Gambling Mini-Games in Real Video Games

Video games and gambling seem like two different worlds, yet they intervene in many spheres. Top-notch software providers blurred the dividing lines by introducing the so-called mini-games into their hit releases. By completing side quests, players gamble to earn money later to spend for in-game purposes.

Action-packed and bankroll-building mini-games are also an excellent way to increase the fan base. Let’s explore the exciting realm where luck and skills mean as much as intelligence and reflexes. Players expect to find diff plots, twists, and themes revolving around poker, cards, dice, and other casino games. Let’s track them all.

What Are Gambling Mini-Games?

Modern video games feature the main plot but offer many ways to get there. During the campaign, players choose diverse paths that determine the outcome. As they progress, the game offers side quests. So, mini-games are small, self-contained games and activities that serve various purposes.

While some offer a gameplay break, others provide additional challenges, entertainment, and rewards. Mini-games enhance the richness and entertainment value of video games, but according to expert research, such as those found in real money casinos, claim that gambling-related actions also add extra cash to players’ accounts. Thus, instead of shooting wastelands, you gamble to win the in-game currency.

Depending on the game’s main theme, players later take cash to build characters, improve the equipment, and gain an advantage over the competitors. Shall we see how it practically works?

Notable Examples of Gambling Mini-Games

Street Fighter and “classic” video games are famous for breathtaking bonus levels. Yet, certain titles shifted from mere opponent-beating to mindful games. We don’t say you’ll stop clashing for random things, but the following gambling sequences will boost your gaming experience. Themes and motifs vary, but gambling like in a real online casino in Australia is what all mini-games have in common.

Grand Theft Auto V

The famous action-packed game follows the three crooks’ story and money heists. When you start playing it online, you have limited funds and crave balance-boosting ways. A Diamonds Casino & Resort career looks like a smart move. Initially, players receive 5,000 free spins for Space Rangers, Diamond Miner, and Evacuator slots. Daily visits grant 1,000 chips for slot machines and table games. The “Diamond” reminds me of real money casino Australia floors, given its nature and the number of available games. Also, it comes with the so-called „Shark Cards“. The in-game currency helps you get an advantage by purchasing items and upgrades.


Aiden Pearce is a gifted young hacker making his way through the fictionalized notorious future Chicago. Armed with a smartphone, he’s away from casual gaming and social networking. Instead, Aiden hacks bank accounts and breaches into high-level security and traffic systems. When the cash flow stops, the hacker enters a poker game parlor. Pick between novice and high-profile opponents, have a drink and shuffle your cards. Playing chess for money is another lucrative option within this mini-game.

The Sims 3

One of the most popular real-life simulations caters to gambling enthusiasts too. Install an add-on and start building your casino. Equip it as you want and start offering slot machines, video poker, and roulette. Sims 3 combines gambling, simulation, and creativity, letting users explore cheat codes for better results.

Fallout New Vegas

The post-apocalyptic roleplaying game takes you to the Mojave Desert wastelands. Your character, Courier, works for the Mojave Express Company searching for answers about the devastating plague. The dense task network comes with tons of side missions. Some start randomly and without your interference. Yet, playing in a dozen built-in casinos is your choice. Sit at the blackjack or Five Card Poker table to earn cash, restore health, and purchase valuable items.

Super Mario 64

The Nintendo 64’s best-selling game is a gaming history keystone. Mario was the first to enter the 3D realm but also stars in a series of mini-games. During the primary campaign, involvement in such options grants boosters and perks. When gambled, they specify character improvements. The list isn’t exhaustive and includes Thrilling Cards, Picture Poker, Memory Match, Pair-a-Gone, and Speed. Win to earn valuable coins and extra lives.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Geralt of Rivia, aka The Witcher, “explorer and exterminator” of supernatural phenomena, as his CV says, is also an outstanding gambling prospect. The famous Gwent card game looks like a medieval Hearthstone version in which you collect, buy, and trade rare cards. Build the budget depending on the chosen faction registered for Gwent Online to enjoy an improved version. The game requires a lot of skill, as it features a zillion of combinations and strategies. Bluffing is an important element, bringing Gwent close to poker.

Gambling Mini-Game Mechanics

As discussed, players encounter gambling mini-games replicating real-world betting actions within video games. They encompass manifold mechanics to simulate popular gaming forms. Accordingly, you’ll feel like playing online casino Australia legal real money games within RPG, arcade, or action titles.

Take poker as an example. Texas Hold’em and Five Card Draw mini-games come with the familiar rulebook. Players use the in-game currency for betting, also employing bluffing and other strategies. In slots, try matching three symbols to get paid. Games feature payline settings and RNG mechanics. Also, bet on numbers, colors, and combinations in roulette. When a virtual wheel stops spinning, mini-games determine winners according to the paytable.

Enticing players to take risks, these mini-games offer separate odds and payouts. Like actual gambling, they combine skill and luck. The Witcher’s Gwent requires skills, while slots purely depend on luck. In any case, players use their betting systems, allowing for distinct risk levels. Finally, as they emulate online casino real money experiences, certain mini-games require age verification. Responsible gambling policies apply, restricting minors’ access to specific segments.

The Appeal of Gambling Mini-Games

Besides the mentioned features, mini-games attract players with a set of appealing characteristics and purposes such as:

  • Gameplay Diversification: Ranging from simple puzzles to brand-new genres within the leading theme, mini-games introduce variety and diversify the gameplay experience.
  • Rewards and Incentives: In many titles, mini-games work as optional quests rewarding players with in-game currency, items, etc.
  • World-building and Storytelling: Mini-games sometimes provide additional context with backstory to the game’s world and characters. By extending the gameplay time, they help game designers immerse players in the narrative.
  • Skill Testing: If your character needs skill testing improvement, set them to play mini-games. Their challenges boost reflexes, problem-solving, and strategy.
  • Multiplayer Fun: When multi-playing isn’t the leading game’s strongest point, mini-games step up. Play them with friends online.
  • Training and Tutorials: Before starting the primary challenge, try mini-games to learn new gameplay mechanics with skills in a controlled environment.

Of course, you can always take mini-games as a temporary break from the central game’s objectives. They serve as a way for players to relax without leaving the game entirely.


What are mini-games in video games?

Mini-games are self-contained quests or features inside of a video game designed to boost your avatar’s characteristics and bankroll.

Is it possible to gamble for real money in mini-games?

In most cases, such games deal with virtual currency. Still, certain titles allow real-money microtransactions under responsible gambling policies.

Which gambling mini-games are the most famous?

Many consider The Diamond Casino & Resort inside Grand Theft Auto V the best-elaborated and fully-featured gambling-themed mini-game.

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