How Most Business Improve Sales Using Facebook – A Quick Guide

In modern marketing, social media is a resource that cannot be ignored. And out of the many platforms available, the potential of Facebook for business is irreplaceable.

Since its launch in late 2004, Facebook has not lost its charm.  What started as a way to connect with other students at the creator’s alma mater has now become a widespread phenomenon with no end in sight for its reach.

Not only is Facebook a way to connect with family, friends, and long-lost acquaintances, but it is also the place to be for expanding your business.

You can use Facebook to connect with your customers and create a funnel directly linked to achieving your sales objective. 

Other social media channels may emerge, but the effect of Facebook is unparalleled. Many companies have launched advertising campaigns only on Facebook and found immense success.

But the question remains – what did these businesses do to penetrate the already dense market.

How Has Facebook Helped Businesses in Increasing Their Sales?

Instagram and Twitter can try all they want, but they don’t have as much audience as Facebook. According to some recent statistics, Facebook had approximately 2.5 billion active users in the first quarter of 2020.

On average, a person might spend around an hour per day on Facebook. If you tailor your advertisements to interact and convert these users directly, you can call your campaign a success.

Facebook is continuously updating its search algorithms that impact how your ads might display in your customers’ news feed. As of late 2019, Facebook algorithms prefer original videos longer than 3 minutes over stagnant images. The main priority is the uniqueness of your videos about your product or service. 

Compared to traditional channels, Facebook has comparatively low costs. If your ads prove to succeed, you can easily cover these costs within the first few months in sales.

Effective Strategies Used by Businesses to Increase Sales Using Facebook

1. Optimize Your Page

On Facebook, the page for your business is your company’s face. If this page is not optimized to attract potential customers, there is going to be no sales from those avenues. 

Ensure that your name and brand logo are prominently placed in the cover photo. Pin a post that includes a short video using a promo video maker that explains your company’s objective clearly. 

Use attractive, interactive infographics with the help of promo video templates to lure in potential customers. Try to include a short video to introduce every product that you plan to sell.

2. Collabo Collaborate rate with Influencers

Social media influencers have a unique ability to affect their followers by touching them on a personal level. This skill allows them to turn their follower’s attention to the products or items that they use. 

Choose the influencer you want to collaborate with carefully. Look at the kind of content that they are putting out onto Facebook. Analyze the number of views each video gets.

The agreement between the company and influencer can include discounts, commission, or even free products or shipping for the latter in exchange for guaranteed exposure and sales for the company.

3. Understanding the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the entire scenario that a buyer goes through in deciding to purchase your product after watching your ads. In simple terms, the buyer’s journey includes three stages – awareness of the product, evaluation of the product, and purchasing the product. 

Before they make any purchase, customers want to research and learn more about the product or service. So, try to answer as many questions as they could come up with and clear up the apprehension.

4. Ask Your Customers What They Want?

People love to give their opinions whether you want them or not. So, combine your advertising efforts with what people want, and you will be sure to see the best results come out of it. 

Initiate polls, open-ended posts, and even create a short video asking some questions to which the potential customers can answer with their videos. 

5. Introduce Facebook Live Sessions

The best way to get quality engagement and conversion is by hosting a live interactive session between you and your customers. Provide active participants with some incentive to purchase your products by introducing discounts and benefits for the first few buyers. Run video ads which include discounts for your product and get them engaged

Include an active Q & A session at the end of each video and collate the more common questions that the customers ask. These questions can be the premise of your next video.

6. Focus on Your Target Audience

Publishing ads on Facebook, in any format like images, videos, infographics, or even polls, let you focus your ads on a specific target audience. 

Depending on the demographic of your potential customers, you can make the appropriate selection based on gender, age, location, and even specific internet usage patterns. 


When you are creating ads for your product or service, you have a very short window within which you can capture the attention of your buyer. The customer might decide to watch a video within 5 seconds. Your introduction has to be extremely strong to create maximum impact. 

Just recording some videos and posting them is not enough. Using a promo video maker not only enhances the video quality to boost viewer interest, but it also allows you, the creator, more control over how your video looks.

You have a vision about how you want your company to grow. You have a point-by-point list giving you the goals you want to achieve at every level. Achieving those goals will require positive feedback from your potential customers on all your advertising efforts. 

Most businesses have used modern digital marketing strategies that have provided success in achieving their goals to increase sales. Try even a few of the mentioned points, and you too might see a growth in your business.


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