Happy Dhanteras 2019: Dhantrayodashi 2019

Dhanteras is the most auspicious event that is celebrated in the month of Ashwin. As very few days are left for this festival so people are busy making preparation. Many stories are related to this festival. It is a festival full of joy when people meet each other and exchange gifts. It is seen that many people worship Goddess Laxmi during this period. There is a tradition of buying gold and silver ornaments and utensils during this festival. No matter if the price of gold and silver is high but still people try to buy even a small part of it. 

Happy Dhanteras 2019: Dhantrayodashi 2019

Happy Dhanteras 2019

Importance of Dhanteras:

It must be known to all that Diwali is a 5-day festival and the first day is celebrated as the Dhanteras. It is mainly celebrated during the Ashwin month. It is considered to be very holy to buy any type of product such as gold, silver or various types of costumes during this period. People also buy things to gift their family members and friends. The exchange of gifts is a very common thing or affair in this case. Everyone does it as per their standard and budget.

There is a long story behind the celebration of Dhanteras. It is said that the sixteen-year-old son of King Bhima was said to lose his life on the fourth day of his marriage by snake-bite. Keeping this in mind, his wife locked every door of the room tightly. The main door locked hardly and the heap of gold and silver coin was put in front of the door so that no one can come inside. 

As the night emerged Lord Yama took the role of a snake to kill King Bhima’s son. As he came near the door, he was astonished to see the huge heap of gold and silver coins. He waits eagerly for the whole night outside the room. But could not, succeed the mission. In this way, he finally left the place as the sun came out in the morning. Finally, the princess was successful in saving the life of his husband. Right from that moment, this day was celebrated Dhanteras. Although very few people about the exact reason for celebrating Dhanteras it is the main cause of Dhanteras. Since that day people celebrate Dhanteras with great pomp and show. 

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Happy Dhanteras Wishes

Happy Dhanteras Wishes
Happy Dhanteras Wishes


Happy Dhanteras 2019 Wishes



Happy Dhanteras Wishes for Lovers, Boyfriend & Girlfriend


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Preparation of Dhanteras:

To mark this auspicious day, people clean and paint their house beautifully. They also make various types of decorations. As it is a very holy phase, most of the people indulge themselves in various types of activities. They buy new products for their house. It is the most important part of Dhanteras. You might have observed that most of the household product companies provide good discounts and offers during this period. 

The entrance of the house is decorated with lovely Rangolis. It looks very bright and colorful at the same time. Rangolis are mainly done to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. It is a great step. During the night you will find that almost all the houses are decorated beautifully with lights. It seems that we are residing in a beautiful land where there are only colorful lights. On the other hand, the lighting of diyas or candles is a common ritual that is also found during this period. 

In short, Dhanteras is a festival of lights and prosperity. The 5-day festival brings with it a lot of love and wealth at the same time. It is always special for everyone on this earth.

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Happy Dhanteras Messages

Happy Dhanteras Messages


Happy Dhanteras Messages 2019


Happy Dhanteras SMS

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Traditions of Dhanteras:

As already discussed, buying of gold and silver products is a very common affair during this period. On the other side, it is also seen that people perform Laxmi puja during this period. They perform it with full sincerity and honesty. 

Most of the shops are beautifully decorated and the customers are invited to attend the puja. They are also served with some gifts and prasad. All these things are the common affair and activities of Dhanteras. You will also find to hear various types of devotional and Bhajan songs that are sung during this period. 

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Sharing of good wishes or messages:

Happy Dhanteras Quotes

There are other parts of celebrating Dhanteras. With the invention of modern tools and devices, most of the people have indulged themselves in sending good wishes through these tools. You can also access various sites that share good messages and wishes. If you want, you can download such wonderful things from the sites and share it with your loved and dear ones. 

Apart from exchanging gifts, most people try to share good wishes with people along with gifts and sweets. It is also a wonderful concept of celebrating Dhanteras. Your good wishes always matter a lot to the people. Earlier it was very tough to share good messages and wishes to the other people. But now it is very easy and smoother before the modern man. The more you will share such messages the more they will gain importance and popularity. 

If you want, you can also compose good messages on your own. That can be the perfect way of celebrating Dhanteras. Also, you can add good pictures and images to make the message more attractive and bright. That will be a wonderful idea in this case.

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Dhanteras and its essence:

Happy Dhanteras 2019 Quotes

India is a land of diversity. Various types of festivals are celebrated in this land. Each of them has a special significance and importance. Out of this, some festivals are much more vital. Dhanteras is one such that is quite famous among people. Every year people wait eagerly for this festival. 

Dhanteras comes with a lot of colors and essence. It brings brightness and love. If you are still waiting on how to celebrate this day, then there are ample ways by which you can celebrate this day along with your friends and relatives. It will be an awesome experience. 

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