How To Record Amazon Prime Video On Windows PC 2023?

To record videos from Amazon Prime, you will need an appropriate third-party recorder since Prime Video does not come equipped with any built-in storage for direct recording onto the computer. This article provides an overview of a capable video recorder and demonstrates how to record Amazon Prime video using iTop Screen Recorder.

Can You Record on Amazon Prime shows?

Amazon Prime Video gives viewers a large range of streaming movies and TV episodes. Sometimes, we would want to watch the episodes offline for another time, however, Amazon places stringent limits on downloading and offline viewing. In this instance, we may record the material on Prime Video and keep them on our laptops. Then we may view the videos offline anytime & anyplace.

Because Prime Video doesn’t offer a recording option, a third-party video recorder is required. The following portion shares a practical screen recorder for PC for this work, and particular methods are offered. Just keep reading.

How can I record Prime Video on my Windows computer screen?

It is my recommendation that you make use of  iTop Screen Recorder in order to record videos from Amazon Prime in a high-quality format. It is a handy but powerful screen recorder for PC that is capable of capturing live streams, as well as recording TV episodes and movies from Amazon Prime in custom mode and full-screen mode. Additionally, it allows you to effortlessly integrate many recordings into a single frame or file without requiring any additional work on your part. This video recorder and editor have quite a few useful features. After that, I’ll walk you through the process of recording video from Amazon Prime using it. Please use the link below to get the recorder for free and follow the instructions.

How Do I Record Screen on My Windows 10 Computer While Watching Amazon Prime Video?

The Xbox Game Bar may be the first option that comes to mind for Windows 10 users who want to record free content from Amazon Prime Video; however, the built-in screen recorder is not included in Windows 7 and Windows 8 operating systems. Even with Windows 10, it continues to use a significant amount of CPU. If you want to record Amazon Prime Video, the safest, most convenient, and least expensive option is to make use of high-definition professional recording software.

You need a professional like iTop Screen Recorder if you want to rip and record Amazon Prime Video for free. iTop Screen Recorder is that expert. It is a screen recorder that is simple to use, and it is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11. It also has an infinite recording period. You won’t experience any latency when using it to capture high-definition content from Amazon Prime Video, including audio and facecam. It is possible to take screenshots while the recording is in progress. The following is a list of its primary characteristics, each of which is ideal for assisting you in screen recording Amazon Prime Video without having to worry about the future.

Why do you need iTop Screen Recorder for PC? How it can help you record a show from Amazon Prime?

The following is a list of the key features of iTop Screen Recorder:

Totally Secure and Confidential

This screen recorder for Windows 10 has user-friendly strategies and safety precautions to secure the data and information of its users from malicious software and cybercriminals.

Everything should be recorded on the screen

You are able to capture whatever that you wish to see on the screen with the help of iTop Screen. It can record videos that are being played online, it can record zoom meetings or other online meetings with authorization, can record games, can record online courses, and it can record a lot more. You have a variety of options to choose the area that will be captured, including the whole screen or simply a window.

100% Free 

The whole process of using iTop Screen Recorder, including downloading, installing, recording, and storing, is entirely free of charge. You may also record Amazon Prime video streaming by making use of the free internet program known as iTop online recorder.

HD Video Quality

Since iTop Screen Recorder is capable of recording films at a resolution of 1080p, you won’t need to be concerned about the quality of the recorded movies when you view them later.

There is No Time Cap on It

The average duration of a movie is more than two hours, however, the iTop Screen Recorder has no limits on the total recording time that may be saved to your device.

No watermark

Because it is a screen recorder for a PC that does not add a watermark, unlike other free screen-recording software, it will not insert unsightly watermarks into films that have been recorded using it. This may have a significant negative impact on the enjoyment of viewing movies.

Steps to record a show from Amazon Prime Video on Windows for free using iTop Recorder

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s talk about how to record Amazon Prime Video on your screen with iTop Screen Recorder.

1: Start by downloading iTop Screen Recorder for free.

You may get a free copy of iTop Screen Recorder by going to the developer’s official website and downloading it there.

2: Set your preferences.

You have the option of recording the “Full Screen” or one of the other sizes. If you need it, open the “Speaker,” “Mic,” or “Mouse” windows.

3: Start recording your screen while watching an Amazon Prime Video.

To record an Amazon Prime Video, either click the REC button or hit the F9 key on your keyboard.

4: Put an end to the recording.

When you are ready to discontinue the recording, you may do so by clicking the button labeled “Stop.”

5: Find your recordings

Examine the recordings that may be found in the “My Creation” part of the video list. (If you need to edit the video that you shot, please activate the video editor so that it will be easy to do so.)

Closing Remarks

That’s all I have to say about how to record videos from Amazon Prime without any work on your part. Have you been successful in obtaining your recordings? This comprehensive video editing toolset, iTop Screen Recorder, can handle a wide variety of video formats and is the best screen recorder for PC. You may also use it to produce animated GIFs, compress huge files, extract audio, record streaming TV, convert video formats, download videos from websites, and more. Make sure you take advantage of the sophisticated program that has several functionalities.

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