How to Detect a Spy App on an iPhone 

Your phone is prone to a host of security issues, such as spy apps. Spy apps run in the background to capture the specific queries you type on your keyboard. These can include passwords, user logins, web search data, and various other similar queries.

Detecting the presence of these apps is not often a simple process, especially for the average phone user. Fortunately, this guide looks at some helpful ways to identify the presence of these invisible spy apps for iPhone:

7 Ways to Detect a Spy App on iPhone 

Ever heard someone asking, “What is the best way to detect a spy app on an iPhone?” Here is a guide that you can use to detect a spy app on your iPhone:

1.  Use an Antivirus Program

An antivirus software, as the name suggests. The software works to detect and prevent the occurrence of virus programs. The traditional antivirus software has an extensive database of virus programs and computer code that compromise your system. The software can detect and eliminate these programs from your device.

Using an iPhone without an antivirus is akin to having a house without a door. An open door makes it easy for would-be criminals to access your property. The same concept applies to your property. 

Failing to install antivirus software makes your system prone to different types of virus attacks. An antivirus is a closed-door that you can use to detect and prevent viruses from entering your property – your iPhone.

2.  Install an Anti-Malware Program on Your Phone

An anti-malware program works almost in the same way as an antivirus program but with better detection features. Anti-malware software features three detection functions, which will safeguard your system from malicious programs. These include:

Signature Based Malware Detection

Features a set of specific software components and digital signatures which you can use to identify malicious software. The signature-based malware detection systems use a database that requires regular data updates.

Behavior-based Malware Detection

Refers to a system that makes it easy for computer system professionals to block, identify and eliminate system malware. Usually, this approach involves using a proactive solution for iPhone spy app detection.


Refers to a security feature that can exist in anti-malware software. The software works to isolate and detect any malicious system software that can affect your device.

3.  Check for Excessive Battery Usage 

Excessive battery means that there is likely a mobile application running in the background with your knowledge. You can identify the unusual battery usage issues by checking on the Task Manager section.

Be on the lookout for any new software or program that consumes a large number of hardware resources. Software that uses lots of battery power is also likely causing a compromise to the functionality of your device.

Spy apps might be running in the background, but you can still identify them in the Task Manager section of your device. The good thing with iPhones is that they give you a comprehensive list of all the software and processes running on your device. Use this guide to learn more about these processes. 

4.  Keep an Eye Out for Suspicious Changes on Your iPhone.

Most malicious individuals often tweak their spy app software to perform various other functions. They do this to ensure that their spy app software has the best chance of getting through the essential security functions in your device. 

You have to keep an eye on these suspicious changes on your phone. It is one of the best solutions for how to tell if a spy app is installed on an iPhone. The best way to track these changes is to track all the settings on your phone proactively. 

Doing this might seem challenging, but it’s also essential for your phone user experience. A few changes that you have to look out for on your device include:

  •         Unusual changes in the location tracking activation features.
  •         Changes in your phone’s internet connectivity settings.
  •         Changes in the settings of your web browser.
  •         Change in the app installation preferences and settings.

5.  Track your iPhone’s Data Usage

Remember to track the way your phone user data, primarily if you use subscription plans. iPhones today have convenient data tracking functions that you can use. Before using the data functions on your new phone, ensure you peruse through this data tracking section.

Familiarize yourself with all its functions, and track your data usage every day. While you don’t have to record each day of internet usage, you can be on the lookout for any usual statistics. Most would-be hackers tweak their spy app to send regular data updates.

The regular updates mean that your device probably uses more internet data, especially if you have several user profiles with login details. Be suspicious when you notice any unusual data usage, and tweak your phone with antivirus to see if it solves the problem.

6.  You Hear a Lot of Background Noise on Your Phone

The presence of background noise probably means that your device is transmitting signals without your knowledge. Usually, this occurs when the spy app updates the database system with any details you input on your device.

The background noise will be unlike the traditional static noise that you get from a broken signal. That is because it may sound mild but is persistent due to the spy app’s regular data updates. 

A simple experiment to try would be to try different phone services with your device or perhaps use the device in a spacious area. If the background noise still persists, then realize that it might be due to the presence of an iPhone spy app application.

7.  Your Phone Heats Up Even When Not in Use

Have you ever realized that your phones warm up significantly when it’s in use? It happens because the phone hardware components work hard to deliver the best user experience possible. However, it also produces heat as a byproduct, which can have adverse side effects on the functions of your device. 

The same concept applies to when your phone is not in use. A spy app probably functions in the background, which will likely bring the most out of your hardware in your device. These include the Central Processing Unit (CPU) and the Random-Access Memory (RAM).

Check the operating applications in your device to determine whether the increased heat coincides with the presence of a mobile application.


Spy apps come in different levels of technicality, and they can compromise your details. Luckily, you can avoid these issues by using suitable device security measures. You have to be thorough in your approach to protecting your device so that a spy app never finds any loopholes.

While tracking apps are often used by parents or employers, they can be dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands. This is because these apps offer several features, as has been highlighted by Angelica Reviera of That’s where this guide comes in to help you identify the signs of tracking software on your iPhone.

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