Five Useful iPhone Apps For Daily Life

Thanks to the technological advancements made in our mobile phone devices, we’re able to access a wide variety of applications which can do a great deal in terms of helping us with our everyday lives. There’s taxi apps, food apps, popular shopping apps we can download, alongside photo editing apps, holiday apps, and even banking apps. The options are limitless. 

Not every app is worth having, of course. When it comes to the iPhone, apps are churned out on what feels like an hourly basis. We’re constantly inundated with the must-have apps of the year and, on the whole, the recommendations aren’t wrong. Popular apps such as WhatsApp are now a huge part of everyone’s daily lives, alongside certain email providers such as Gmail which also enable us to maintain important communications, alongside massive social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram. 

People can’t seem to get enough of mobile phone applications, essentially. It’s certainly a saturated space, but iPhone users do enjoy the thrill of downloading the latest trendy apps tipped to change the world, much like gamers love trying the most thrilling gambling options you can find at Viking slots. Not every app available on iPhone is worth downloading, of course, but some apps can make a huge difference to people’s everyday lives. With that in mind, here’s a selection of five popular iPhone apps which are useful in daily life. 


An increasing amount of people are turning to mobile phone apps to help manage their finances. BillGuard is the latest creation gaining a lot of attention thanks to its ability to conduct the same sort of functionalities major banking apps do, alongside the option of managing your spending habits and keeping up to date with your outgoings. The main focus of this app is to stop its users from overspending and losing track of bills. 


It’s good to read, therefore making popular apps like Audible a must-have download for many iPhone users who enjoy tucking into a book. Make your train journeys go that bit better with what is a slick and easy to use the app. Audible gives users access to some of the biggest and best novels and non-fiction titles around at the moment, too. If you enjoy reading, then give Audible a try. 


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Traffic jams can be a pain in the backside at the best of times, which is why creations like Waze are such a welcome introduction. Thanks to its community of users who advise fellow drivers of any jams, hazards, and the like while on their journey, the app will help direct you to the best route possible while you’re on the road. If you download Waze, you’ll probably never experience a painfully long traffic jam ever again.



It can be hard to know exactly what is in our food these days. It never has to be an issue again, though, thanks to Fooducate. The app gives shoppers the chance to scan the barcode of a product they’re interested in finding out about, where it then gives details around nutrition, calories and the like, and helps its users decide whether or not it’s something that they want to consume. Clever, right? 



Learning a language is not only useful when you’re venturing abroad, but it can be hugely beneficial in everyday life too, especially if you have friends or neighbors from a foreign country. Thanks to Duolingo, learning a new language has never been so fun and easy. You can learn the likes of Italian, French, and Spanish, alongside a whole host of other languages.

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