How To Get Cash For Old Mobile Phones?

Are you a person who buys new mobile phones frequently based on the market trends? But worried about what to do with your old handsets? Well, there are a vast number of options available for you now. If you want to get cash into your hands, the best thing you can do is sell your mobile phone on any platform that buys used phones. Many people change their phones every two or three years because they buy the latest models to keep up with the trend. Another option is to exchange your old phones for new phones.

E-commerce retailers offer this facility to the buyers where they can exchange their old phones with new ones. While doing that you can get a reduction in the price of your new phone. In short, the money from your old phone reduces the total cost of your new phone. Well, if you’re wondering how to get cash for old mobile phones, we’ll be discussing the same.

Process of selling your old mobile phones

If you think it is tough to sell old mobile phones, then you are wrong. It is because the process of selling your old phone is easy, and you can get the money for it as well.

  • Find out the best price for your old mobile phone

Before you sell your old phone away, you should search whether that is the best price you could get for your phone. Sell it to the person or website that puts forward the maximum amount for your handset.

  • Follow the instructions

After you have found out whether it’s the maximum amount, they will provide you with a list of instructions to see the correct condition of your phone. You will have to give them the details of your phone. Once you get done with all this, you can send the phone to them or else someone would come and pick it up from you.

  • Wait for your payment to arrive

The last thing you can do is sit back and wait for your payment. After they have received your phone, the buyer will verify the details you gave them and confirm the working condition. If the company does not get satisfied with your phone, there is a high chance to return the device. Ensure that your phone meets the criteria that the company is looking for.

Things that you have to consider before selling your old handset

There are a lot of things you need to pay attention to before selling your phone. Some of the main things are:

  • Check the condition of the handset

To ensure that your device does not get returned, check your phone thoroughly. The amount you receive for your phone depends on the condition of the phone. If the phone has scratches on the screen, the price goes down. It could be a loss on your side if you do not pay attention to the handset condition. Any marks on the screen or the body of the phone are not preferred. If the phone is in good condition, you will get more money.


  • Format your phone

It is advisable to format your handset before giving it away to someone else or a particular company. If you don’t do that, your identity is at risk. You could end up in a situation where your data ends up in the hands of a stranger. So, you should reset your phone before selling it.

  • Receive the right amount of money

You are selling your phone to get a good amount of money, right? Well, you need to find the proper amount you will receive when you sell it. Nobody would like to have a loss on their side, so before selling your phone, research well, whether it is the best offer you can get.

To conclude

Many websites and mobile apps buy your old mobile phones and give you money in return. The money you receive depends on the condition of your phone. If your phone is in good working condition, you will get a better price. If not, there is a high chance that you will get disappointed. If you are planning on selling your old phones, take proper care of them. Buy a screen guard to protect the screen and a cover to protect the body of the phone. Take good care of your phone to receive an amount that satisfies you.

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