How Do CBD & THC Differ When Smoking Cannabis Strains Like Sour Diesel

The legality of hemp and varied cannabis products broadens each day. With more offered, consumers’ inquiries are increasing regarding the differences between the wide range of cannabis flowers. 

The cannabis plant breaks down into hemp and marijuana. There are also “Indica” and “Sativa,” see guidelines on how to choose here. Between the varied species, each has a natural chemical composition inclusive of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Hemp has abundant cannabidiol (CBD) cannabinoid, while marijuana is high in tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

Extraction of CBD is possible from either plant, but for a product to remain legal, the THC composition needs to stay under 0.3%. Each cannabis flower strain offers a unique combination of the two cannabinoids, designating the capacity for intoxication. All CBD-rich hemp strains will be non-psychoactive in terms of intoxication. 

Hybrids breed in a range of ratios, like Sour Diesel. In one combination, the potent strain can create an incredible high. With a high-CBD, lower-THC, the result is mellow, with a kick.

How CBD And THC Affect Cannabis Flower Strains 

Each cannabis strain offers a unique chemical composition. For those derived from hemp buds, the cannabidiol level will be exceptionally higher than tetrahydrocannabinol. 

Marijuana will offer an abundance of THC and lower CBD combination. Still, there are hybrid varieties that are selectively bred with a specific ratio of each cannabinoid to achieve a certain effect. 

For hemp flower strains high in CBD, legal products sold on the market can have only 0.3% or less THC. You can smoke these buds with no chance of intoxication. Smoking is not the only way to consume the substance. 

The compound has a line of oil products like tinctures, topicals, edibles, oils, vape, soft gels. You can find these online with companies like Cheef Botanicals or with real-time shops or markets. Everyone has a preferred method, but more people are enjoying the dried bud for smoking or vaping. 

Smoking weed strains is certainly not a new concept, as it is with the CBD buds. The latest trend brings a level of confusion for those still attempting to comprehend the terminology – first. You must then decipher the various species for cannabis, the associated strains for these, each chemical composition, and how it all works together.

With all marijuana-based strains, the THC element produces the infamous weed “high” and, in some cases, can invoke anxiousness, paranoia, and more severe symptoms depending on the amount. Hemp-based options abundant in CBD do not create a “high.” 

You will find with hybrid strains, like Sour Diesel, breeders can develop varieties based on a user’s preference, whether it be to experience a psychoactive effect or to keep their experience in the therapeutic capacity. Sour Diesel has an option to meet either request. Find out why people are smoking CBD flowers at

How Do THC And CBD Differ?

The molecular structure for both cannabinoids is identical with hydrogen atoms at 30, carbon atoms at 21, and then the oxygen atoms at 2. The slightest variance in the atom arrangement is responsible for why the effects of these two compounds differ. While both can technically classify in the psychoactive category, how each handles the characteristic is entirely different. 

CBD helps with seizures, anxieties, and depression, without altering consciousness. THC induces a mind-altering euphoria in its efforts to bring health-related benefits. Unfortunately, THC can deliver therapeutic properties similar to CBD, but users can’t get past its adverse reactions. For some, the effects can be harsh, depending on the sensitivity and the level.

CBD, on the other hand, boasts a well-tolerated substance. The compound offers few, if any, side effects, even with elevated doses. Neither cannabinoid will bring fatal results to a user. 

Final Thought

Now that CBD has come into the spotlight, users are comfortable with the low-risk yet high potential for benefits the cannabinoid offers. Those who indulged in THC-heavy strains of marijuana are switching to the CBD-rich hemp buds to avoid the adverse effects associated with weed.

That doesn’t mean anyone has to stop smoking the favored strains because hybrids allow users to enjoy buds selectively bred to offer a composition preferable for the consumer.

As always, it’s crucial to speak with a doctor to ensure the choices you make fit within your health regimen, offering no potential for harm.

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