When is Frozen 2 Released in Cinemas? What Disney’s Sequel is About, Cast and Trailer

Frozen was a big hit and everyone loved watching Elsa and her sister on the screens. Now that we are going to have Frozen 2 everyone is excited about it. This Disney movie is popular with both the kids and adults. Frozen 2 is all set to be released in theatres this winter.

Frozen was released back in 2013. It’s been almost six-year that we haven’t seen Elsa and Olaf. In all these years, it became an established musical Disney movie. By the end of this year, the show is set to arrive in London.

There’s a lot of pressure on director Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck as they have many expectations to fulfill. The standards for Frozen 2 is set high as the previous one was great. But they should be able to pull this off successfully with the help of the Walt Disney Co. If you wish to know more about the movie then read the text below.

When is Frozen 2 Released in Cinemas? What Disney’s Sequel is About, Cast and Trailer

When is Frozen 2 Released
When is Frozen 2 Released

When is Frozen 2 released in cinemas?

The release date for Frozen 2 is set on 22nd November. It will arrive both in the US and UK on the given date. Previously, the release date was set at a later date. But Disney decided to bring forward the date to 22nd November.

Is there a trailer for Frozen 2?

Yes, the trailer for Frozen 2 has already been released in February 2019. The trailer broke every record by racking up 116.4 million views in just 24 hours. This shows how much the fans are excited about the arrival of the movie.

Coming to the trailer, it doesn’t tell you much about what to expect. One thing we do know that the second movie is going to be on the darker side than the previous one. We can see Elsa and her cohort training to battle against evil, dark forces.

A longer trailer was released on 11th June. Disney also revealed the new poster for the movie featuring Elsa and her sister Anna.

In the new trailer, we can see Elsa and Anna preparing to deal with the secrets of their past. We get a lot of hint pointing at dark forces lurking in the north.

The full trailer for the movie arrived in September 2019 which revealed a bit more details. We can see Arendelle is affected by apocalyptic weather, it’s down to Elsa and Anna to find the mystery behind the enchanted forest.

We were also given a sneak peek to a new song called Into The Unknown in a teaser released later. If you think this wasn’t enough then you should check out the Olaf-heavy trailer dropped by Disney.’

Who is in the case of Frozen 2?

All the main actors from the first movie are slated to return for the sequel. This means we will have Idina Menzel as Elsa, Kristen Bell as Anna, Jonathan Groff as Kristoff and Josh Gad as Olaf.

We will also have Sterling K Brown and Evan Rachel joining the movie for the first time.

Who is the new female character in Frozen 2?

Evan Rachel at Disney D23 Expo revealed that she will be voicing Elsa’s mother and Anna. She adds that this like a dream come true moment for her. Queen Iduna, mother of Elsa will appear in flashbacks. She will be seen singing a lullaby to the girls at a distant place near the mystical river of memories.

The character called Lieutenant Matthias will be played by Sterling K Brown. Lieutenant Matthias is the leader of Adrenelle soldiers who are trapped in the woods.

What is Frozen 2 about?

If you want to get a hint about the story of Frozen 2 then you need to watch the trailers released by Disney.

But you are not going to get any bit of the plot by watching the trailer except for a few hints. From the looks of the trailer, we know that Elsa will be teaming up with her sister Anna along with Kristoff and Olaf to battle the dark forces.

We will also see Elsa exploring her powers as she gets more powerful. Elsa is all set to fight the dark forces with her new icy diamond effect.

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