Happy Good Friday 2020: Status, Whatsapp Video Status, Short & 2 Line Status to Update Story on 10th April

Good Friday is very near and preparations regarding that are also happening in the home of almost everybody. The world is all about social media right now and that’s why there is a tradition of posting things on social media. People put Good Friday Status on their Whatsapp and send good wishes to their friends and relatives. There are different types of the statue, which can be seen on the day of Good Friday. People spill their emotions and write their status with such affection and warmth that it catches the attention of the viewers and readers. Some of the users are putting a different level of status which is completely different from other users. They try to preach to us about the greatness of the day just because many of us don’t know the reality behind the day. We need to know all the things related to the day.

Happy Good Friday 2020: Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Good Friday Status
Good Friday Status

Wishes in few words

Certain people put Good Friday Short Status so that viewers can understand it very clearly and the motive behind posting such a status. There should be no confusion about the day in the mind of any people on their list. The purpose of putting a status is of much significance as it will allow your friend list to go through and if they will read it deliberately, then they have to know the reason why we celebrate good Friday. Taking the name of Christ or watching the name of Christ is of much benevolence and great. The name of Christ purifies a man from within and that’s why good Friday symbolizes the pure works of Christ. There is a crowd of people in the country who are not knowing anything worth about the day and they are busy in celebration in comparison to other people. 

“I am the witness to his valiant passing. I am a token of his last guarantee, Forgiveness am the Cross, Blessings on Good Friday 2020”


It’s better to allow our lives to speak for us than just our words. And on Good Friday we get to take stock of whether we are achieving this. !! Good Friday !!


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Good Friday Status for Whatsapp & Facebook

Good Friday Status for Whatsapp

“Jesus is the God whom we can approach without pride and before whom we can humble ourselves without gloom.”


Mercy, Peace & Love ..May the grace & Lord.. surround u & b with u on Good Friday 2020!


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A day of freshness and purity

As we all know that Christ is not only a name, but it is a sensation and everybody takes this name now and then for their eternal purity. People put Good Friday 2 Line Status where they copy some verse from the great Bible and post it for their friends and relatives so that they can also come to know the grand beauty of Christ and his life tales. On this day of Good Friday, people organize grand festivals for the people who are not capable of eating good food and wearing good clothes. They are helped by the noble and kind countrymen so that brotherhood can be established in the country and this was the dream of Christ when he was living on this earth. Why this day is commemorated as the harbinger of freshness and purity because on this day Christ left this earth for the welfare of mankind. 

“By the cross we, as well, are killed with Christ; however alive in Christ. We are no more revolts, yet workers; no more hirelings, yet children!”


May the glory of our savior strengthen you and may his graces shine upon you on Good Friday and always!


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Good Friday Short Status

Good Friday Short Status

Good Friday WhatsApp Video Status can be everywhere as everybody is a lover of Christ and tear sheds from their eyes when they remember their God who was crucified on this day. If you are a true lover of humankind and compassionate by heart, then know the significance of the day in a true manner.             

“The Lord lights up our way into internal bliss. Good Friday”


Very thankful for the many blessings the Lord has given me…Love you Lord. Happy Good Friday 2020.

Good Friday 2 Line Status

Good Friday 2 Line Status

“Good Friday, way of the cross, fasting and abstinence, Examine conscience.
Have a really blessed Day”.
Happy Good Friday 2020


Today we remember God’s great love for us. May this day bring new meaning and change in your life! Wishing all Christians a blessed Good Friday 2020.


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Good Friday Whatsapp Video Status & Story to Update on 10th April 2020


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