How Much Time Should You Spend Creating a Website for Your Start-up?

If you’re a businessperson interested in setting up a start-up, one of the most important things you’ll need is a website. It may shock you to hear this, but in 2022 there are still many small businesses that don’t have any pages online. However, studies show that 70-80 percent of people search for a company on the internet before they choose to buy their products or use their services. That figure shows how important it is to have some sort of online presence.

The question is, how long should small business owners spend setting up a website? It’s crucial to get something up and running, but you also need to balance your time and work on other areas of the company.

Depends on the Industry You Are in

Some small business owners without any experience in coding hire professionals to create their pages. Other times, it’s possible for laypeople to use prebuilt platforms. What you decide to do may depend on the industry that you’re in. For the more competitive sectors, there are plenty of site-building tools that you can use. These give you all the facets you need to get started quickly and can reduce the amount of time you spend making your site.

A prime example of this is in the booming iGaming industry, where it’s hard for new businesses that go it alone to compete with well-established giants. In this sector, it makes much more sense to use iGaming software that has been proven to work. These platforms have all the best systems in place already and can put users in touch with a wide range of games from top developers. They are also ready to take payments and can be up and running within a month.

Unique Web Features Could Make Your Business Stand Out

When you use a premade website template or a platform, there are opportunities to make it your own and give it the distinctive identity of your business. It is important to try to look different from the competition to stand out and get attention. In some sectors, it makes sense to spend more time on web design to ensure that the pages provide something completely fresh for users.

For companies that exist mainly online, it may be worth focusing on the website more than other areas such as marketing in the early stages. Some of the most innovative pages these days are ones that flip the script on traditional web design. One idea that new businesses could go for is to include gamification elements. Another option could be to turn the site into a journey through diverse stages rather than just allow users to click on tabs to see things.

There are plenty of key areas that new small businesses need to focus on, with the website just being one part of the puzzle. A lot of resources need to go into advertising because getting customers early on is essential. The amount of time you spend developing a website could depend on your niche, and whether you decide to go for a premade solution or not.

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