Google Maps added new features like speed traps and speed limits in more than 40 countries

Google is adding brand new features for its navigation app and Waze. The company declared that they are rolling out the capabilities like speed cameras and speed limits to the users of Google map in more than 40 different countries. An expansion of these navigation apps was launched in very few portions of the market.

Google gave a confirmation to TechCrunch about the list of the countries who are supporting this initiative. The name of those countries are U.S, U.K, India, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Bosnia, Andorra, Japan, Japan, Russia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Herzegovina, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Czechia, Jordan, Italy, Israel, Iceland, Hungary, Malta, Lithuania, Latvia, Kuwait, Netherlands, Namibia, Morocco, Portugal, Poland, Oman, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Qatar, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Sweden.

Google was not that rapid to install the best key feature of Waze into the navigation app named Google Map. It preferred google map as a big platform to help the masses to find the accurate place and the most vital was to find the businesses which were nearby.

Now the app is changing

Two weeks ago, Google had rolled out this feature to more countries. iOS and Android, both are taking place on this rollout. However, only Android users will only have permission to report about stationary and speed cameras. But iOS, as well as android both, can have the updates, while they are driving.

Speed traps will be visible on the roads as icons and the speed limit appears in the app corner.

The new update will ask the user for permission about the functionality which is available on that on Waze. But you should not care about that because the Waze (the way they select the roots and their interfaces) is a little bit complex as you are not used to it.

There were some confusions about the alerts. If the alerts would be seen when Google fails to officially come with the expansion of features. The confusion was a factor that the masses are noticing the changes as the roll out is taking place in different countries.

Waze has some issues with the alerts of speed. But Waze is considered as the best navigation application according to the crowdsource report because it has a few unique features like crashes, police ahead, gas prices, obstacles on the path like red light cameras and debris, cars are pulled over on the roadside and many more.

We know that the navigation system named google maps has a merge of Google reviews from the users and authoritative feeds.

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