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Flights grounded at Germany’s Frankfurt airport post the sighting of Drone



Flights grounded at Germany’s Frankfurt airport post the sighting of Drone

A drone was responsible for delaying all the flights at the Frankfurt Airport this morning. The Frankfurt Airport is one of the busiest airports in Germany and it has served more than 14.8 million passengers in just the first three months of this year.

In a tweet that was sent after the flights resumed takeoff, it was reported that the airport was closed from 07:27 till 08:15. The take-off started again from 08:18. The tweet also mentioned that the security authorities are looking into the matter and trying to investigate the whole incident. According to a local press, it was reported that a total of 100 takeoffs and landings were cancelled because of the disruption caused at the airport by a drone sighting.

This is not the first time that something like this was happening at this airport. An incident similar to this happened in the month of March when all flights were delayed 30 minutes because of a drone. Drones sighting issues have increased very rapidly in the past few years. The reason something like this is happening so often is because of affordable prices. There have been reports that drones have near misses with aircraft in the past couple of years.

The suspension at the Frankfurt is not the only airport. Gatwick which is the United Kingdom’s second largest airport is also going through this kind of problem. There have been multiple shutdowns because of drones causing misery for the travelers. The United Kingdom government criticized the misuse of drones after this incident and also tried to make everyone aware of all the risks involving drones.

A drone bill has been passed with new legislation so that the drones can be regulated in a proper manner. After the incident at the Gatwick airport, the United Kingdom government made all the areas near the airport no-fly zones. The no-fly zone has been increased from 1 km around the airport to 5 kilometers. The police have also said that they would get new power so that they can track down drones.

Germany has also added a new amendment to all the air traffic regulations so that they can prohibit misuse of drones. Drones in Germany have also been banned from being flown in different controlled airspace. It has been recorded that out of the 125 incidents last year 31 were in Frankfurt.

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