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Happy Friendship Day 2019: Messages & SMS to share with Best Friends, Lovers, GF, BF, Sister, Brother



Friendship Day Messages

A friend is such a person who has a special role in everyone’s life. It starts right from the toddler period and continues till the last day of our life. So it can be easily assumed about the importance or role of friends in our life. Time may change and the situations may also change as we grow up but the relationship must never change. It should always be the same in every stages of life. It may happen that in each stage there may be different issues and problems but the role of friend in your life should always be the same. It should rather be static in each time.

Happy Friendship Day 2019: Messages & SMS to share with Best Friends, Lovers, GF, BF, Sister, Brother on 4th August

Friendship Day Messages

Messages that can definitely bring a smile in your face in this Friendship day 2019:

Friends are always important in our life but it is the Friendship day that comes once in a year and it is during this time when you can express to your friend how important he is in your life. Thus by sharing some good friendship day messages in this special day can be a great way of celebrating the day. It is the perfect opportunity when you can make them realize how important they are in your life. Never allow those people to step away from your life on mere issues. Try to solve it immediately. In fact, good messages always have a good effect on human life. Try to create some good and meaning messages or download it from other websites that creates such messages. 

For all the lovely and wonderful moments
That we have spent together,
Here is wishing many more wonderful moments to come
Happy friendship day 2019 to you!


A friend gets happy on your past
Makes your present a moment to live by
And makes your future look so bright
This is to my best friend forever,
I love you so much
Happy friendship day 2019 to you!


Friendship is certainly not about
A single day or a moment
It is a connection of two hearts
That will stay forever in life
Your friendship truly means a lot
So a loving thanks from my side,
Happy Friendship Day 2019 to you!


Each relation may change in life
But friendship always remains the same
Does not sees the person
And does not sees the blame
As so pure and it’s so rear
I know my friend is always there
Happy friendship’s day 2019 to you!

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Happy Friendship Day Messages 2019

Happy Friendship Day Messages

Friendship is the ray of light,
It is the most beautiful sight,
Friendship is a real gem,
Which shines forever and never ends,
Happy friendship day 2019!


Friendship is about sharing good vibes
Sharing good memories all through life
A little nagging with lots of fun
Some weird moments with lots of buns
Friends are for life and that is true
With you it feels so awesome and new,
Happy friendship day 2019!


This friendship day, I just want to
Thank you my best friend forever
For being there along the way
For wishing me well each day
Your friendship means a lot to me
It is the only pure thing to see
Happy Friendship Day 2019 to you!

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Friendship Day Love Messages 2019

Best Friends Forever Wishes for Friendship Day 2019

A friend like you is so very special
A friend like you is so real
Can’t express it more coz I am so lucky
To have found a friend like you,
My bestie I love you
Happy friendship day 2019!


Friendship is the power in life,
Which make things really great?
Having a good friend in life,
Is also a thing of fate,
Thank you my friend for being there,
Happy friendship day 2019!


Friendship is a promise between two people
To stay together in every condition
To be together in every situation of life
Friendship is a true promise to stay
Thanks for everything my friend
Happy Friendship Day 2019!

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Happy Friendship Day 2019 SMS

Friendship Day SMS

A friend is someone who can understand you
Someone you can trust on
Someone you can just depend on,
That is you my friend,
Thanks for everything that you have done
I really adore you for that,
Happy friendship day 2019!


Friendship has all the right ingredients
Of love, respect, trust and faith
Getting a true friend in life
Is truly a matter of fate
Thank you for always being there
Thank you for showing that you care
You are simply the best
Happy Friendship Day 2019 to you!


I think I get along with you
Like the house on fire
You are my best friend forever
I confide my hidden desire
The freedom that I have with you
I do not feel it with anyone else
Thanks a lot my friend
Happy Friendship day 2019 to you!


What a wonderful day it was
When I first got to know you
Since then the journey has been great
Our friendship is amazing all through
In thick and thin of time
You have been there all the while
Happy Friendship Day 2019 to you


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Try some good SMS in this friendship day 2019:

friendship day sms 2019

It is said that friends are those who are partners of crime in your childhood days. They are the one who can really understand you and your mental conditions. So let’s celebrate this Friendship day with some wonderful friendship day SMS. They can be the right way to celebrate the day. When you are small you can always spend time with your lovely friend, but as you grow up and had to leave the house due to higher studies or jobs then you are totally detached from your friend. In such a situation, it is only the message or SMS that can connect both of you. It is through these modes that both of you can remain attached. So try to create good short messages that carry good remarks and meaning at the same time. It will really be a nice matter to share such things with your friend that have a positive effect on both mind and soul.

Friend with you every selfie looks awesome
With you there is a connection of soul
Something that lasts forever
There is surely an important role
Friendship is above everything
Above every goal
Happy friendship’s day 2019 to you


I think I get along with you
Like the house on fire
You are my best friend forever
I confide my hidden desire
The freedom that I have with you
I do not feel it with anyone else
Thanks a lot my friend
Happy Friendship day 2019 to you!


True friends are like soul of life,
Without them it is tough to strive,
Thanks my friend for always being there,
With you life is awesome I swear,
A very happy friendship day 2019


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Happy Friendship Day 2019 Messages for Best Friends & Bestie

Friendship Day Messages for Best Friends & Bestie

The sweetest of joys
The loveliest of flowers
The melodist of songs
Can’t compare to the beauty and
Specialness in our FRIENDSHIP
Happy Friendship Day 2019


Friends are never old in life
And friends and never new
Friends may be so many
And friends may be a few
But I am so lucky to have a
Best friend like you
Happy friendship’s day 2019 to you!


You are the sweetest friend that anyone can have.
Thank you for coming into my life
And making it brighter with your friendship.
Hope we always stay together.

Wish You Happy Friendship Day 2019


Friends are light in the darkness of the night,
Friends are that rare pretty sight,
With a friend sitting close to you,
You always feel alright,
You always feel bright,
Happy friendship day 2019 my friend!


For all the love and happiness in life,
For all the things that have got to strive
I know you are always there for me
For that I appreciate you to thee,
Thanks my honey bunny cutie friend,
Happy friendship day 2019!


Friend means:
F: Free from all formalities
R: Right to say anything
I: Ideal companion
E: Either good or bad
N: No sorry no thanks
D: Dear to dearest one

Happy Friendship Day 2019


Look Outside its So Pleasant!
Sun Smiling 4 U !
Trees Dancing 4 U !
Birds Singing 4 U !
Bcuz, I Asked Them All 2 Wish You

A Happy Friendship Day to You

Friendship Day Wishes for Brother & Sister

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Happy Friendship Day Messages for Lovers

Friendship Day Messages for Lovers

When friendship blends with love, you get the most special relationships. Just like you and me together. With lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Friendship Day 2019.


Friendship is not about fights
But the laugh after the same
Friendship is not about the blame
But, remembering the name,
Friendship is sweet just like you
I can call you mine and lovely too,
Happy friendship day 2019!


You have touched my heart as my lover but you have touched my soul as a friend. The two most beautiful relationships and there is just one person who defines them for me and that is you. A very Happy Friendship Day 2019 to you.

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Friendship Day Messages 2019 for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Friendship Day Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

“To my dear girlfriend, your love has filled my life with much happier moments of celebrating together. My friendship with you grew with time and turned into this sweet love relationship we cherish together.”


I admit I will not be the perfect friend.
I will not be good.
May not make you smile sometimes,
But one thing I admit I can do.
Be the first person could be for you.

Happy Friendship Day Honey


I am blessed to have a friend like you. I feel so protected when you are there around me. Love you forever, dear friend.


The beauty of our relationship lies in having understanding like the best of the buddies and romance like a perfect couple. You make me complete. Happy Friendship Day 2019 my love.


Friendship is not about finding similarities,
It is about respecting differences.
You are not my friend coz you are like me,
But because I accept you and respect you the way you are

Happy Friendship Day 2019 My Love


“I love you. I trust you. And I will never let you go…. These are the three things that define my love and my friendship with you. Happy Friendship Day 2019 to the love of my life.”


Our friendship bond is one of the most important relationships for me. You know me so well and that is I really love you. I hope your presence always exists in my life.


Friendship Day is happy because you are there with me each and every day, each and every moment to love me and support me. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day 2019 my love.


If kisses were water, I will give you the sea.
If hugs were leaves, I will give you a tree.
If you love a planet, I will give you a galaxy.
If friendship is life I will give you mine.

Happy Friendship Day My Love!


I hate Friendship Day because
All your other friends wish you too.
I want an exclusive Friendship Day
For just me and you,
When I can tell you how much I love you

Happy Friendship Day 2019 My Sweetheart


“Dear cute girlfriend, your love has made my life much beautiful than before. We started as good friends the moment we met and with time developed our relationship into this beautiful bonding called love. I am very happy to have you in my life.”

Friendship Day Love Wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

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Friendship Day Messages for Sister & Brother

Friendship Day Messages for Sister & Brother

To the sweetest sister who was my first friend and who has always been my best friend. I wish you all the happiness and smiles my dear. Wishing you Happy Friendship Day 2019.


With a brother like you, I never felt the need of a friend because I knew you will always be there for me, supporting me, listening to my crap but still loving me unconditionally.. Sending you best wishes on Friendship Day 2019 brother.


With I was surrounded with dullness, when negativity had taken over me. I had you, holding my hand, motivating me through all the bad times. Happy Friendship Day 2019 to the best sister.

It is strongly believed that friends are those who can pick you in tough times and even they are not able to pick you, then they will also lie with you before the issue. It really feels proud to go through these words that have such a strong significance. Friendship day is celebrated with that person who is always with you in both hard and happy times. You should always try to celebrate this day in a special manner so that it can be remembered by your crime partner. 

Romantic Friendship Day Love Messages for Wife & Husband

Romantic Friendship Day Love Messages for Wife & Husband

Friendship is the most precious relationship in this world and I am so lucky to have my husband as my best friend… It has been a beautiful journey of love and friendship with you and I am sure many more lovely memories await us….. Happy Friendship Day 2019.


In my dreams, we were never apart.
In my dreams you kept me close.
In my dreams you loved me the most.
In my dreams we’re always together.
Might as well be dreaming forever.

I Love You So Much


Life is easier when you have a partner but life is happier when you have a friend…. I am a lucky man who is always smiling and happy because I have found my best friend in my sweet wife and together we will make it the most beautiful life….. A very Happy Friendship Day 2019.


On the occasion of Friendship Day 2019, I want to thank you for not just loving me as a partner but also for respecting me, offering me the best of your support and giving me all the freedom I wanted….. Best wishes to the best husband on Friendship Day 2019.

Friendship Day 2019 Wishes

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