just enjoying Spyic and all it offers. You can enjoy the Spyic package you have chosen by just going to your Spyic dashboard. You can now start tracking by cell phone number and any other feature which you have paid for.

Spyic will work remotely without the need for physical possession of a device you need to monitor. It can be used on any browser of your choosing. All you will have to do is log-in to your Spyic account.

When you do not wish to track cell phones anymore, the removal process is quite simple. For Android devices, you have to remove the Spyic file manually. The file has to be extracted directly from the Android device.

For Apple devices, you can stop Spyic’s operation without touching the target mobile. You just have to unlink the Cloud Storage account from your Spyic account.

As you can see, Spyic is relatively easy to use, and it is just as easy to remove from a device once your purpose is achieved.


You can use Spyic for tracking by cell phone number, monitor location, viewing call logs, tracking social media activity and text messages, etc. Ease of use is still, however, one of Spyic’s highest-rated traits. Spyic is also useful for giving accurate results.

Many apps offer facilities to track cell phones and other such monitoring features. The difference in these apps comes in the form of results and how easy they are to operate. Many apps contend with Spyic for the top spot, but we feel that Spyic is the best at the moment.

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