Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January

Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January: Lohri is one of the most awaited North Indian festivals. Lohri is celebrated on the 13th of January every year. this festival comes with charm and fun where everyone takes part in it holistically. Children enjoy the day and their happiness knew no bounds when they come to know that they are going to receive a lot of gifts and food items from their parents and neighbors. Every year special arrangement is done and this year too Happy Lohri 2020 will be celebrated with the same gusto and energy. 

There is no need to provide evidence about the level of energy inside everybody. The special holiday is declared for this day and people of almost all the religions take part in it whole-heartedly. This festival is celebrated mostly by Sikhs and Hindus. The day when Lohri is celebrated signifies that there is the end of the winter and lord Sun will shower his mercy on the people. People worship lord Sun and welcome him again after a long gap of winters. Rabi crops are harvested and farmers enjoy their first harvesting of the season. 

Happy Lohri 2020 Images, GIF, HD Pictures, Photos, Whatsapp DP to share on 13th January

Happy Lohri Images

The celebration of Lohri is incomplete without the wishes of elders and youngsters. People send greetings and good wishes to each other for their prosperity and wellness. 

Images for Lohri 2020

Happy Lohri

We all are living in a world that is completely running with the aid of social networking sites. Life has been easier with all these things so there is no need to put extra efforts while sending good wishes to nearer and dearer. People send Happy Lohri Images to each other and celebrate the day with gusto and zest. 

Happy Lohri


Images of Lohri contain the picture of the new year, harvesting fields and especially the picture of the traditional drum which is the repute of the Punjabis. They are live and vibrant people. Celebration in their home is worth watching. They dance on the beats of the drum and they rock the floor. Images can be of that sort too. The celebration needs no caption as the name Lohri is enough to arise curiosity inside the heart of anyone. 

Wish with Lohri images

Happy Lohri 2020

On the day of Lohri, lots of greetings and messages are exchanged between relatives, friends and family members. People use WhatsApp to wish their nearby and relatives with best wishes and greetings. Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp can be seen everywhere as everybody is busy sending images via WhatsApp to each other. Images of Lohri come with heart charming views like they contain such things that rob the heart. Images can be self-created or they can be downloaded from the internet. On the day of the festival, the inbox of almost all the WhatsApp users is filled with images of Lohri. The way they express their feelings for each other is simply exquisite. 

Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Lohri Images for Whatsapp

Wish in an attractive manner

Happy Lohri 2020 GIF

One of the most attractive ways to wish people and relatives on the day of Lohri is GIF. A lot of GIFs will be exchanged that day and it will be an attractive wish for your friends and family members. You can download Happy Lohri GIF from anywhere and forward it to your nearer and dearer. GIF is trending everywhere, and especially on social networking sites for their attractive and fascinating way of representing the message. There is no need to mention anything extra if you had already sent the GIF to anyone. GIF is enough to convey your message of health and prosperity to your friends and relatives. 

Happy Lohri GIF for Whatsapp & Facebook

Happy Lohri GIF

Pictures for Lohri

Lohri GIF

The day of Lohri is busy, everybody is busy in executing their plans they have fixed prior Lohri. They share Happy Lohri Pictures on that day or prior the day to teach others for best wishes and greetings. Their joy knew no bounds and they express their bursting emotions via pictures. The most fascinating thing about this festival is that people celebrate this together with and they take pictures with each other so that they can cherish it long. Pictures come with memories and lots of things that are beyond imagination. Harmony can be seen on the day of Lohri as everybody celebrates the worshipping of God Sun together with their family or relatives. Neighbors also join at some places and the scene is completely mesmerizing when families come together to celebrate the day by forgetting all pangs and miseries of the past.

Happy Lohri Animation

Happy Lohri Animation

Happy Lohri Pictures

Happy Lohri Pictures

Photos for memories

Lohri Photos

The most amazing moment during any celebration or festival is all about clicking photos. Clicking photos speak aloud that unity is the biggest thing in this world. After clicking photos with each other, people share Happy Lohri Photos so that others too can feel the same gusto as the sender is feeling then. Children, adults, old members of the family come together and then clicks photos as a token of celebration. Moments of photo sessions can’t be forgotten and they cherish it long. Lohri is celebrated every year, but still, some of the members fail to attend the grand celebration, that’s why photos are clicked so that those living in distant places can have the look of the celebration.

Happy Lohri Photos

Happy Lohri Photos

Display picture of Lohri

The festival is celebrated by all in their style and manner. Some celebrate it by singing and dancing, some celebrate it by eating and enjoying the company, etc. Some of the interested people put Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP for the sake of their passion. Putting such DP adds gusto inside the heart of those who are watching it. 

Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP

Happy Lohri Whatsapp DP

The month of January is one of the great day for Sikhs and Hindu people as they enjoy this day with complete passion and enthusiasm. There are no words to express their air of excitement and the evening of the celebration can’t be described in words and it is beyond description. People celebrate this day by remembering lord Sun and by thanking him for appearing again to shower his mercy and blessing to all. The festival of Lohri brings happiness and prosperity to all. This is the festival, which is celebrated by all without any problem.

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