Happy Diwali 2019

Diwali is recognized as one of the big festivals in India. India is a land of diversity. People celebrate various types of occasions throughout the year. However, Diwali is the main festival for many people. Many people eagerly wait for this festival throughout the year. You can also know about this festival in various Sanskrit texts. 

Deepavali 2019

The early texts mention the celebration of Diwali. However, there are ample reasons for celebrating this festival. It is said that Diwali is celebrated for the victory of the right over the wrong. There was a grand celebration of fireworks on the return of Lord Rama from exile. For some Diwali is celebrated on the killing Asura by Lord Krishna, Satyabhama and Goddess Kali. Different texts mention different facts on Diwali. It mainly varies from person to person. Check here, Happy Diwali 2019: Deepavali Quotes, Greetings, Captions & Thoughts.

Happy Diwali 2019

Happy Diwali 2019

Celebration among various religions:

It should be also mentioned in this context that Diwali is celebrated not only by the Hindus but it is also celebrated by the Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, and other religions. Thus, it indicates that the festival has wide acceptance and importance. The Jains celebrate this festival by lighting lights in front of Goddess Laxmi and worshipping her. They decorate their houses beautifully. Some of them also buy new products for their house. This is like a tradition and it is continued. 

On the other hand, Sikhs also celebrate this festival with great pomp and show. As Amritsar is a very important place in India, it is often seen that most of the Sikhs gather in the Golden Temple and celebrate their Diwali. Although Diwali is not a primary festival of Buddhists there are some Buddhists like the one who resides in the Nepalese valleys mainly celebrates this festival of lights. 

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Happy Deepavali 2019

Happy Deepavali 2019

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Importance of this festival:

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There are great importance and popularity of this festival. Almost all people buy new products for their house. As it is a five-day festival the first day is recognized as Dhanteras. It is during this day that all the borrowers should repay their loan amount and close the account or Khata. Now if they want they can open a new one. It mostly depends on the person. People also buy various types of silver and gold ornaments and utensils during this period. It is said to be a very holy thing. Even people gift good gifts to each other on this day. This is a very common ritual that is found in many places.

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Other rituals of Diwali:

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The second day of this festival is termed as Choti Diwali. There are many stories about this day. It is said that Lord Krishna along with Satyabhama and Goddess Kali killed Asura. With this, people worship Goddess Kali on this second. She is said to be a woman who has immense power. It also reveals the fact that the truth will always win over the false. This is a proven fact and it should always be appreciated. Goddess Kali is worshipped only for one day.

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Important facts about Diwali:

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The whole festival is coined as the festival of lights. This is the only reason that you will find that almost all the areas are beautifully decorated with lights. Almost all the buildings and roads get a new look. People also burst crackers. It is the festival that is very colorful and bright at the same time. People are busy buying new clothes and items. Everyone wishes to get a new look and things. Most of the people are also busy exchanging gifts with each other. This is also a very good habit. Diwali is celebrated not only in India but now it is celebrated in many foreign countries. This is a great thing that needs to be mentioned. It clearly shows the fact that the festival has gained good importance and popularity at the same time. Get the Happy Diwali 2019: Wishes for Friends, Family, Lovers, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Wife, Husband, Boss, Employees, Clients & Customers.

Happy Diwali 2019 Wallpapers

This famous festival is also very famous among kids. Most of the kids actively participate in this festival. They want to get engaged in various types of rituals that are carried out. To be very specific, it must be known to all that Rangoli is a very common affair that is done during this festival. It will be amazing to know that most of the Rangolis are done by the kids. It is a great inspiration for them. They should be also allowed to take an active part in such rituals. Thus, Diwali also teaches us the lesson of bonding. It is the festival that binds various relations and brings togetherness. 

So, let us waste no more time and join our hands together to make the festival of light a grand one. As very little time is left for the celebration, we should try to carry it out with full sincerity and honesty. 

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Happy Diwali


Happy Diwali Pictures

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