21 Gimkit Alternatives for 2023 – Solutions for Safe Streaming

GimKit is a popular online gaming platform that has been around since 2021. It offers gamers access to thousands of classic and modern games, massive multiplayer options, mobile streaming capabilities, and much more. For many people looking for the ultimate entertainment experience, gimkit was the solution they were searching for—until it was suddenly shut down in the spring of 2023.

Now, gamers are scrambling to find safe alternatives to gimkit that offer all the features they used to enjoy from their favorite platform. Luckily, there is no shortage of options available—and this article will provide an overview of 21 top-notch Gimkit alternatives for 2023 that can help you get your gaming fix without any worries.

Tips to Choose Safe Gimkit Alternatives

When it comes to selecting a viable alternative to Gimkit, you should prioritize safety over all other concerns. Choose a platform that features end-to-end encryption and offers comprehensive data privacy policies. Many of the options we discuss here are also free from ads and provide low-margin presets for streaming so you can rest assured your data won’t be shared with third parties or used by marketers against your will.

Best Gimkit Alternatives for 2023



Roll20 is an excellent alternative to Gimkit, and is the perfect place to play popular role-playing games like D&D, Pathfinder, Shadowrun, and Spin The Wheel. Moreover, it provides a crisp graphical interface with ultrafast loading times and support for mobile streaming capabilities. You can join already running campaigns or start your own from scratch—and best of all Roll20 features local hosting so you can enjoy uninterrupted game time without any data security issues.



Fantasy Grounds focuses on helping gamers create entire virtual worlds with ease and offers several exciting features like voice recognition software for fast-paced play. It also allows you to customize your gaming space according to the game genre and includes an expansive library of official rulesets for various popular role-playing games. Fantasy Grounds is a paid service though so depending on how often you use it, subscription fees might apply.



Developed by WOTC—the same company that publishes Dungeons & Dragons books —DnDBeyond.com offers an expansive list of licensed content and digital tools to bring your creations to life. There are also many official rulesets for popular role-playing games like Pathfinder and Starfinder that you can access through the site, plus interactive tutorials and character-building guides for novices looking to get started with their gaming adventures.


World Anvil

Worldanvil is a comprehensive 3D worldbuilding platform designed specifically for gamers who want total control over their environment. As the name implies, World Anvil allows you to construct virtual settings for your games through an intuitive interface and includes several interactive features such as detailed maps, character bios, and system-agnostic rulesets that can be adapted for various genres. There is a free version available but if you want access to premium features like collaborative editing tools then you’ll need to opt for the paid subscription.



If there was ever a platform designed specifically with Dungeons & Dragons fans in mind, MythWeavers.com is it! Not only can you interact with an enthusiastic community of fellow players and creators here, but there are also many tools and resources on the site to help you build your own campaigns with ease. Plus, those registered for premium accounts get access to advanced features like game analytics and a custom campaign builder that allows further customization options.



RPG Suite comes highly recommended by experienced gamers who want unparalleled immersion when engaging in their online Adventures. It allows you to create your own custom game maps complete with animated NPCs, detailed 3D environments, and even outdoor terrains. Additionally, RPG Suite is fully compatible with virtual tabletops like FantasyGrounds and Roll20 so if you’re looking for an all-in-one solution then this might be the perfect pick for you!



Looking to take your gaming experience to the next level? Then Obsidian Portal could be just what you need. It’s a comprehensive platform that not only allows you to engage with the gaming community but also provides features like customizable character creation, interactive maps, and dynamic dragon stat sheets. Plus, there are even options for private game lobbies if all your friends share a common goal of becoming the ultimate dungeon masters!



Kanka is another popular site among D&D players who want an easy-to-use toolset for customizations and character creation. With Kanka, you can populate your game worlds with characters and creatures of varying complexity—complete with digital histories, secret stories, and interesting backstories that are sure to take the gaming adventure up a notch. Additionally, it supports interactive mapping as well so the possibilities for storytelling are truly endless!



Astral Tabletop is another great option if you’re looking for an authentic online role-playing experience without having to worry about lagging or dropping sessions. Featuring a built-in voice chat system, real-time editing options for maps and custom character sheets, and interactive dark voting boards, this platform is sure to keep you enthralled as long as the game lasts!



Table Plop is an electrifying tabletop simulator made for fans of classic turn-based board games like Risk or Axis & Allies but also contains innovative tools that bring the entire experience up to speed in today’s modern age. It has a sleek and minimal design, and offers great customer service should you ever need additional support, plus it supports multiple players simultaneously so everyone can get involved in the gaming action!



Beyond Tabletop is renowned for its expansive library of custom character sheets that have been tested by veteran D&D players to ensure only the finest game rules apply. Plus, with real-time chat capabilities and beautiful interactive maps, this platform contains all the features necessary for anyone looking for superior engagement when engaging in online gaming.



For those wanting to take their game further than just Dungeons & Dragons, GM Binder is the perfect fit. It allows you to customize your scenario settings with ease and also supports options like rolling dice or drawing cards from a custom deck—perfect for those seeking more interactive experiences during playtime! Plus, there are many official ruleset licenses included as well so you won’t have any legal issues while playing on this platform either.



Scabbard is another great platform that can give you the freedom to create both regular quest campaigns as well one-shots that will last just a single session. The website also supports integration with RPG books like Dungeon Master’s Guide or Monster Manual for added depth and flavor when playing your favorite game—plus there are many new content updates added monthly so things never get stale on this site either!



Rolisteam is an incredibly popular site dedicated to roleplaying and virtual tabletop playing, featuring a library of various premade digital boards like ship combat or agriculture. Not only that but the platform is completely free too! Plus, with exciting features such as rolling dice and keeping track of individual character stats in real-time—Rolisteam should definitely be one of your top picks when deciding what service best fits your gaming needs.



If you enjoy telling stories as much as playing the games themselves, then Epicwords.com is a great alternative to Gimkit! This awesome platform helps you easily create unique narratives with supporting documents and books—plus there are many innovative features designed specifically for enhancing your writing experience such as character backstory generators or auto-create mode that provides an instant plot skeleton for guidance.



If multiplayer gaming is what you’re looking for, Infrno offers various tools and resources to keep everyone you’re playing with connected consistently. It also helps you manage player data and in-game levels quickly, not to mention a dynamic feedback system so it’s easier for group members to coordinate their in-game strategies.



RPG Crossing is an interactive platform that acts as a hub for roleplaying communities from around the world. Here, gamers can find new campaigns or recruit players for existing ones—plus there are many battlements resources available too so you won’t have any difficulties adding more variety to your gaming sessions.



Roleplayingtips is the perfect site for anyone looking for a little extra attention when it comes to their roleplaying adventures! This website features a vast archive of tips, tricks, and resources that can help take your game up another notch—from mentorship schemes to articles about independent storytelling–you are sure to find something useful here regardless of how advanced you consider yourself in the realm of gaming.



If you’re more interested in live play-throughs than actual gameplay, then RPG Geek has you covered! It offers a comprehensive directory of regular streams that can help take your gaming experience to the next level and the best part—most of them are free for anyone who wants to join in on the fun (naturally, streaming fees might apply if you ever decide to create your own stream).



GamingandBS is a renowned website that caters to gamers who like complex campaigns or are in search of inspiration for their own stories. The site has an impressive library of documents detailing rulesets, charts, and posts from other RPG enthusiasts—plus there’s even an exclusive magazine available with unique content not found anywhere else!

Protect Yourself with VPN – A Must-Have for Safe Streaming

In browsing Gimkit alternatives, taking special precautions and safeguards is highly recommended. To maximize protection, you should also consider investing in a reliable virtual private network (VPN) service to provide an extra layer of security when connecting online. This will help encrypt your data thereby preventing any potential cyber threats from hacking your information or using it illicitly.

NordVPN Pros and Cons

NormVPN is a top choice among VPN services, offering maximum security against malicious attacks to users while also allowing them access to online streaming options without having their data monitored for unwanted targeting. It offers double encryption protocols, extra safety features like automatic kill-switch technology, and dedicated servers located in 60 countries around the world so you can unlock blocked content even if far away from home! On the downside however, NordVPN doesn’t offer any free trials so you will have to shell out a fee for using its features—but the extra money would be worth it if you plan on streaming multiple sessions at once.


There is no shortage of safe and reliable alternatives to Gimkit out there for gamers looking for an uninterrupted online gaming experience this year—each one offering its own unique set of tools and features to provide users with the ultimate gaming experience.

Whether you’re searching for a more immersive play style or seeking top-notch security measures—the services discussed in this article are sure to contain something perfect for your needs.

So explore these Gimkit alternatives now, and take your adventures one step further! Or talk with your lawyer if you have any concerns related to streaming content from Gimkit and its alternatives. Happy gaming and stay safe!

Gimkit FAQs

Yes, Gimkit is entirely legal as it complies with all global gaming regulations and laws. There are no copyright infringement issues associated with its content and since the platform was shut down in 2023, it has not been offering any live-streaming services.

How Safe is Gimkit Site?

Gimkit is considered safe as there were no major security issues reported before the site was closed down—and none have arisen since either. Therefore, visitors can feel reassured in using the platform for gaming without worrying about their data being exposed to malicious attacks or used wrongly by third parties.

Which Are The Top Gimkit Alternatives?

Some of the top alternatives to Gimkit include Roll20.net, FantasyGrounds.com, DnDBeyond.com, WordAnvil.com, and MythWeavers.com.

What Happened To Gimkit?

Gimkit was unexpectedly shut down in the spring of 2023 with no prior warning or notification to users as to why this happened—although rumors suggest that there were copyright infringement issues associated with its content which could be responsible for the site’s closure.

What Happens If I Get Caught While Watching Gimkit And Its Alternatives?

Depending on the laws that apply to your jurisdiction, you could face legal consequences for watching content from Gimkit and its alternatives without proper permission. To avoid this, make sure to check if the platform features any licensing agreements before streaming or downloading any material from it.

Is Gimkit Down?

Gimkit was taken offline in 2023 and has not been operational since then. Some alternatives such as Roll20.net and FantasyGrounds.com provide similar services to those offered by Gimkit, albeit with a few differences in the features available —so these platforms can be used instead if you’re missing your favorite games from the now-defunct website!

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