God of War Should See Kratos Travel to Ancient Egypt

Kratos has already slain the gods of Greek and Norse mythology, and there’s now a lot of speculation about where the God of War franchise should head off to next.

The last two titles in the series from Santa Monica Studio were enormously successful, so there’s no doubt that there will be a future title. However, fans struggle to agree on the next gods to face Kratos’s wrath. There are plenty of options, with Mayan and Chinese mythology in contention. The safest bet would be to go to ancient Egypt, though, and this could be the best way to keep mass audiences engaged.

Ancient Egypt is One of the Most Common Themes for Games

Part of why 2018’s God of War and its 2022 follow-up God of War Ragnarök were so successful was because of the immense popularity of Norse mythology in the mainstream at the time of their release. The History Channel brought these gods back into pop culture, and the recent God of War titles capitalized on that. This resulted in them being named among the best games ever made. Indeed, Santa Monica Studio will seek to try a similar tactic when it releases its next game. It will know that by opting for ancient Egypt as a setting, the title will gain widespread attention.

Egypt is one of the most popular choices for game themes throughout the gaming industry, and this highlights how many players are searching for these titles. Games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris were extremely popular on the console. Egyptian-inspired titles are also abundant in the booming online casino sector. According to a LeoVegas review, many of the 1,500 games at the 5-star site use this theme. These include offerings like Book of Gold: Multichance and Rich Wilde and the Amulet of Dead.

The next Game Needs to be Huge to Top Predecessors

Because the last two installments of the God of War franchise were so popular, the next game must go big to top them. Opting for lesser-known gods from Mayan mythology, for instance, may seem like an anti-climax for players after recently battling big guns like Thor and Odin.

Ancient Egyptian mythology has a plethora of deities that could be incredible when brought to the screen in a God of War title. There were more than 2,000 gods and goddesses in ancient Egypt, giving the developers a vast amount of choice. This could also mean there’s potential for more than two installments in an Egyptian-themed franchise. Many gods are well-known and recognizable thanks to their inclusion in other games over the years. Some of the most notorious of these include Atum, Shu, Osiris, and Seth.

It will be hard to top the Norse era of God of War, so it makes sense for Kratos to go to ancient Egypt next. If Santa Monica Studio opts for a different theme, the next installment may not be as successful.

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