How to Become a Better Gamer: 7 Tips to Excel in Online Gaming 

Are you a novice online gamer? Have you played online games but feel like your gaming skills need improvement? Do you want to improve your gaming skill and performance? If yes, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you tips on how to excel in online gaming. As an online gamer, it is humiliating if you get constantly eliminated in the first round of the game. The tips we are going to give you right here will surely improve not only your online gaming skills but also as a person in general.

  1. Practice – The famous saying is true, “practice makes perfect.” Should you want to be a pro in online games, you have to practice, especially games you are heavily interested in. Spend some time learning the ins and outs of the game, especially tricks and tips to ace the game. Playing the games habitually can help hone your gaming skills.
  2. Play more games – When it comes to playing games, be it video games or physical games, the more games you play, the more likely your skills will be developed. You will be familiar with the gameplay rules and will eventually become a better player. 
  3. Play video games that stimulate mental acuity – Honing your skills in playing online games has something to do with mental toughness. Therefore, you have to choose your games wisely. It would be an advantage if you choose games that stimulate mental acuity, such as Mahjong, Rummikub, Jhandi Mundi game and more. It stimulates the brain to think meticulously and strategically.
  4. Focus on your favorite games – The effort that you give in learning and mastering a specific online game has something to do with your interest in the game. Is it a game that you like? Or is it just a game you are forced to play? One important rule of thumb is to make sure you focus on your favorite games, as learning comes easy if you love what you are doing. Finding your favorite game may seem daunting, considering the number of online games available today. What you can do is to try on as many online games as possible until such time you will find the one that interests you the most.
  5. Research is the key – Do not underestimate the power of research. You probably have done research before and feel like it does not help much in improving your online gaming skills. Still, the thing is, many online resources will give you valuable inputs on how you can improve your online gaming performance. According to research, exercising for a while before playing games can improve your gaming performance. You can also search for forums consisting of fellow gamers as such, people will give inputs, tips, and tricks on how you can further improve your online gaming performance.
  6. Watch online game streams played by pro players – One advantage of the internet nowadays is you get to watch professional online gamers play in real-time. by observing how these players play the game, you will be able to gain insights and techniques – more like emulating their gaming style.
  7. Take advantage of hacks, cheats, and bots – Some players don’t entertain the thought of using cheats, hacks, and bots, but what they didn’t realize is they can get valuable insights from such techniques. It is a lifesaver, especially if you are nearing the end of the rope and don’t want to spend so much effort and time leveling up. Hacks, cheats, and bots are acceptable for online gaming purposes but should be very cautious when used in competitions. They can have you disqualified from the game. 


When it comes to playing online games, you can do plenty of things to further hone your gaming skills and improve your overall performance. Always keep in mind that even the most seasoned gamer started as a novice. So do not feel frustrated if you feel like your online gaming skill and experience are not at par. Do not compare yourself with other seasoned players as they too started from scratch. It only takes a matter of time and constant practice for you to master the game and eventually improve your overall online gaming performance. The tips and guides mentioned above are tested and proven effective. In fact, they were used by professional gamers and continue to use up to this day. So whenever you lose a game and lose hope, always have that never give up mindset, and you will soon realize that you are slowly improving. Sometimes it takes baby steps to lead you closer to your goal of becoming a pro online gamer. It all depends on your level of determination and that inner desire to be better. 

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