Harry Potter Wizard United now available in a total of 147 countries in iOS platforms

Harry Potter Wizard United is finally available for the iOS platform. This game will be available in a total of 147 countries. People staying in those countries can enjoy the games downloading directly from the application store. The application is ready to be downloaded from the App Store. The Pokémon Go was a huge success in the year 2017.

Niantic has again released a stable version of their game Harry Potter Wizard United in the iOS platform. Testing of the game has been going on for a long period of time but somehow the game can reach a stable position which ended up delaying the release of the game in iOS platform. People have been waiting a long time to play this game in their iOS devices for a long period of time. Now that the game is available you can simply download it and enjoy from your App Store.

If you are very into augmented reality gaming, then it is time for you to install the game and get started. In a recent announcement, Niantic along with WB Games announced that they will be releasing the iOS version of the game and will be available in the App Store. Some of the counties in which the game released were the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada. There were other European countries which released the game which include Sweden, Norway, Germany, Ireland, and France. There are other countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines were the game was also released.

A spokesperson of Niantic said that:

“This game will be released in most of the countries but there are some counties which are left out. Since augmented reality gaming is something people are very into this is the type of game the company is working in.”

It is very important for you to first figure out if the game is available in your country then once you have figured that out you can simply go ahead and install the game from your iOS App Store.

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