Five Famous Variants of Blackjack

With time, popular games always have new variants and spin-offs. Blackjack is no exception to this and has inspired many versions. We have listed the five most popular ones. 

Today, with online choices like the Betway app, you can try blackjack right from the comfort of your home.

American Blackjack

This is also known as the classic blackjack. Its immediate sibling is the European Blackjack. Both versions are widely played, and most of online casinos will offer both variants.

The key difference between both variants is the hole card taken by the dealer. For the American version, the dealer takes their hole card before the players decide their moves. Other than this, split and double down also vary slightly. 

European Blackjack

While playing European Blackjack, you will notice that the dealer takes their hole card after the players have determined their moves. The European version is somewhat restrictive when compared to its classic counterpart.

Blackjack Switch

Wondering what would happen if you were allowed to switch cards on the blackjack table with other players to make a better hand? Well, if you are playing blackjack switch, you can do that. You get to play two hands. And the second card from each hand can be swapped. 

Vegas Strip Blackjack

The name comes from the stretch in Southern Las Vegas. The region is well-known for its numerous hotels and, of course, casinos. Here, the Vegas Strip blackjack table is the most common form of Blackjack. Interestingly, it is also quite popular in online casinos.

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

In this Blackjack variant, players can bet on the Perfect Pair. Here, you bet on whether or not your first cards would be a pair (that is, identical value or same face cards). If your first two cards happened to be a pair, you win the side bet. The payout for each pair varies. 

Other Things about Blackjack You Probably Didn’t Know About

Blackjack never grabbed the spotlight.

Unlike poker, blackjack never saw fame. Blackjack table featured in a show alongside poker in the World Series of Blackjack. Consequently, the Blackjack table got the few moments of fame that it deserved. The game reached a wider audience. However, it was never as popularized and hyped as poker.

Online casino bonuses are not always suitable for Blackjack.

Online gamblers share a special affinity towards bonuses. Bonuses are a great way for you can gain something from the casino for free. However, casinos mean business, and they don’t make it easy for you to profit.

Most of the time, you will be prompted to deposit some amount before you can withdraw the winnings. Further, the wagering requirements may not always be in your favor. You will find it difficult to keep up with them. The more reputable casinos and emerging ones are usually generous with their bonuses. 

Atlantic City is not exactly opposed to counting cards.

You will be surprised to know that Atlantic City has no qualms about letting players count their cards because they have machines that shuffle cards for every game. They only have eight-deck games, which makes it difficult for you to count cards.

 Not all casinos mind card counters

Seriously, counting cards at a casino is not a bad idea. It is just that the very idea of casinos being strict and horrible to the card counters discourages us from trying it out. In reality, casinos seldom take any extreme action. Further, the policies vary from one casino to another. The agencies and private investigators that advised casinos about card counters have completely vanished from the scene. 

There are no fixed or proven strategies.

Blackjack is a game where your decided strategy may flip at any time. You may have to devise a different strategy with each move. From this point of view, even insurance bets are not bad options. Whenever you accumulate negative points while counting cards, an insurance bet may be a good option. Many pro card counters have a plan figured out that they follow and benefit considerably from it.

Other players’ decision does not affect your game.

In no way does other players’ strategy affects your game. The same goes the other way; your moves do not affect others’ gameplay. You, as a player, are against the dealer and not the other players at the table. Your moves or someone else’s odd moves will not affect the outcome. 

Get Started Playing Online

Sure, you can just hit the search engine and sign up at the first casino that your eyes fall on. However, not all online casinos are licensed or offer great bonuses. Look for apps and casino sites that are safe, secure, and payments are made on time. With the right casinos, you don’t have to worry about losing your money. You get plenty of bonus offers and free spins once you sign up to their websites.

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