Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Images, GIF, DP to share with Mom, Wife, Sister, Mother in law via Whatsapp & Facebook

Mother is an integral part of a family and if you are not having respect for your mother in your eyes and heart, then you are not a real human. The day is coming on 10th May 2020 and you can do something for your mother with which she can feel special and enjoy the day solely meant to be celebrated for her. On this day people send Mother’s Day Images to their mother as well as other respected ladies of their acquaintance. Mother’s Day is not solely meant for mother, but it is for all those women whom you regard as your mother-like figure. There is a long history of this day s this day was started by Anna Jarvis. She started this day by celebrating the presence of her respected mother. She gave inspiration to all, and from that day we all are celebrating Mother’s Day every year.

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

What is Mother’s Day?

Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day similar to Father’s Day, Sibling’s Day, etc. On this day, we celebrate the presence of the mother in the family and give her respect which she deserves always. This question is very big and can’t be answered in a few words. The eminence, as well as the importance of mother in the life of anyone, can’t be described. The feeling of being a son of such a great mother is indescribable. Mother’s Day GIF can be seen on social media platforms as they went viral before the day. Generally, Mother’s Day is celebrated in the second week of May or in April. The dates of Mother’s Day may vary from country to country as there are no fixed dates for the day. In India, we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day on 10th May but in some other country, they have either celebrated the day or going to celebrate the day soon.

Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Images, GIF, DP to share with Mom, Wife, Sister, Mother in law via Whatsapp & Facebook

Mother’s Day Images

What is the significance of Mother’s Day?

Happy Mother’s Day

There is a great significance of Mother’s Day in the whole world. Almost all over the world, the day is celebrated and those who are going to celebrate the day must remember that what is the significance of the day. Without knowing the significance, there will be no value of the celebration. Eating and enjoying should be there on the day but not given prominence to this only. 

The celebration has been organized for the grand lady of the house. When Anna Jarvis observed this day for her mother a hundred years ago, everybody was mocking at her. At that time, the status of women was not less than a maid or servant. After the praiseworthy initiative of Anna Jarvis, the whole world understood her motive and join their hands to help her literally. We all are celebrating Mother’s Day not for Anna Jarvis, but the happiness of our mother. You can put the Mother’s Day DP and declare your love for your mother openly. 

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Happy Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Whatsapp

Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Whatsapp


Happy Mother’s Day Images

Mother’s Day 2020 Images

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Position of Mother in the society

Happy Mother’s Day 2020

We also celebrate Women’s Day for the celebration of the presence of women in society. We all know that most of the countries are still male-dominated and women are suffering from the problems of patriarchy. There is a slight difference in Mother’s Dy and Women’s Day as Mother’s Day is celebrated for the mother of society. That mother who is responsible for every good and bad for the family. That mother is responsible for the welfare of the family. You can download and see Mother’s Day Images for Whatsapp that what it is depicting. You will see a mother holding a baby in her arms and protecting from every danger of the world. This is one of the best representations of Mother’s Day. Women’s Day is universal and it is celebrated for the presence of womenfolk or feminine gender on this earth. They have emerged from the stagnation of a long year of oppression and victimization. 

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Happy Mother’s Day 2020: GIF, Animation & Glitters for Whatsapp & Facebook



Happy Mother's Day GIF


Mother's Day 2020 GIF


Mother's Day Animation

Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Mom

Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Mom


Mother’s Day Images for Mom

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How do we celebrate Mother’s Day?

Mothers Day 2020

Mother’s Day is celebrated in many ways as people have different ways and manners of celebrating the day for their dear mother. There are a large number of people in the world who arrange something special for the day so that their mother can feel special on the day and feel blessed to be a mother. The population of such dull and disheartened people are also there in this world who are completely silent on the day as if they don’t know anything about the day. They need to understand the importance as well as the significance of mothers in the family. Not much, but at least you can give relaxation to your mother on the day. This will not cost you anything but can affect your mother a lot as she will feel special and great. These small things can be very helpful and effective to anybody and we must do anything as Mother and Father are a live form of God on this earth.  

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Mother’s Day HD Images

Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Wife

Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Wife


Mother’s Day Images for Wife


Mother’s Day 2020 Images for Wife

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Happy Mother’s Day 2020: Whatsapp DP & Facebook Profile Picture

Mother’s Day DP


Mothers Day Whatsapp DP

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The date of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day 2020 HD Images

Mother’s Day is going to be celebrated on 10th May 2020. The dates may vary from place to place as in many countries the date of Mother’s Day can be in May or they have already celebrated the day in April. Almost fifty and more countries are observing the day and some of them are announcing a public holiday on the day. We must not forget that mother is a valuable gift of the god whom God has given to all living beings. Generally, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as Mother’s Day in the whole world.

If you are also willing to do something special for our mother this Mother’s Day, then you can get the best ideas of celebration from anywhere. If you will do such types of things, then surely your mother will not be able to forget this moment till her lifetime. This will become her best moment of life which she would cherish with herself forever. This Mother’s Day, do something special and memorable for your mother and let her feel special in every possible manner.   

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Mother’s Day Photo Gallery

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