How to Download Vimeo Videos in MP4

Just saw a video on Vimeo and wondering how you can get it downloaded to your device for unlimited offline viewing? Well, this article will make sure to get this covered for you.

Just like YouTube, Vimeo is a global video hosting platform. Headquartered in New York, Vimeo started operating in November 2004. Although YouTube still thrives towards dominating the video hosting industry, yet the impact of Vimeo cannot be neglected. With more than 90 million creators, Vimeo is home to billions of views every year.

Irrespective of what might be the end purpose, getting videos downloaded from various internet sources is quite a significant activity these days, and Vimeo is not an exception. But getting this done can get things jumbled up if the appropriate approach is now known.

Whenever we talk about downloading videos from Vimeo, the platform provides a way to get the videos saved directly to your desktop. However, the overall procedure lacks convenience.

Luckily enough, SnapDownloader takes a good leap in easing the overall downloading process.


How to Download Videos from Vimeo Using SnapDownloader

Step 1: The very initial thing you need to make sure before having your video downloaded from Vimeo is to have SnapDownloader downloaded and installed on your device. For this you can simply visit SnapDownloader’s website.

Step 2: Now that you are done with the installation, the second thing that you need to do is head over to Vimeo’s website and copy the URL of the desired video.

Step 3: After you have access to the URL of the desired video, paste the URL on the SnapDownloader’s search bar, and let the application search for the video.

Whenever I need to download two or more different videos, I tend to have all the links copied to my clipboard before proceeding with the simultaneous downloading.

Step 4: Once the application is done with the search process, you will now have the option to choose the format in which you want your video to get downloaded. For Mp4, select the option and let SnapDownloader convert the video into the desired format.

Step 5: With all the above steps done, your video is now ready to get downloaded. To finalize things, you need to click on the “Download” button and wait till the video gets saved on your device.

Why SnapDownloader for Downloading Videos from Vimeo

When we talk about video downloading tools, there are several options to choose from. SnapDownloader, however, sets itself up differently. The prime reason being the features that comes with it. With that being said, let’s look at how SnapDownloader is a better option to download your videos.

Convenient-No Trimming Hassles

When we talk about downloading longer videos, most of the time, a user requires just a portion of it. While working with other applications, you need to download the entire video and then get the videos manually trimmed for the sections required. But this is not the case with SnapDownloader.

SnapDownloader’s in-built video trimmer lets you download the portion of the video that you want to. Let’s suppose from a 20 minutes long “how-to” video that comprises ten steps, you need the 5th one. Well, with SnapDownloader, you can do exactly that.


Whether you be a Mac or Windows user, SnapDownloader fits in perfectly with both the operating systems.  From Windows 7 to 10, the tool supports almost all the popular versions of windows. In addition to that, the application is compatible with Mac OS X 10.10 and above.

Download Playlists with Ease

While most of the video downloading tools fail when asked to download playlists, SnapDownloader wins it here as well. Just following the steps mentioned above, you can download an entire playlist comprising any number of desired videos.

Thus, you don’t need to copy and paste individual video links for downloading several videos. SnapDownloader’s playlist downloading facility lets you get the videos downloaded more efficiently.

Getting Subtitles Isn’t an Issue Anymore

Oh, you don’t need to download the entire video, instead looking for just the subtitles? Well, SnapDownloader got that covered too. What’s more impressive, though, the application is not limited to one or two languages. It supports subtitle downloading in more than 50 languages.

Extract Audio from The Video Effortlessly

With video conversions, SnapDownloader covers the audio section as well. It comes with an in-built audio convertor that lets the user extract audio files from the videos with ease.  Like the different video formats, this tool supports seven audio output formats, including MP3, MP4, WAC, AAC, etc.

So, if you are looking to load up your audio library with your favorite songs, SnapDownloader will help you do exactly that.

Ads Free

Who likes Ads popping up quite too often? No one, I guess. Most of the utility tools that work online come loaded with several annoying ads. SnapDownloader makes sure to keep its user away from all these exasperations. This tool is free from any advertisements that leave the users with a seamless experience.

Support Team Always for Help

SnapDownloader’s excellent and professional tech support adds up to the overall convenience. Irrespective of the time you are dealing with an issue, the team of experts is always there to help. Hence the application makes sure, you are never left alone with your queries.

Final Verdict

If you seek to download Vimeo videos in MP4, you are sure to come across several options. But taking the help of SnapDownloader will acquaint you with several other features that can take the whole video downloading experience to the level.

After going through all the features, if you are still confused with how the tool might work out, the 24 hours free trial is sure to ease things up for you.

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