How To Change Your Wi-fi Password For Internet Security

Having a good internet connection is of absolute importance for any household. When trying to invest in an internet service provider, there are a few things that one needs to be sure of. You should know exactly what your internet requirements are. Make sure that the ISP that you choose is offering services at your location. The internet plan that you select maybe with a contract so makes sure you know exactly what you’re investing in.

Fixed or wired network is available in most areas around the United States. However, you should rule out rural or remote locations. You will find that only satellite internet works at such places. The reason behind this is the unavailability of relevant infrastructure required to bring the cable and fiber-optic technology to rural areas. If you are residing at a remote location or have recently shifted to one, then you can find more about your options for satellite internet service providers at Local cable deals.

Once your internet connection is up and running, you need to protect it from prying devices and leeches that will use up all your data. There are quite a few ways to manage this. Your data can stay safe as well as all your online information. Most people overlook this simple option and choose not to do anything about it. This ends up in a bad way. There is already limited data available with a satellite internet connection. The cost is more than that of the wired networks so you can’t afford to lose any of the data.

HughesNet offers affordable internet plans with great choices for the whole family. They also have separate plans for businesses and workplaces. There are four simple and clear plans, all of which have the same download and upload speed. So regardless of your service package price, you will get optimum services with great value for the entire household.

We’re going to highlight a few ways over here in which you can make sure that your connection and router are always protected. You will never lose any important information or valuable data this way.

  1. Password Protection

Every new HughesNet connection comes with a free modem/router with an in-built Wi-Fi which will have a company preset password and login. Once you get the connection and equipment configured, the first thing you should do is get online and change the company provided password. Do not for a moment consider that a unique preset password can be a safe option for anyone. No matter how many characters or upper- and lower-case letters and numbers are used to construct that special ready-made password, it can be broken into. The methods behind password creation are the same for every ISP. These passwords can be guessed or broken into by anyone who intends harm.

  • Your HughesNet Wi-Fi modem/router will come with a pre-connected web-page or browser to configure it properly. Open that the moment you connect to the internet.
  • There’s also going to be a configured IP address that will be specific to your wireless receiver/router. You can find this in the instruction manual or the box that the equipment originally came in. If you are somehow unable to make sure of it then call the HughesNet customer services for technical assistance. You can get help from the installation professional or the technician as well who came for installing your internet connection and device.

  • Once the webpage has loaded, it will show you a password and login bar. Just enter the username and password that you were given by the company and enter. Once you land on the required page, it will show you various options among which you can select to change your router/modem’s settings as per need. These are generally fixed as factory settings the way our phones and other hand-held devices are. The details will be available for viewing or referring, either in the setup manual or they will be given on the device’s package.
  • Now that you have arrived on the settings page, simply select the wireless tab and change the password. It will require you to put in the old password and then make the selection of a new password. Choose a strong password that doesn’t contain your name, date of birth, or your address.

The next step is the changing of the network name as that will make your internet connection ambiguous for strangers and prying eyes.

  1. Network Name Protection

A network’s name, also known as the SSID or the Service Set Identifier is quite similar among most of the ISPs. They are chosen as defaults and are readily identifiable to most people. That’s why a simple password change will not make the security of your internet last long. Update your network’s name so that it becomes almost invisible for even those people who know you. This way, your neighbors, colleagues, friends, or anyone who might know you in a good capacity will not be able to guess your home network. You can choose any name. Make it sassy, quirky, or unique. This can be achieved in the same way that you used to change your network’s password. Moreover, restrict your router’s broadcast. This will help in hiding your network from any kind of public access. Therefore, it will become difficult for strangers trying to gain accessibility to your connection.    

  1. Encryption for Maximum Security

Encryption means scrambling of data and information. Your information should be encrypted over the network whether you’re on a wired connection or a satellite one. While all the routers already come with in-built encryption, however, it is disabled and unset. Every user has their own set of ideals regarding encryption and security. But basic internet connection safety is necessary for every household. You should use either WPA or WPA2 for securing your router/modem. They are the new ideals for privacy and encryption. You can select any of these security options the same way you access the web for changing the password and network name. Save your settings, restart your device and you’re good to go.

While most ISPs offer separate modems and routers, with HughesNet you get to save more because of their built-in Wi-Fi. You just need their modem or add a Wi-Fi extender if necessary.

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