26 Hesgoal Alternatives for 2023 – The Perfect Guide to Secure Streaming

Hesgoal first appeared in 2007 and since then, it has become one of the most popular online streaming sites. It provided users with a wide selection of movies, shows, and live sports streams from different countries all around the world. Despite being incredibly popular and useful, legal issues caused many users to search for alternatives. In this article, we will discuss the features of 26 safe and secure hesgoal alternatives that you can use in 2023.

Tips to Choose Safe Hesgoal Alternatives

When choosing an alternative, it is important to consider a few factors such as

  • Mobile compatibility,
  • Loading speed,
  • Captions/subtitles and audio descriptions (for the disabled),
  • Personalization options like setting favorite channels, cost-free or paid content?
  • Does it have a licensing agreement to stream? and other features such as registration/account creation.

Best Security Alternatives



LAOLA1.TV is an online streaming platform for live sports events like football, hockey, motor racing, basketball etc from around the world with a program guide that showcases upcoming matches on its homepage. It has been continually improving since its inception in 2007 with its modern interface, support for multiple languages and easy registration process. It also has an additional catch-up feature which allows users to watch previously aired events.



FuboTV is an American network of live streaming services that are dedicated especially towards sports buffs. Its main attraction lies in the fact that it gives access to more than 70 channels from the US and international arena along with DVR options (30 hours) and mobile compatibility. It does not provide content for free but offers attractive subscription plans that can get you up to 37 sports-specific channels including NBC, CBS and Fox.

Dstv Now

Dstv Now

DStv Now is an online streaming service by MultiChoice which allows customers to access over 120 channels across the world at any time with on-demand and live content options available. You can watch your favorite shows, movies or sports streams through their website as well as their mobile and tablet apps. The service also supports pre-recording, live streaming plus catch up so one never has to miss a show they wanted to watch.

BeIN Sports

beIN Sports Connect USA

BeIN SPORTS is another reliable platform for sports buffs who love keeping updated with the latest news on all things sports related including transfer updates of star footballers, match highlights and insightful analysis – you can get it all here! Moreover, its contents are available in both free and pay-per-view packages, giving users an option to choose according to their needs.

NBC Sports

NBC Sports

NBC Sports is a network of channels from a global media company, Comcast NBCUniversal. It covers thousands of hours of live and on-demand content for every major sport in the US i.e. Football, Basketball, Baseball as well as International events like Soccer and Hockey etc. A variety of packages are available with the higher-costing ones offering the additional bonus feature of viewers being able to watch 4 different games simultaneously at any time.


Sky Sports

Sky Sports is the dedicated sports arm of British broadcasting giant- Sky Plc. It has seven channels with 4K Ultra HD content, along with 60 additional events in real time every week and access to classic archive programs made available by its parent company. Its mobile application has options for streaming and recording up to six games simultaneously apart from other features like text commentary and no ad interruptions while watching live.

Fox Sports

FOX Sports Live

Fox Sports offers both regular and pay TV packages with four channels as a part of it. It has an extensive library of sports content streaming in high definition including pre-recordings and live coverage of events like the UEFA Champions League, and NFL Super Bowl finals along with full-season replays for NBA, NHL etc. It also has dedicated shows such as “First Things First” and “The Herd With Colin Cowherd” which are exclusive only to Fox Sports.



FirstRowSports is a sports streaming platform that has been in the market since 2010. Its main focus lies on live sports streams irrespective of their region but is not limited to just that as it also covers other topics such as movies, TV shows and more. It does have some security risks attached to its usage due to various malicious pop-ups being shown which might decline as time goes by & it increases its trustworthiness.


WiziWig is a sister company to the likes of FirstRowSports, which means that their core objective focuses mainly on providing free live sports streams for different leagues. The two main distinguishing factors associated with this service are its safety & user-friendly interface which has been constructively curated since its inception in 2007 and increases as more friendly elements get added from time to time.

Stream East


StreamEast is a media service that streams live actions from UK and EU football leagues, tennis championships and golfing competitions plus much more in high definition for free. It has a few adverts here & there but users can avoid them by subscribing to premium packages at affordable rates. They provide five channels per day with coverage in multiple languages like French, German, Spanish etc.


Ronaldo7 is a website dedicated to football fans which caters especially towards the European leagues. It has an extensive library of content that includes live streams, replays and highlights all ranging from top-tier championships like EPL (English Premier League), La Liga etc apart from other international competitions held across different parts of the globe.



VIPBOX is another popular name in regard to the sports streaming business with its user-friendly interface along with mobile compatibility being two of its main areas of focus. It offers free live sports streams for different leagues such as NHL, NRL, NBA etcetera coupled with an in-built chatroom for users to discuss events happening around them.



Stream2Watch is another veteran when it comes to the streaming industry as it has been around since 2009. Its major content links to Football & Basketball competitions held across Europe but also covers other sports disciplines like Rugby and NASCAR etc. Its streams can be watched in high definition from different sources plus it has a user-friendly interface.



Sportsurge is primarily an online forum for sports conversations where users participate and discuss anything related to their favorite sport including current happenings, transfer news, and match highlights amongst other topics. It also offers free live streaming services with its partners that allows the viewers to watch selected events regardless of their geographical location.


Wheresthematch is an online streaming service that caters especially to users who want updates on sports-related events being played in the UK & EU regions plus US leagues like NFL, NHL etc. It specializes mainly in Football streams with other disciplines making up a small amount of its content.


Live on score

Liveonscore Tv is another website similar to Wheresthematch.com that provides news on upcoming events/matches across football, Basketball and Baseball events with additional information on kick-off times being displayed as part of its bread & butter service.



MyP2P is the ultimate destination for hardcore American Football fans in regard to free streaming services available in the market. It has a vast selection of NFL streams from Super Bowls to regular season games at varying quality (both HD & low-definition streams) and is preferred greatly in countries like Russia, and Argentina.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

When streaming content from websites such as hesgoal or its alternatives, it’s always better to be on the safe side by using a secure Virtual Private Network (VPN). This not only provides you with high levels of internet privacy and anonymity but also encrypts your browsing data so that nobody can spy on you using the same connection.


NordVPN is one of the leading VPN providers in the world with over 5,000 servers located in 59 countries. It has a simple and easy-to-use interface plus it supports torrenting without any limits imposed & also has multistream support for more than 6 devices being used at once. The main downside lies in its high pricing which starts from $ 11.95/ month and goes up to $11.95/annual subscription plans.


HesGoal was once one of the most popular streaming sites offering live sports events from all around the world. Unfortunately, legal issues caused its demise and users have to seek other alternatives for streaming purposes. This article discusses the features of 26 secure hesgoal alternatives from which you can stream safely in 2023.

In addition to choosing a reliable alternative, it is important that you protect yourself with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when watching any kind of streaming content online so as not to expose your browsing data/information out in the public domain where malicious entities can access them.

We hope this article was helpful and you got the insight you were looking for!

Hesgoal FAQs

No, hesgoal is not a legal streaming service due to the copyright infringement associated with it; however, some of its alternatives mentioned in the article are perfectly safe and give you access to content without any risk involved.

How safe is Hesgoal Site?

Hesgoal is not a secure or safe platform as it does not have any reliable anti-virus protection or cyber-security thus, making the user vulnerable to malicious software infiltrating their system.

Which are the top hesgoal alternatives?

    • FuboTV
    • DStv Now
    • BeIN Sports
    • Optus Sport
    • NBC Sports
    • SkySports
    • Fox Sports
    • FirstrowSports
    • Wiziwig
    • Stream East

What happened to hesgoal?>

Hesgoal got shut down in 2017 due to multiple copyright infringement lawsuits that were filed against the service and its users. Despite the official website not existing anymore, its many alternatives used for streaming sports still remain active to this day.

What happens if I get caught while watching hesgoal and its alternatives?

In most cases, you will receive a warning from your internet service provider (ISP) if they detect you carrying out such activities on their network. They might also terminate your subscription or suspend it temporarily altogether depending upon the situation. This is why using services like VPNs are essential for avoiding such issues.

Is hesgoal down?

Yes, the official website of Hesgoal is closed and no longer operational due to legal reasons. Nonetheless, some of its alternatives mentioned in this article can give you a comparable experience with added safety & security measures too.

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