21 Hero Forge Alternatives for 2023- Stop Settling For Less in Your Gaming Experiences

Hero Forge is a 3D design software that allows users to customize their own miniatures. It has various features such as virtual painting, material selection, pose customization, etc.

Though it’s a great way of creating and personalizing miniatures easily, there are many other alternatives available when one wants different options.

Hero Forge Classic

Tips to Choose Safe Hero Forge Alternatives:

When selecting alternatives for hero forge, it is important to check the safety and privacy policies of each platform thoroughly before committing.

It’s also a good idea to cross-reference reviews and community feedback on each alternative in order to better understand which one would be best suited for individual needs.

Additionally, looking into features such as mobile compatibility, loading speed, captions/subtitles audio descriptions, etc., can help narrow down the choices further.

Best Eldritch Foundry Alternatives:

Eldritch Foundry

Eldritch Foundry is a 3D miniatures creation and printing service that offers full customization along with pre-made models from various genres such as fantasy, horror, steampunk, and sci-fi.

It also has an extensive library of posable characters and monsters for creating RPG sessions easily.

Its affordable pricing options make it accessible to casual gamers without breaking their budget. Some noteworthy features are its easy export of digital files for self-printing and virtual tabletop integration for easily migrating gaming worlds.

Best Thingiverse Alternatives:


Thingiverse is a great platform to find models suitable for 3D printing from one of the biggest creative communities in the 3D design world. It covers fields ranging from art and collections to robotics, education, home improvement projects, etc., all completely free to download with proper attribution requirements met.

The extensive list of software programs it supports makes it very friendly for users who are new or experienced in using 3D design.

Best Desktop Hero Alternatives:

Desktop Hero

Desktop Hero is a great option for gamers looking to customize 3D miniatures and create their own RPG sessions with the vast library of character models available on its platform. With an automated rule-checking system, it eliminates many guesswork generally involved in designing legal characters as per gaming rules.

It also has tons of options such as real-time rendering and dynamic lighting effects along with prebuilt scripts which makes creating realistic scenarios much easier than with a conventional approach.

Best Anvl Alternatives:


AnVL is a great choice for 3D printing as it allows users to customize their own 3D printed models from its rather extensive library of over 200 design materials.

It offers unique features such as the ability to add animation and movement quickly, making customizing user experiences even easier than before and adding an extra layer of intrigue to the gaming world setup.

Additionally, they offer free shipping charges on orders above $100 along with easy file-sharing options.

Best Hero Mini Maker Alternatives:

Hero Mini Maker is a great choice for those looking to create characters and monsters quickly as it has pre-made character customization available in a huge range of genres such as Fantasy, Horror, etc.

It offers extensive POS options that make creating poses much easier than before and also allows users to export HD 3D prints with the minimal manual effort required.

Additionally, they come up with fresh new model updates every week keeping the platform dynamic and creative at all times.

Best Cults Alternatives:

Cults is a massively popular 3D printing repository with designs ranging from art and architecture to robotics, interior design, and much more.

It’s also great for those looking for RPG materials as it has options for customizing characters or even designing your own armor sets and weapons.

The download library comes absolutely free with a complete list of cutting material ranges applicable to each particular model while sharing remains easy thanks to the integration options available.

Best Creature Caster Alternatives:

Creature Caster

Creature Caster is a one-stop destination for top-notch quality resin materials, miniature color sprays, and accessories in a wide range of genres such as SciFi, Fantasy, etc.

All models come with preassembled parts while providing easy access to 3D printing through various platforms.

Additionally, particle airbrushing techniques along with the texture options reduce manual intervention drastically by allowing automated transfer of decals and detailed designs while the helpful tips section makes things easier still further.

Best TitanCraft Alternatives:

TitanCraft is a great platform if you’re looking to create imposing models with added detailing and weight. All it offers comes at quite affordable prices while providing options of customizing characters or even designing your own weapons, coins, tokens, etc.,

With excellent power tools such as drill presses, and metal saws this makes creating lifelike miniatures much easier than ever before. The rigid polyurethane used to cast these models ensures durability that would last for many years.

Best MakeTabletop Alternatives:


MakeTabletop is an extremely comprehensive 3D design software that offers a wide range of features that would allow rapid prototyping without extensive background knowledge.

With the integrated custom sculpting options this platform makes character creations easier than ever before while adding different layers like texture, coloring, and lighting with its slick user interface to create amazing virtual gaming scenarios.


The export library also ensures easy import in pretty much all third-party software.

Best PCGen Alternatives:


PCGen is a great software for customizing models without extensive coding knowledge as it offers an expansive library that allows users to drag and drop different parts in order to create their own characters instead of starting from scratch.

Other features also include script writing wherein new user interface designs can be generated by typing basic commands within a few seconds, making the entire miniature creation process much easier.

Best Hero Forge 2.0 Alternatives:

Hero Forge 2.0

Hero Forge 2.0 is a great choice for those looking to create detailed miniatures that come alive with the help of features like prebuilt scripts, full-body pose adjustments, and dynamic lighting effects.

Furthermore, multiple export options ensure easy transfer from one platform to another while easily creating organized mini-galleries in order to showcase these models online with 3D printing-ready files included as well.

Best MyMiniFactory Alternatives:

MyMiniFactory is an amazing repository offering a complete range of 3D models from genres such as fantasy, anatomy, nature, etc. It also has access to a huge collection of STL files along with full-color formats for downloading and using in any 3D design software.

Its accessibility offline is another great feature that makes creating models easier even when an internet connection would not be available due to certain circumstances.

Best RollAdvantage Alternatives:


RollAdvantage is a great option if you’re after templates while creating your own RPG tokens, coins, and other items from scratch. It offers options like printing via a web browser, which is both time-saving and cost-effective as well.

Additionally, it supports integration with other third-party platforms such as Github for making things easier when modifying in bulk.

Best Hero Machine Alternatives:

Hero Machine

HeroMachine is a great software for customizing characters without any coding knowledge required as it comes equipped with thousands of prebuilt components to allow users to drag and drop different parts in order to create their own models quickly.

Coupled with video tutorials that are available to help those getting started and plug-ins for the most popular image editors makes this platform a great choice for those looking to do something creative online.

Best D&D Beyond Alternatives:

D&D Beyond

D&D Beyond is a fantastic software program that allows users to customize miniatures while keeping track of progression, game events, and much more, all in one place. It also offers a huge library of content including designs from various genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, and horror.

Character Sheet integration is available while the flexibility of this program’s scripting capabilities rounds up what is an extremely well-crafted platform for creating impressive models.

Best Roll20 Alternatives:


Roll20 allows users to access huge libraries for character creation within its convenient login portal, thus eliminating much of the guesswork that generally occurs during model designing.

It also features various features such as two-player mode, dynamic lighting effects, and automated rule checking which provides a secure gaming environment for players to avoid any misunderstandings or incidents that could lead to disputes.

Best Hero Forge Classic Alternatives:

Hero Forge Classic

Hero Forge Classic is a great option if you want access to the free library of ready-made models while having full customization on their material, pose, paint, and render them as per your needs.

It also has an interactive user interface along with providing tutorial videos which make learning the platform easier than ever before.

Additionally, they offer online community forums where users can share tips and ideas, making the platform dynamic and alive.

Best Tinkercad Alternatives:


Tinkercad is a great software if you’re after models with a maximum level of customization accompanied by an easy user interface that takes no background knowledge to get started.

It has options for standard 3D printing materials along with offering choices from a vast range of genres such as nature, art, and fantasy which makes creating fluid ever-changing gaming worlds even easier.

Best SketchUp Free Alternatives:

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is a powerful 3D modeling program that provides a vast range of tools for creating activity-filled gaming environments such as props, buildings, and characters.

It allows users to import models from other software platforms for making further alterations while also using pre-made components in order to create scenes quickly without having extensive knowledge about coding. Additionally, it has an extensive list of tutorials available online which makes things even easier yet again.

Best Blender Alternatives:


Blender is an open-source 3D design software with tools that allow users to create models in different genres such as anime, fantasy, sci-fi, and horror.

It offers a plethora of features suitable for both top-notch professionals looking to make ambitious projects or even newcomers trying their hands on something new.

Additionally, it has compatibility features with the most popular software platforms making things easier still further.

Best Tabletop Simulation Alternatives:

Tabletop Simulation

Tabletop Simulator is great if you want freedom from the headaches of game mastering as it comes with lots of premium features like a physics engine and dynamic lighting effects. Additionally, the multiplayer option allows players to have their own rule sets for interaction thereby making the process easier yet again.

Moreover, various scripting capabilities ensure creative ways to play with different gaming scenarios that wouldn’t be possible in real-world settings.

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming:

Online streaming is a great way to access content while also keeping safe at the same time with the help of a VPN.

It allows users to browse safely even while using torrenting and P2P without letting their IP address reveal any kind of personal information that could lead to problems in the future.

Moreover, it also helps reduce various bandwidth restrictions thereby allowing you full access no matter where you are located geographically.

NordVPN Pros and Cons:

NordVPN includes features like multi-login, zero log policy, content streaming optimization & wide range of server locations around the world which all make it a superior choice over other VPNs.

However, its features also come at an expensive price with an average yearly package ranging from $4 to 6$ in comparison to those who offer the same level of service for around 2.5- 3$.


At the end of this guide, we can clearly see that there are lots of alternatives available when it comes to customizing 3D models for miniatures and RPG gaming experiences.

All these platforms come with their own list of features and criteria which helps you choose what best works for your need while making sure all data remains safe from unauthorized access.

It is advisable to surf each platform carefully before committing so that you find exactly what will make creating Worldscapes an enjoyable experience.

Hero Forge FAQs:

A. Yes, Hero Forge is a legal website and all custom models are created within the limits provided by the applicable laws pertaining to copyright infringement and trademark regulations as well.

Q. How Safe is the hero forge Site?

A. Hero Forge has robust security measures in place to protect your data and ensure that all models are created within the bounds of legal copyright regulations. All payments made or information shared is safe and encrypted while they also offer a two-step authentication process for added safety precautions.

Q. Which are the top hero forge Alternatives?

A. Some popular alternatives to Hero Forge include Eldritch Foundry, Thingiverse, Desktop Hero, AnVL, and Hero Mini Maker to name a few.

Q. What happened to hero forge?

A. In June of 2019, Hero Forge was acquired by website-building company Weebly where it set up shop in order to continue work on the platform. The new team improved upon existing features such as automating scale units while also ensuring that customer queries get answered promptly in comparison to before.

Q. What happens if I get caught while watching hero forge and its alternatives?

A. The copyright infringement laws applicable in your jurisdiction will be applicable during such a situation. It is advisable to contact an attorney for a better understanding of the exact scenario you’re facing as certain cases can differ from one another depending on where you live and the degree of severity if any.

Q. Is hero forge Down?

A. Yes, currently there are some reports stating issues with Hero Forge being down or inaccessible however this seems like a temporary issue that could be resolved shortly.

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