Happy Pongal 2020: Images, GIF, Pictures, HD Photos, WhatsApp DP & Profile

Happy Pongal Images, GIF, Pictures, HD Photos WhatsApp DP & Profile 2020: Festivals in India come not just with the celebration, but also with a lot of Happy Pongal 2020 wishes and greetings. We live in a digital world and thus we are privileged to use our mobile phones and internet services to share Happy Pongal wishes and greetings through various means such as messages, GIFs, wallpapers and quotes. Earlier people used to travel long distances to greet their close ones on the occasion of Pongal. This would prevent them from reaching everyone they wished to meet on that day. Today, one can just click on their phones to connect to their friends and relatives. 

Moreover, just talking on the phone is not enough to show special love towards each other. We need to make some special effort by making some greetings card and wishing them with such. Both the ways online and offline can be used for making greetings cards and message cards. Now, the problem that we face is how to get the ideas and materials for the greeting cards. Several websites on the internet like Fixthephoto.com that have a huge number of Happy Pongal 2020 images and pictures for such purposes. 

Happy Pongal 2020: Images, GIF, Pictures, HD Photos, WhatsApp DP & Profile

Happy Pongal Images

Importance of sending Happy Pongal wishes 

Happy Pongal

Even if you have a scarcity of time due to your busy schedule or some office work, you could directly send the Happy Pongal 2020 GIFs that would serve the purpose of the greetings card and make your friend remember you as well. You can choose from a variety of designs and templates available. If you want to gift a handmade card, you can get the ideas from these websites as well. Let us try to know the importance of sending messages and GIFs and putting on the Facebook Status and changing the DP on WhatsApp. Not just the psychology, but also the culture and traditions are reflected when we send happy wishes to others during a festival in India. 

Happy Pongal 2020 GIF

Pongal is a festival of great importance observed mostly in the South Indian states. When North India observes Makar Sankranti, on the 14th of January, South India celebrates Pongal. This day brings with itself happiness and prosperity into our life. There is a culture of exchanging gifts and wishes on this day. People are seen changing their WhatsApp DP to an attractive Happy Pongal 2020 photos wishing everyone the prosperity and peace through it. People are busy selecting the most attractive wallpapers and photos for themselves. They know the importance of sharing wishes and showing concern for their friends. 

Happy Pongal 2020 Images

Happy Pongal GIF for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Pongal GIF


Happy Pongal GIF for Whatsapp

Happy Pongal Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Pongal Images

How to decide what kind of photos would be better for Happy Pongal DP?

Happy Pongal Images for Whatsapp

Every festival brings with itself a joy in which we want to live our life to the fullest. We try to share our joy with others. We adopt various ways to do so. The most common thing that one does is to send happy wishes to others via various modes. Some people visit and hug. Someone who cannot visit, send their gifts through the parcel. Some people are far away from us or whom we cannot meet and treat due to lack of time. We send them our good wishes through an electronic message, GIFs, and other similar kinds of greetings. The importance of having these modes of sharing love has made it easier for us to be in harmony with our friends and relatives who are far or near us. 

Happy Pongal Photos

Happy Pongal Photos

There are so many different websites that cater to beautiful and attractive photos and wallpapers for putting them as your DP and Status on the various social media you daily use. It becomes, thus, important to select the best one which is unique in its way. The difficulty of digital India is that if one wishes Happy Pongal 2020 with a poster downloaded from a certain source. There are maximum chances that many others would have the same poster in their DP. To avoid this monotonicity, one must choose judiciously by spending time over the research through different sources on the internet. It would be best to get the ideas from more than two sites and create your greeting card or wallpaper wishing a prosperous Pongal. 

Happy Pongal Pictures

Happy Pongal Pictures

Why is the story behind the festival – Pongal 

Happy Pongal 2020

The Happy Pongal 2020 pictures would be used, for expressing awareness mixed in happiness, on various social media, by the people, on the 14th of January, 2020. Pongal is celebrated to pay homage to our Sun God and praise Him for His love and blessings to us. It is observed on the occasion of the first harvest of rice. The boiled rice and lentils are offered to the Sun God on this day. One might find the greeting cards printed with the pictures of the Sun and the paddy. People have boiled rice with lentils in their meals on this day. Pongal is a four days festival.

The GIFs and the photos are a symbol that shows your affection towards both the tradition of the festival, Pongal and the friends to whom you wish prosperity through these gifts and quotes on this day. It is the beauty of these digital platforms that we can harness our relationship in this busy world. The photos and images of the Sun God with the offering of boiled rice and lentils shows the closeness and respect that humans pay to Nature. The rangolis are made with colourful shades from flowers on Pongal. We could also find such things in the greetings card or the DP. 

Happy Pongal Whatsapp DP & Profile

Happy Pongal DP

How this day is so important that it has been the tradition of our country since time immemorial to celebrate it in a typical way? This day marks the entry of the Sun into the 10th house, the Makar or the Capricorn, of the Zodiac system of India. We would be fascinated by observing people use Happy Pongal 2020 DP on this day throughout the country and especially in the southern part of India. 

The 14th of January, 2020 would be observed as the festival of prosperity and life that comes with the Sun’s energy. People would greet each other, exchange their wishes through any means. The four-day festival would be celebrated with joy and happiness. One could observe the DPs and profile photos showing the Happy Pongal wishes and messages and spreading love everywhere. One could select as many varieties of pictures and GIFs from the internet as they wish. 

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