How to Hire Best HTML Developers For Your Company

Today a lot of employers are looking for a skilled, responsible, and reliable worker. It is not as easy as it seems. It is especially difficult to find a really professional employee in the field of IT and choose the best one. How to start your search? What skills should the best HTML developer have? How to hire the best HTML developers for your company?

Let’s start 

  • Requirements

First of all, as an employer, you should clearly define what HTML developer you need, what skills should he or she have as your ideal candidate. Analyze the company’s employees and find out what you like or not like about the previous HTML developer who worked in your company, if there were such people. I recommend you to make a shortlist with the requirements and qualities that you may search in the future worker. Make a list of questions that interest you about the candidate. For instance, personal life, skills, work experience, and portfolio. 

How to start your search? One of the best choices is the Internet. I think you are not going to argue with this fact. The Internet is a huge network that has made our lives easier. Today all our life is connected with the Internet and most people are looking for a job online. That’s why I think the Internet is the best decision. You can place a questionnaire or an announcement about the search of aHTML developer on the website of your company. As for me, the questionnaire should contain many questions. In this case, it will be easier to understand the experience and skills of the candidate and eliminate candidates who are definitely not suitable. The announcement is also a good variant, but I think it has many disadvantages. Imagine the situation. You have placed announcements and candidates call you very often. The first disadvantage is that it distracts you. Next, you conduct an interview. You need a lot of time to communicate with each candidate. If you can entrust the choice of HTML developer to your deputy, the process will be easier for you. 

  • Choice 

The choice of the best HTML developer is a significant decision. One interesting thing is that a really great HTML developer can be a person who does not have much experience but has a great desire to develop and become one of the best developers in the country. Which way do I advise you to make a choice so as not to be mistaken?

  1. Make a questionnaire or an announcement
  2. Choose the 10 people you like best
  3. Organize a knowledge test
  4. Narrow the list of candidates to 2 people
  5. Ask to complete a complex practical task

In this way, you can evaluate knowledge, compare practical tasks, and determine who is the best HTML developer. However, another scenario is also possible. The developer has only superficial knowledge and a little experience, but his work can be wonderful. You can take risk, choose an inexperienced developer and this will also be the best solution in some of the cases. You will able to give him/her all the necessary knowledge. The main thing is that a person is fond of work and it is ready for anything!

What should a HTML developer do know?

Here is a short list of what needs a HTML developer to know: 

  • HTML, CSS, JS;
  • Cross-browser layout;
  • understanding and applying code-review and refactoring practices for HTML;
  • Artistic, art-technical, and computer-technical education;
  • writing and reviewing code;
  • structuring content;
  • create smooth and beautiful web animations;
  • testing the results of your own work in different browsers. 


To sum up, you can conclude that the process of choosing a developer is quite a troublesome process. You need to identify all the important skills of your future HTML developer. It is one of the most important tasks before hiring a developer. I hope this article «How to Hire Best HTML Developers for your company» was useful and interesting for you!

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